Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry - Skye C. Cleary

View full lesson: Ah, romantic love; beautiful and intoxicating, heart-breaking and soul-crushing... often all at the same time! If romantic love has a purpose, neither science nor psychology has discovered it yet – but over the course of history, some of our most respected philosophers have put forward some intriguing theories. Skye C. Cleary outlines five of these philosophical perspectives on why we love. Lesson by Skye C. Cleary, animation by Avi Ofer.

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Romantic love doesn't make any sense to me. What sets romantic love apart from platonic love aside from sex? Imagine two soulmates that are completely in love. They care about each other, they want to protect each other, they enjoy each other's company etc etc, the only thing that sets them apart from two very close best friends is that they have sex with each other. So wtf is the difference between romantic and platonic live aside from fucking??
Love is basically a package our logic build for justifications to expend resources to pass on our genetics
Why do we love? Because we do... :P
I hope I will find some one to love
And yes, there are more than 32k lovers and few hundreds of haters of this video 😊
No thanks. haha
This is very interning . so good job with this video 👏👏
Awww, I hope that when I find a man, he we both love each other, and support each other in finding ourselves💓
I broke up with my girlfriend after watching this.
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more....
Anyone know the title for the music at the end of the video? The one before the closing Ted Ed theme?
I HAVE A QUOTE,"Love is harsh"
What is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more
Love is a lie. Free yourself.
I'd prefer having four legs and four hands rather than seeking love 😂😂
How is it possible that someone falls out of love? I understand extenuating circumstances, like one of the two people in love was deeply hurt, disrespected, and/or abused, but what makes that first one fall out of love in order to put the second one into excruciating emotional pain? I've asked so many people...no one has made sense. all I've heard is "well, you weren't in love at all, you were in 'like'" and others say "I don't know...it just happens. you can fall out of love, just as easily as you fell into it" and yes, I'm speaking from personal experience of my ex who just stopped loving me, out of the blue. I didn't do anything wrong...but the fact that I have anxiety disorder and other problems, and I need a lot of love and affection....he couldn't handle it....am I naïve to believe that everyone has one love? one soul-mate? other than if your significant other passes away, or in my case, he might as well have passed away.....how is it possible to stop loving?
0:11 wow such plot twist.
If you love someone, it's because their positive traits remind you of yourself. Just like how you hate someone because their negative traits remind you of yourself. If you just like someone for their looks, it's not love, it's lust.
Ughhhhh this so horrible,I mean who in he world would like this.
I like russell's
*what is love on kazoo*
Why do people abuse the term "love" by saying "I love my dog", "I love this Pizza" or "I love laying in the Sun"?
Love is gonna get you.
For me we humans dare to love coz we r born chasers.. we hunt and seek... but on process of choosing whom to love is a choice on sticking with what makes us interested in other people quantities... base on the typ of my personality.. but other people belong to other personality... I don't know...
Who else is surprised that Buddha is a real person
I love his voice!
What about the love parents give children and vice versa.
"Humans are created in pairs." -Quran
It's definitely a trick of human biology
Haha, I've just break up with my first love. It's really heart-breaking
Love is a betrayal
Today is my birthday, and I've been watching these beautiful videos and they make me sooooo happy. Thank you so much. ❤
Hemmmm This is strange I have a crush but I don't like her any more and I randomly don't like any human at all o wait I'm a parsite
0:51 play-doh??
More like will I get a chance tofind out
Casually watches in front of my crush
2:19 this is the best theory 5:18 conclusion part is too good.
Hihi funny
Can someone give me any sources about Simone Debeauvoire's opinion ?
I love my ipad :D
Im going to be single forever might not work but I'll try
I love every pretty women with a nice voice. THE END.
Evolution explains it.
Love is pathetic
I love food 💖
According to my perspective love is not a disguised form of lust or a medium for human to have babies...IF it was so then why would a mother love her child more than anything else or why a brother love his sisterI think love is just the fabric That binds us and the god together. Love does not demands it is the state of complete selflessness :) Thts why we "FALL" in love...
I love the people on the comments acting like they are really smart treating love like it's "just a chemical reaction"
Can we hate love ?
Jesus Christ stop making things so complicated!
Love is amazing
I agree with Russell
This is so cute on so many levels! Even though I don't have a tiny experience about the topic :'v
Anyone know the music at 2:15 (Russell's philosophy)?
But what if I fall in love with a film character?
Even Brilliant Ted explain everything in simple manner can't expect about love :P
Ending was priceless
Why is sperm kissing?
I get rejected my hate and love killed me
I liked the video, only the first Plato thing should have been excluded.
Plato's theory was most awesomeI have to say!!!
I love you the most macky
Love and emotions make us weaker!
Love is when you love a Fictional Character 💞
Wondering why we bother with love, if it never last 😶
Hell no
The animation is very nice
Hm..Buddha has some interesting thoughts on this topic.
I've accepted that I'm going to die a lonely person even with my accomplishments in life...
Love is annoying friendship is better
I agree! Love should always be like a wonderful friendship that blossoms into love then continuous bringing out the best in each other. Its genuine & should always keep us in a state of gratitude & cherished mindset. Knowing 'I' becomes 'us' .... we conquer all things together. 😘
Awww I don't find my lover yet but this explaniton could be real when you're feeling love for a guy. Only true love wake up these emotions.
This video deserves endless views.thought provoking.
My Godness, the definition of love back in the ancient time is pretty lame 😂😂😂
I never learned how to love. Maybe that's why I'm still single.
Very interesting, I like the clear, different philosophical point of views. I also like "Love can be heart-breaking, but it can also be the best thing in your life. Will you dare to find out ?"
Love must have further objectives rather than making humans reproduce or escaping loneliness, because we still love the ones who long died years after years. Or is it just an indirectly reminder for us to keep good bondings i can't tell. These things are so confusing.
I really like videos of TED-ed. could you help me the way to make animation videos like that. Thank so much.
Why do we watch Ted...?
4:38 aw Sartre and Simone couple goals😂😂😂
Because we are idiots
Love is just another way to pass time and also for thosewho are afraid of independence.
But we don't just love people romantically, we love them in a friendly way too, i personally love my best friends more than any guy i've fallen for , i'm ready to do everything for them because i feel whole and satisfied when i'm with them, i'm not thirsty of tenderness , love , protection or kindness because my friends are its source and i don't need a romantic relationship that will end soon or full of difficult feelings such as jealousy , depressionsand doubts
That ending.
🙅 No
The one that makes the most sense is that love is a illusion to trick us into having babies.
Great video
I really LOVED... Avi Ofer's animation :3
Why do we feel our heart jumping when we see someone we love ?
I´m 13 years old and like a girl in my school. The best thing: Think she likes me too.
0:48 wow a new dimension to one of my favourite Joy Division songs- Greek philosophy
Rick and morty has better philosophy
Love is the only thing that matters in this world. Spreading and feeling love is the most important thing
That Beatles reference O_O
Why do we love ?  It's just a matter of chemistry... and I don't mean personal chemistry... I mean biochemistry.  It is a curse of mankind.  There is nothing positive about it.  Avoid it at all cost.

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Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry - Skye C. Cleary