Writing Fantasy: An Imp’s Journey. Part 1: So you want to write Fantasy?

The Bottled Imp - Episode 059 Welcome to a new series from The Bottled Imp, ‘Writing Fantasy: An Imp’s Journey’. It’s all about writing fantasy. Ken has written a children’s fantasy book and he thought it might be of interest to you if you were thinking of writing fantasy too. He’s no expert and this is really his journey of writing his book, ‘The Legends of Grimous Ironblood’, and how it came into existence. We’ll be examining how to write fantasy with, hopefully, useful tips, hints and advice. We’ll be looking at ideas and the nature of creativity, getting started, first drafts and re-writing your work, through to the more practical aspects like publishing and marketing. In ‘Part 1: So you want to write fantasy?’ Why write? Is it for money? For fame? Or for the love of it? Where to start? What to Write? Inspiration and Ideas. Where do you get your ideas? 8 Ways to Create Inspiration for Ideas. Visit places of beauty or you love. Play your favourite music. Create a space or room of your own or a café/library. Regular writing times: habit of writing every day. Books, films/plays, board/video games – any story based activity. Not just fantasy! Other genres and classics. Non-fiction books and documentaries. Just exist – daydream. Let your mind wonder. Always carry a notebook or write notes on your phone/tablet. Putting Pen to Paper. Where to begin? Read Good ‘How To Write’ and Reference Books.Part 2 is: ‘Creating Your Fantasy World’. The Bottled Imp Exploring the Realms of Fantasy. ***** New shows every Friday ***** SUBSCRIBE NOW!Presented by Ken BoyterProduced by Julian Newman TurnerMusic by Greg BredenArtwork by Richard Nairn

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Just found this series, Definitely going watch it all and take notes for my fantasy stories. The funny thing was I struggled at writing all through school even into college because I would write the way I want to write and it'd kept getting squashed by the NO you must only write in the academically approved way....which is boring, dry, stale, and did I mention boring? now I've taken up writing again more as a hobby to keep my imagination going while dealing with the drudgery of daily life.
You know, I just noticed that most of the fantasy novels I know are based on medieval things. It kind of annoys me but it makes sense.
:O I listen to skyrim music too!!!!!
Just found your series and i wanna say thank you. I'm in the process of writing a fantasy novel. What really inspired me to do this was the Lord of the Rings. Tolkien's work has cemented my love of fantasy.
Interesting, useful and entertaining! Excited to try and apply some of these tips..
I just found your channel and I was wondering about how should I put wizard clans in a story ?
Thank you very much for the video, I totally agree with you. I have just started writing a fantasy novel myself. After an undergraduate and masters degree in law I've started to deviate away from law (it's boring and dull as hell) Fantasy is sooo beautiful and I'm very passionate about it.
I came across this series and it is exactly what I have been searching for you seem quite relatable and knowledgeable and I subscribed, thank you sir 👌
Thanks dude. I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi myself, but especially fantasy. I am currently writing a interesting fantasy novel. I have far too many books relating to fantasy, over 150. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for this, inspiring stuff, looking forward to watching the other episodes :)
Great advice!
I was literally just listening to the skyrim soundtrack XD haha
5:48 Try repeating what you were doing when you got the idea. It helps me.
I'm writing a fantasy novel. I'm on the 20th chapter. Then I'll have the gruelling task of going back and editing. I realise though I've been playing it safe, abiding by the rules of fantasy. I think I should break some of them.
What're a few of your favorite fantasy book series that you could recommend me?
Thanks for sharing.Looking forward to watching some of your other videos.
I can agree on the music butnow i do the first real editing stage, before getting to the BetaReaders process; and for the boring editing, changing words and delete the same sentences when needed and redo some names and boring stuff like that, for that boring part i just listen to my daily heavy metal music. when i finaly finished this 5th draft, i going to begin a new story and go back to listen to instrumental music. i love writing but the editing drafts are not that fun as it was when i was just writing the story. well; i guess, every story needs to be have an edit face and i'm in it right now. i work in the early morning and the rest of the day i just read or get more inspiration for my novels. its the first time ever writing and my story is fantasy in modern society. its basicly in our world, but with a magical ring and the gods of egypt (and their reincarnations). stuff like that. not realy world building that much.
Wearing your watch outside your shirt sleeve is right up there with glasses held together with scotch tape and pocket protectors...
Awesome video!!!!!!
Hi great imp um... i just wanna ask u if it's okay if i'm gonna use a real location or address in my book ?.
The scores of the Elder Scrolls are amazing! I used the ambient noises from Skyrim to help put myself to sleep, when stressed, at college
Man i don't know your name but thank you sir, I was stuck in a rut with my fantasy writing. I was unmotivated to write and put it all aside for months. Took your advice on listening to music, the setting in my book is nothing like the lord of the rings but i played tracks from the movie while i started to write again, its going fantastically well :]
What's "The Legends of Grimos Eyemsbrud" about? I know I buthcered the name sorry.
I agree with the skyrim game or any other fantasy type game. it can really help a lot to draw ideas or inspiration for writing a great book
I remember reading my first fantasy book way back in the 70's called "The Hero from Otherwhere" by Jay Williams.It was actually the first book I ever read because I wanted to.Later, I wanted to become a writer, even writing and submitting a short story, and promptly receiving my first rejection letter.Sadly, I gave up, because I felt I just wasn't skilled or disciplined enough.This is such a great feature and I am glad you are doing it.
Great channel here, Ken. As a writer these are some great tips and advice to hear, and when you suggested listening to music I was thinking about listening to Skyrim... right before you mentioned listening to Skyrim. And that last part of "Just Exist" makes plenty of sense, people often neglect the time to let their minds wander (in a healthy way, not mindlessly watching cat videos or porn... and hopefully, not both at the same time) and I've found that I if take some time to walk or jog awhile my subconscious will naturally start feeding me what its come up with. Also, cool watch. Wearing it on the sleeve like that looks very steampunk.
I'm writing a book, and i'm only on the chapter 2 of it . well i just wanna know if i could possibly finish it in just one year.
Great video!I loved hearing your advice and seeing what we have in common. I also love Skyrim music or LOTR while I write; I also organize them into folders, like "action music" and "travel music." You are super lucky to live near medieval architecture! Unfortunately, I live in Alberta(Canada) which only has old-west in terms of historical buildings. I would love to be able to walk right up to actually real physical setting inspiration.
1:21 ..."so as i said i'm no expert" ....your humbleness will help you indeed! based on these series you ARE A EXPERT and i'm learning so much!!!! thank you!
Enjoyed your video. I have come full circle in my reading. I started out as a teenager with Tolkien and now picked up the genre again in my 50s. Currently reading Sanderson's, "The Way of Kings". I thought I might try some writing and thus found your videos. I'm in no hurry. In fact, I realize I need to read a lot in order to get comfortable with the genre again. I look forward to viewing your videos.
Wrote a screen play for a Tv series once. Never sent it. combination of Fear of rejection and probably doubting the story.

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Writing Fantasy: An Imp’s Journey. Part 1: So you want to write Fantasy?