Writing the Thesis

This video lecture gives an overview of the different elements one should be aware of when writing a thesis or dissertation.

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Very helpful tips. Thank you.
Thanks a lot. It is so helpful.
The video sucks! Damn
Write 2 -5 hours per week is not enough....
I was wqriting my thesis like 5 tries (years) now I have 2 years and Im about the cold war, the causes, its progression and effects. I have no official supervisor, they always made me do some things I didnt understand. Like the potential supervisor told me that within 1 week to have the base written in 10 pages, , of that, the chosen literature on why I chose it. I couldnt write 2 pages in a week, because I was typing my stuff like I was writing my own book or something. I was told that I was to basically just copy of books, paragraphs, use what is needed ... I still dont understand it. I am to write something new but I dont want to write what others do. I dont feel like Im going to stumble on something new, I read about 10-15 books, but how to choose what is important and what is not, how to write without hurting the fragile academic egos, in political science with liberal snowflakes warmongering, some prisonmason saying how people are respoonsible for global warming ... when the rich make most profit, the rich through these ideologies want to say that regular people are responsible for all sorts of environmental damage, going as far as suggesting old oligarchical axiom, too many people, overpopulation, wars, extermination as a means of solution to this, all over again, earth cult. As there was scientific communism, there is now this also very scientific liberalism... it is very funny how academic demagogues try to connect science with the fake science, like extraterrestrials, space travel etc. Because, it is not science, it is backward occultists posing as scientists. And the state is paying the hoax makers. Sure most are not but fake humanitarianism, fake freedom leading into degeneracy, where to some specimens there is no right and wrong. In such a perverted academic environment, you still have to come and say the truth, sure, backing it up with relevant literature. There is immense pressure and bullying on freedom of expression, because those who proclaim to be for it are the ones who are against it. From post-commie central europe under usa unfree boot.
The video uploaded by this channel is very informative and helpful. I would suggest anyone in need of guidelines regarding writing thesis paper to watch the full video. It is worrh the time.
Thank you
Is this an English lesson?
After 10 years in the military, I am thinking about leaving and becoming a full time university student at the age of 30. The more I look into getting back into studying the scarier the whole thing is becoming.
I appreciate this oration, thanks very much.
Thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!
Ready for "Special Project Communication I" -PLM CMC13
Very clearly explained. thanks.
God bless your teacher.
This video fucken sucks
Good video, it helped me a lot in my academic works. Thank you...
Whatgood presentation , it can help to my thesis wrting
A great presentation. Of course when your write your thesis, the supervisors ask you to write your literature review first and will comment on your grammar over the semesters. I enjoyed this. If you don't know what gap you are filling in the literature from the start, it is hard to write a thesis and develop the others skills. Jay
Thank you teacher for your nice suggestion.
"if you donĀ“t know where youĀ“re going you end up somewhere else"...bible of my life, man
Very helpful! ma'am can you give examples of topic, thesis statement or introduction? ANd how to do them.. thanks!
This was what I needed. Great job!
:) Thank you so much! great lecture! I feel hopeful and just on the right track
Keep up the good work........tnks:)
Very helpful video thank you, I will watch it many times this year whilst writing my Masters Thesis.
Thanks for the tips!! I will follow them now that I'm starting to write my undergraduate thesis :)
Thank you for the explanation!
An amazing explanation, Thank you, Thank you (From Indonesia)
Yes, this really helpful.
Thanks for your clarification and detailed explanation.
Thanks for your great job !
Thanks... Much appreciated.
Its outstanding and guideĀ to new learner
Very helpful and yea you look beautiful :)
Very well explained in short time. thanks dear
Woow! it is a wonderful help. I like it so much. I desperately needed it now. Thanks for your great job.
That's great
Very good guide for beginners. Thanks.
Thank you so much this is helpful to me
Woderful.Thanks alot
Good work :)
Many thanks to you
Good presentation. I am putting into consideration all what I gathered from your presentation.
I have been suffering a lazy lecturers in my uni; but this will help me a lot adding with her clear English.
Good Presentation. Thank uĀ 
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Thanks for sharing! it really helps me to get an idea of how i'm going to write my thesis later! :)
Helpful to me
Thank you :)
Outstanding lecture. But text of the slides are not readable clearly
Thanks that was a lot of help
PLEASE I am in urgent need of what does LIBRARY paper mean? and an example of it please help me
Your videos give quite helpful tip which are pretty straight forward to follow

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Writing the Thesis