Writing the Literature Review (Part One): Step-by-Step Tutorial for Graduate Students

Take the mystery out of this academic assignment. All you do is: (1) Gather the summaries of your sources. (2) Put the summaries in groups based on theme. (4) Write a paragraph on each group of sources with transitions between each source. 4. Add introduction and conclusion paragraphs. You're done! For examples of previously written literature reviews, see:

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How do you choose only the most relevant information when there are so many parts to the experiment? (Diagnostic materials, biomarkers, measuring neurotoxin exposure levels, EPA safety measures, the sources of the neurotoxin, etc). The goal is to study neuropsychological effects of exposure to a specific neurotoxin.
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Thanks alot for the video. my topic is " does corporate social responsibility really impact on the consumer buying behaviour ?". can you suggest sub topics for this ? thank you so much
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David, I am about to start an MSc dissertation and I have had several lecture on what a literature review is, but I still didn't 'get it'. These videos have helped massively! Thank you so much. You're doing good work helping so many people.
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Greetings Mr. Taylor, I want to thank you for your tutorial on what a literature review is. My first paper as a doctoral student was rejected because I and several of my fellow classmates came into the program writing in the form of a narrative. Your pin-hole concept nailed it on the head. I used it throughout my Ed.S curriculum and can't wait to apply it to my candidacy cognates. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for your clear explanations, you are such a great teacher. This is one of the best ever well explained Youtube video i have ever watched. You show so much enthusiasm and energy. Keep up the good works.
The captions keep saying 'lurchur review, and lucha review'.
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How you write a literature review when there is no precedent literature on the topic you're working on. I'm working on "The Impact of China-Guinea bilateral trade on Guinea Economy Growth" I can't find any work done on that topic.
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I can't find a lot of literature on my topic.Can I change my topic ? That seems easier
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Mr David Taylor...You have just put a light to my dark tunnel...You explain it very well and very clearly....Wish you are one of our lecturers...Thank you very much...Now I can write my assignment...
Writing a literature review on Locke's Two Treatises (On Property) and was indeed a very helpful video, thanks a lot
I am actually in the process of writing a lit review for py capstone class this semester. I am actually still confused by what the argument of discovery and argument of advocacy is.. can you explain more in detail? and also It would be awesome if you could review a draft of mine to see if I am on the right track! Thanks so much for the videos! Last semester of my college journey has not been the easiest!
I am having trouble showing this to my classes because the sound quality has seemed to decline. I used it last year and it was always perfect, but for some reason lately there is a fuzzy quality to the sound that is making it impossible to hear. Is there another version of this somewhere or any way to figure out what is going on with the sound? It's such a helpful video and I would hate to have to stop using it! Thanks!
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David taylor, i need help... I have a lit review due thursday. Must be 10 pages long & im stuck after the intro. Idk what to write about, all my articles mainly say the same things just differently with a few other factors... My topic is the direct relationship between juvenile offenders and social disorganization.I have 15 articles but i dont know how to link these all together. HELP!
Hey Mr. David,  Is this PowerPoint presentation available for download and review?  I am working on a doctoral degree over at the University of Phoenix, and these videos are right in line with our deliverable this week.  Outstanding presentation!  Looking forward to synthesizing your guidance into my research understanding...  Blessing, Tim B "T-Baggs"
Here is the Transcript. The literature review is not an essay, it is not a research paper - the literature review is part of your essay, the literature review is part of your research paper or maybe stand-alone product if you're master's degree or doctoral degree program and you have to do that for. But regardless of whether part of the research essay or stand-alone product, one thing the literature review does not do is - It doesn’t prove, state, illustrate, collaborate or develop your main point, that's in the body of your essay. The literature review does not do that it does not provide the body or development section up your affect or your paper. Well, what the heck does it do then? Well, the literature review is divided into the following key terms: first is, the whole idea of what the heck in the literature? The literature is simply those major works that have been published about your narrow topic. Now remember I said narrow topic, we are not going to be reviewing every published thing on a broad topic like steroid use by athletes, you could have a more narrow topic like steroid use by high school affiliates or steroid use by baseball players into you going to be reviewing the major works just on that narrow topic, that's the first thing that you need to know. The literature is published, peer reviewed sources on in narrow topic. Second thing, the literature review is that narrow topic in all those sources published on it are going to be reviewed. What the heck of a review, well review is simply a way of looking at something in taking a snapshot of it. What is that snapshot going to capture? That snapshot going to capture major concepts, the major point, the major outcome, the major whatever in that source. It’s not going to be a detailed write up of that source going to be a snapshot. Once you get all those snapshot done, you going to show the relationship between those snapshot and talking about those relationships you probably going to be pulling them in some kind of time-line situation, maybe not, but the key years is you’re going to be extracting just the major element in then relationship among those major element, may be on a time line type of situation. Now the next thing to know about them going to reviewers why they're hack are you doing all this stuff. Well, I think there are three reasons, probably, why you're doing all this stuffs in school. In the first one, off course, to improve your own understanding, as an undergraduate researcher coming into these topics  into this discipline on the undergraduate level when the first link to you have to do is to build your understanding, build your background, build your expertise in a particular discipline in subject in that discipline. Then in of course in this paper, when you have built your expertise in your knowledge in this particular subject you're going to be demonstrating that knowledge, demonstrating that expertise to your professor because this is a college assignment. But you know, the real purpose of a literature review is, it’s a reader service, it something you doing as a favor for your readers, what are you doing you are bringing them up to date. What’s the first thing you and that old friend do? You ask each other- hey what you been doing all these years? Fill me in, update me, you doing the same thing in a literature review you feeling them in, you updating them. By bringing them up to date, then you can start at the present again.  You see what I’m saying, you can bring them along that time-line of the path, letting them know the key element, the major concepts, the key element in your life and what you dare? Boom then you can start and that the dividing line between the literature's review in the rest of your paper the development you go all their ideas, past scholars, the past researchers boom and then come your idea.
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Hi David, would i need to write an introduction of the topic at the 1st page of the literature review before highlighting the keypoints of other articles and then relating them?
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Writing my first literature review in a college research paper and this video was a lifesaver. Thank you for clearly explaining the topic and helping me to feel more confident about my paper!
If I make ask, what if my research does not have any related literature?
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This helps more than school
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