Working at BCG: A Life-Changing Experience (Extended)

BCG is more than an award-winning workplace—it is an unparalleled environment where you will have the opportunity to make an impact and create your own success story. Our experts tackle the most difficult challenges facing businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations today. No cookie-cutter solutions allowed; BCG's consultants bring their experiences to bear and devise innovative, effective solutions that solve clients' concerns. Discover the unique world of BCG in this extended cut of ""Working at BCG: A Life-Changing Experience."" Learn more about careers at BCG: Read about the people behind BCG's success: Welcome to the official YouTube channel for The Boston Consulting Group. Since 1963, BCG’s experts have been helping businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations build lasting advantage. As a leading management consulting firm, BCG empowers clients to make the changes needed to seize the competitive advantage and win. The independent spirit handed down from Bruce Henderson, BCG's founder—always challenging the status quo—has given the firm the courage to look beyond the obvious in pursuit of lasting solutions for our clients. Subscribe to BCG’s YouTube channel: Visit us at Like BCG on Facebook: Follow BCG on LinkedIn: Follow BCG on Instagram: Follow BCG on Twitter: Find BCG on Google+:

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Fantastic video!
I am not sure,they are showing things in very overrated way.. Things are not as interesting and client are not as engaging in any project. I am also a consultant and it is not as they are showing.
I'm an ex-BCG consultant and think this video is pretty accurate! The diversity there is really strong, both from demographic stand point and varied interests (singer John Legend is actually an ex-BCG consultant!) and I do think BCG put a lot of effort into approaching each case with a unique, tailored mindset. Great place to work.
What a shitty and miserable life! Poor and naive people - they are all so retarded and naive about their inexperienced lifes! I'm so happy that this isn’t me and that I'm so much more intelligent and wiser! Who the fuck wants to be a slave in a management company by producing useless power point presentations all day and then continuing during the night just so your bosses (the partners of the management company) can harvest your blood, sweat and tears and heavily invoice clients so the partners (not the slaves) will have a huuuuge salary and pension fund?! The amount of both psychopaths as well as the relative ratio of people going down with stress is extreme in the management consulting industry compared to all other industries! I am just like the little boy in the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of 'The Naked Emperor' who loudly shouts to all the retarded and  stupid sheep’s (consultants): “The emperor is naked! The Management consultants are slaves!"
'the guy who got in straight from college with English degree' - you mean his dad?
This video is as full of shit as what the consulting business does
Amazing, I would LOVE to work with BCG
Just submitted my application. I really hope I can work with these guys !
Walter Mitty
Wow what a video!
What song is it???
More or less the same as Bain, Mck, ATK,maybe the clients from BCG is more rich and willing to pay?
A truly inspiring one... Love to work here one day.. 
Have Benn studying about the BCG since my undergrad days..... One day I will work there.. Awesome company.. awesome video.
Sucking NHS funds dry by 'talking a lot'. Makes me sick.

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Working at BCG: A Life-Changing Experience (Extended)