Writing a dissertation

Produced by the University of Leicester's AccessAbility Centre, this resource is design to support students with specific learning difficulties with writing a dissertation. It is suitable for all students

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Im a student at a German uni. I find it super helpful for my bachelor thesis. Thanks
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Where can i get this presentation? the link doesn't work :(
Thank you so much, this video is extremely helpful....
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Great video.  After 101 Research methods. I found a new inventive way to challenge the research in combination.  The arguments always differ however its easier to understand the ability to create a research solution  for a better opposition for an agreeable "Why Factor" argument in the presentation. Good Luck.
Quite helpful i must say.
This video made writing a dissertation seem easy compared to all the other stuff I've read, which makes it look so complicated when it isn't.  Thanks for doing this video.
Thanks a lot for this great video!
This is the best presentation I found! Thank you! It has been very helpful!
Excellent presentation which forms a strong start point....
Can we print off the slides at all ?
I am writing my dissertation in french and this is soo helpful,merci
Very helpful thank you!
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Please can people fill out my survey for my dissertation, it only takes a minute. This survey is anonymous and it is for my sociological research.  The more people who complete the survey the better. 
This was extremely helpful! Thank you ever so much. My confidence has definitely raised now :)
Very informative.
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Great video, very helpful!!!!
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Writing a dissertation