Word Count? How Long Should My Book Be?

If you are currently working on your manuscript, you've probably wondered how long your book should be or what the word count of your manuscript should be. There are a few things to consider. Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing. Fiction vs. Non-Fiction. Print book vs. eBook. And you should also give consideration to your genre. In this video I discuss how to determine how long your book should be and some best practices when deciding on word count. Where possible, I strongly encourage writers to stick to the guidelines established by traditional publishing. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION: Stefanie Newell is the go-to writing coach for the first time writer who’s looking for direction on how to write and publish their first book. Her coaching and training programs have impacted thousands of authors to unleash their authentic voice and share their message through the pages of their book. HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK: ***SUBSCRIBE NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY!***WEBSITE PERSONAL BLOG: BOOKS: JOIN MY MAILING LIST: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: thelifeofawriter FACEBOOK: CAMERA: Canon T3i (similar) EDITING: Final Cut Pro X LIGHTING: PBL Studio Lighting Kit TRIPOD: Dolica Proline Tripod INTRO MUSIC - FOR BUSINESS & BOOKING INQUIRIES (INCLUDING SPONSORSHIPS) USE THE CONTACT PAGE AT *Please only use this address for business inquiries. * This description contains affiliate links.

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I don't go by words I go by pages , how many pages should a chapter be
Very clear, helpful information.Thank you.
You are beautiful. Thank you..
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Word Count? How Long Should My Book Be?