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Please find references for my online lecture here below. You might also want to try out the postgraduate research guide: My colleague Emilia and I developed this online resource for postgraduate students. It is a self-guide for research projects. With downloadable documents and some graphics to make the whole research process a bit clearer. Resources and further reading: Tonio Pace:(Discussion) Sapsford (2006) in Jupp, V. (2006) The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods. London: Sage Publication. One to keep you sane during PG degree: PhD Comics! Definitely check out Rowena's books, she gives very good structured advice on all forms of academic writing: Pictures from Asterix Books:

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Hi Nathalie. I've found this video very useful in helping my humanities undergraduate students to demystify what we mean when we talk about 'methodology'. Thanks.
Hey there, I just got my results and I successfully passed my dissertation. I just cannot enough express my thanks to you in explaining this chapterin such clarity in comparison to the vague nonsense I got from my lecturer. THANKS AGAIN..
Thanx, Nathalie for this helpful video. I really find it in harmony with what I've read from other experts in the methodology literature. However, there is one point that really bothers me; it's about the introduction to a research methodology chapter. I wonder why we should sum up the findings from the review of the literature and conclude with the research questions especially in case of emperical research (not a review research). I've read lots of good dissertations. Usually, their writers just introduce the content of the chapter.  Thanx again
Thanks Nathalie for uploading this video. By now I should have been writing my BA thesis but just didn't get what everybody was talking about the methodology but this video helped me at least to understand what I need to do. Now I "just" need to find the right methods I guess. :)
Thank you very much this is very well put and simplified will help me a lot with my Masters dissertation, and will be duly acknowledged in my Bibliography. 
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Im sorry, I just said that so in the future videos she can do better. The reason I couldn't understand her is because she talked so soft. This video is good and helped me with my school work...but it would be even more helpful if she spoke louder. Thats all. I didn't mean to be misunderstood. Thank you for helping me fix my mistake.
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Writing a Methodology Chapter.m4v