Film clip that depicts Kounin's Withitness

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Element 33: Demonstrating Withitness

-- created using powtoon -- free sign up at-- create animated videos and animated presentations for free.powtoon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool

Group Focus Kounin's Model

Film clip that depicts kounin's idea of group focus


Our creative project for the classroom management course in the faculty of education. we were asked to demonstrate "classroom management" in a product that coul

Withitness Video

Project for educ 6368

Concepts from Kounin's model of Classroom Management

Film clips that illustrate different components of kounin's ecological approach to classroom management. i do not own any of this.

Kounin Scenes

Possible scenarios in a classroom solved with the ideas of kounin

Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class

Author doug lemov shows how teachers use the 100% technique to get everyone's attention during a class.

Behaviour Management With-it-ness teacher aide course.mp4

A brief discussion on how to use with-it-ness and early intervention to deal with behaviour management with shool children. a useful resource for education assi

Classroom Management Strategies To Take Control Of Noisy Students

Get the rest of the videos - this video explains a little-used, often-forgotten but very effective classroom management strategy for taking control of really

Jacob Kounin

Brief overview of jacob kounin and his classroom management theories.-- created using powtoon -- free sign up at-- create animated videos and animated presentat

Jacob Kounin's Classroom Management

Middle level education infomercial

Satiation Kounin

Film clip that depicts kounin's idea of satiation/momentum

Ripple Effect Kounin

Film clip that depicts kounin's ripple effect

A conversation with Joe Elliot - The Importance of Withitness for Behaviour Management Part 1

The term withitness describes the ability of a teacher to be perceptually and cognitively aware of what is occurring in all parts of his/her classroom at any ti