What would happen if you didn’t sleep? - Claudia Aguirre

View full lesson: In the United States, it’s estimated that 30 percent of adults and 66 percent of adolescents are regularly sleep-deprived. This isn’t just a minor inconvenience: staying awake can cause serious bodily harm. Claudia Aguirre shows what happens to your body and brain when you skip sleep. Lesson by Claudia Aguirre, animation by TED-Ed.

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School is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Since we wake up SO EARLY and most of us can't even concentrate since were half-asleep, and taking away so much sleep. Not to mention as you get older the school decides to give you a "Fuck You, and give a you a shit tons of homework. School. is. Hell.
10 hours sleep a day? I was getting 2 hours of sleep A DAY my senior year of high school. Sometimes I'd just not sleep at all. I was taking 5 AP classes that year. Guys... Don't take AP classes. They're a waste of time. I took 9 in total. Take care of your mental/physical health the most. Make it your priority because you'll wish you did. High school does NOT decide the rest of your life.
Should I be watching this at 4 in the morning?
I sleep on the weekends 19 hours for each day since I don't do anything.
So that's why i always forget everything that makes me sad after a good sleep
My body doesn't let me get 7-8 hours.I'm up after 5-6.
Tesla slept 1 hour everyday and he was very healthy. Explain this
Me watching this at midnight I'll sleep after this vid
People are always surprised when I say I go to bed at 9:30, but I get a good night of sleep, so jokes on them.
*watches at **2:27**AM on a school night* k thanks
I get 6-7 hours of sleep even though I go to school...But I'm a terrible student
Yup People Sleep When The Sun Goes Down And Me Over Here Sleeping When The Sun Goes Up
Thank you so much for subtitle
Then why am I unable to sleep?
Stroke is the most scariest pain ever..i'll sleep early tonight...☹️😱
I did a final report on this in 7th grade. I got a 0 because I "didn't have enough sources"
This is such an interesting topic, because I myself, suffer from severe insomnia, and I always have. I'm 48 years old, but at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I disease which affects your gastrointestinal tract, so I started spending many nights in the bathroom, sick as can be. There were times when I couldn't sleep for more than an hour without having to get up and run to the bathroom, and it stays like this for nearly 25 years until I was able to find a surgeon who could fix me, allowing me to sleep the night without having to get up 10 times. It took 33 operations, but as of last December, which was my last surgery, I can finally sleep through the night without getting up, which was a miracle. But now my only problem is that my body got so used to being awake, that I just can't sleep at all. I will literally go for weeks at a time with almost no sleep whatsoever, but unable to function just fine, because then I will go for periods of weeks where I sleep for 14 hours a night, so it's like a roller coaster of sleeping, but I still can't understand how I'm able to go through weeks with no sleep at all and be able to function find every single day, with almost 0 effects either way, does anybody have an explanation for that? My personal guess is that my body just got used to insomnia, and then, irregular sleeping patterns, so for me it's normal, and my body and brain learned how to adapt so I was able to function, but that's not the case with most people. The one good thing about being an insomniac is how much more you can get done during your day, especially when your day last for three weeks. If I had a choice between the weeks that I'm awake, or the weeks that I'm asleep, I'll take the insomnia any day, because the times that I sleep, I don't really wake up, and spend the entire day groggy, and a little bit out of focus. I am still able to work and carry out my day and do everything I have to do, but I just feel a lot happier during the weeks that I don't sleep, I have no problems with memory, no irritability, no hallucinations, and in fact, there will be just no way for you to tell that I seldom sleep, even my doctors are puzzled by this, so I guess it's just me, I'm a freak of nature! LOL!
Too bad we spend half are lives sleeping
I'm 19 years old and for months now I've been suffering from sleep deprivation . ever since the end of November I haven't been able to get every stage of sleep I think I caused it though because on November 22nd I had slept all day because I was having my period and it was making me really sleepy so I slept pretty much the whole day and woke up at 1:57 the next morning on November 23rd and couldn't go back to sleep so I stayed up and then around 12 in the afternoon I got sleepy but I decided to stay up on my tablet until 8 that night because I wanted to wake up early because the next day was Thanksgiving so I stayed up until 8 that night on my tablet and then I went to bed but instead of waking up at 8 in the morning I woke up at 11:45 pm so I just stayed up and it was Thanksgiving so after I ate Thanksgiving dinner at 12 pm I decided to go to bed cause the turkey made. me really sleepy and I feel asleep at 12 but my mom. got me up at 5 pm to go somewhere so I wasn't getting but like four hours of sleep and ever since then I have had sleep deprivation for months now I and I just want it to end. the first few weeks of this I was only sleeping a few hours I would go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep and then I started having very vivid dreams and nightmares and I read that this is called rem rebound were you get a whole bunch of dreams when you haven't gotten enough sleep and that lasted for a while and now I think I'm still having dreams but there not as vivid as they were I mean I think they're dreams I can't tell anymore I can't tell if I'm actually sleeping . this has NEVER happened to me before I've never had a problem with sleep ever I always slept normal and don't know what to do. I think it was my fault for not going to bed when I was sleepy on November 23rd and waited till later to go to sleep and also my mom woke me up in Thanksgiving after I had just went to bed cause when we came back I don't know if I actually went back to sleep or not . please what can I do I don't know what to do I give up I just want to sleep normal again and get every stage of sleep and be normal and healthy again , because of my lack of sleep I've lost weight I normally weight 90 pounds but now I've lost weight and don't know how much I weigh and my periods have been irregular and I haven't even got mine this month I'm so scared please if anyone has any advice it be greatly appreciated . I just want my sleep back 😢
Idk if its just me, but when i sleep less than 6-8 hours i tend to get moodier
This made me sleepy
Staying at school until 8 every day for sports,then doing homework until 11, finally going to sleep at 12:30-1 am just to wake up for school at 6 am doesn't make it any better. And I shouldn't have to quit sports (something I love) just to get good sleep. I don't remember anything I learn at school after I take the exam for it anyways.
