Why do we cry? The three types of tears - Alex Gendler

View full lesson: Whether we cry during a sad movie, while chopping onions, or completely involuntarily, our eyes are constantly producing tears. Alex Gendler tracks a particularly watery day in the life of Iris (the iris) as she cycles through basal, reflex and emotional tears. Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio.

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I want iris and onion to be a real ship
Please shut up about the eye being gay.
What Is Godzilla Doing here
Iris: How about using some glass or something. Onion: If you lower your temperature, maybe Iriswon't cry. Or just don't take off your jacket!!! Millenial love.... We don't even try.
0:22 GODZILLA!!!!
Omg omg :p what's wrong with this video
Tears make when soul estatus change(sadness to joy,not inverse)
Hey didnt you know our tears taste good
*MY STRANGE ADDICTION* Iris: My name is Iris, and I'm addicted to crying Iris: I've been crying for 5 years, and my tears go 100 giants jars per a pot the size of burj
Imagine three centuries from now, and alien looking kids are learning about the human eye, watching that we have mucus and oil layers on our eye balls
Im gonna cry , the little animal was gone ;-;
Iris is literally a girl in my class. She cries all the time when something doesn't go her way or she's mad or sad. Sad thing is we're all fifth graders
How do you explain fake crying then?
What about tearing up when you yawn or are tired
But I only cry when I'm angry???
Calm down everybody! This is just so cute I simply love it <3 great job, TED
Nice joke.
Did anyone understand what he just said i thought when i click the video i was going to hears words like sad, watery, and, eyelashes easy words but no i even heared a 8 letter wordCan someone tell me what he said i will appreciate β€β€β€β€πŸ’–πŸ’–β€πŸ’–
Thanks for a great information!
This is so weird for me considering my name is Iris too…
The three crys are 1: crying like super sad 2: laughing and crying 3: happy crying 4 5 6 7 8 9You skipped 5 You just checked
536353636353536352525255252.636 9.9 point kilometres away from crying but you come down from 9 million kilometres to 6 kilometres
So is it bad that I don't cry when I cut onions?
I always wondered why i can't stop crying all the time. now explain how some people cry easier than others boy i'd sure like to know that
Uhhhh iris and onion broke up!??? RUDE
Ted-ed i love u
Now I know thanks for this video
Sometimes I cry much but little bit
Tears are how our heart speaks when you're lips cannot describe how much we've been hurt 😊
Iris isn't crying, she is just sweaty.
Basal Tears Reflex Tears And Emotional Tears.
Much science, much smart, yes.
Just keep ya god damn jacket on onion
What type of tears are the ones formed by yawning?
So what kind of tears do come out when we yawn?
Iris is scary
Omg godzilla
Awesome. .....
Finally, some representation from the media! In the form of a weird eye monster.
Relationship!? Break up!? Oh i get it now.πŸ˜“ I like the dimentration though.
What an awesome and revolutionary educational video. Oh, this century has some great things coming our way =)
There are plenty of vegetables in the garden Iris...
Does anyone notice that the eye moves in the thumbmail 😫😫
Men have no tears; we have water juice. There's a difference.
β™«"And I don't want the world to see me because I don't think that they'd understand..."β™«Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Now i have a reason to eat onions... there lesbians!
Now all is clare as water; even my iris is gay
We cry cause we have crippling depression
I love when onion just opens the umbrella like "no"
Yes, my eye balls are pretty gay
So when I was in depress I can drink a cup of tears!
Cuz of that damn slut who sleeps with evevryone
This video is 4:00 but after onion and iris broke up I only cried emotional tears 7 times so I'm proud
Don't know why but emotional tears help a lot man.
2:30 Imperial Japan
Addison Anderson is the best narrator on this channel
1:22 *S E I Z U R EA L E R T*
Do you want to teach or tell shitty story?
I only cry when I see someone crying or seeing an eye really close ( or photo ) and onions don't make me cry , it only hurts my nose sometimes
Damn those onions always breaking hearts
Synpropanethial Soxide
Aww that is so sad. Loving can hurt sometimes πŸ˜”
I ship it
Make lesbian couple, because inclusion.
Must every thing be made gay to make left happy.
Why do I tear up when I'm super tired?
I ship it, inion or oris
Thats a good way to explain it
I love my lesbian onion daughter
I like big tubs of onions and I cannot lie. All you other irises can't deny
You know in one shot the silhouetted Iris and Onion, are in front of the Imperial Japnese flag.
I ship it
The exit sign at 1:32 looks like Japanese...
There are only three types of tears? TRIGGERED!
Does did it works on us also
Why is iris gay in this story
Thanks. can tear from onion wash away cataract/cloudiness in the lens ?
My name is Iris I cry so much even when I'm happy I'm very cute but is this story about me?no😒
Crying from happiness? HAH!IMPOSSIBLE
Iris is my spirit animal
I bet if onion was a dude nobody would've been in the comments like "Omg now when I eat onions I will have to think I'm eating a straight"
My name is iris
The disco ball sequence almost gave me a seizure omg
What about pain tears
The fact that iris and onion were so casually gay has absolutely made my day, i'm ecstatic to see lesbians in any sort of media without their orientations being a major plot point to their personalities. as a queer person my self, thank you so so so so so much to the creators of this video for making this the way that it is.
I hate my life
All onion had to do is shower 🚿 like sole in water
Aho else cries from anger. Just me??
The thumbnail was moving when i scrolled in my [email protected]#$#@
I relate to iris
Like it
What type of tear it is when u step on a lego.
Are pain tears connected to emotional tears then?
We cry because we're sad.
You forgot we cry a little when we get tired

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Why do we cry? The three types of tears - Alex Gendler