And I’m watching this at 4 in the morning
Mmmm i sleep almost 13 hours
Whos watching at 5:30am
When I was on drugs I wouldn't sleep for like a week at a time. I heard voices and hallucinated, my body hurt all over, I would freeze one minute and overheat the next, I had trouble breathing, my vision was blurry and dark and I could barely hear, panic attacks all the time and i would fall over randomly just walking down a hallway like I was always off balance. I had infections all the time. when I tried to take a break from the drugs and sleep, I couldn't sleep because my body felt so rigid and achy and there were always voices and sounds going on in the background that weren't there. it was horrible. If you really want to experience the worst case of sleep deprivation, traumatize yourself, lose your mind and always question reality even when you do get clean, do meth!
When you realize you're watching this while having slept for 1 hour last night.....fml
I'm watching this at 2:11 am. Sleeping is boring.
Hate the narration. Too much vocal fry
I'm a student and i always sleep 4hours a day :(
I'm a good student with the cost of sleeping about 5 hours a day
I stayed up for 7 in a half days without sleeping,because I'm a night owl This was a long time ago
I've fallen asleep standing up and I almost fell on the floor!
Watching This At 3 am 😝👌🏻
Wow! If I knew teenagers needed 10 hrs of sleep, I would've had an excuse to sleep in class.
It's funny because I'm watching this at 4:05am
Why I'm damn happy to be sleepless elite
Made me sleepy
I'm lucky to get 5 hours a night
Thanks for this video.
I've been getting an average of 5 hours of sleep a night since I was a little kid. Longest I ever stayed up for was 113 hours. (4.7 days)
Who else was reminded of Daria when the girl missed the ball
Up at 5: 25
Is school's secret goal to kill kids?
You heard him, go to bed.
I dreamed that I couldn't sleep and everything was crazy. People starting talking random and everything was freaky and scary and I got terrified
Only time I want sleep is after lunch. I sleep maybe 4 hrs a night. I just keep going till I'm exhausted and actually sleep. Ihaven't felt rested in months. I'm hopeful it will end some day but I doubt it.
Tell that to my Japanese friends who sleeps on THE SAME DAY OF SCHOOL!!
So it's not necessary that we should sleep during night? 10 hours during day is just fine...?
I get 4 to 8 hours in a 48 hour period of time
How would this video explain the fact that buddhist monks dont sleep, EVER. They meditate every night to get the energy back. By this logic they should've gone insane a long time back, even died eventually.
Death! I won't stay up at night ever again!
I sleep 5am ... im woke up 1:30am
That's not true. I was perfectly normal - just a bit tired - without sleeping for three days
I watch this at 4am hehe
Who else is tired after watching?
After staying up through my first nosleep night i just lose my motivation to not sleep and just pass out on the couch
Gave a link of this to ky teacher when late said you can be insane and come to school at same time
You know there are people that brag about how they sleep less like 2-4 hours every day. Leave them alone they'll suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's when they get older.
Oh. Well, Goodnight.
Start school at 10 and end 1hr later than normal
I sleep 2 hours everyday and once a week or so I don't sleep at all :|
Just smoke some green problem solve
It's 4:03 am, Im sorry okay!I'm sorry...
I should do a report about this to college professors
I actually have insomnia, and it sucks... Sometimes even the pills don't work...
Decided to pull my first ever all nighter with Vyvanse found this video
What if you sleep at 2 am and wake up at 9 am? That's still considered 8 hours right?
I sleep nowhere near 7-8hours a day duh
1:48 it reminds me "Daria"
Who else is watching while sleep deprived?
Who else woke up like they were punched but not in pain at all?
That's wierd if I don't sleep I feel more energized which is really wierd
For the past week I don't know why I have only felt tired or needed sleep after 2 days give or take a couple of hours my eyes are sore and slightly blurted but my body is fine fine but I'm a kindof scared of the harm it's doing to my body if any of you you have any idea why this is happening please let me know thnx
Anyone watching this after "bedtime"?
Thank god the last year of High School here starts at 1PM
I NEED 10 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT WAT boiiii why does school start at 8:30 then
Watching this on literally 7 hours of sleep in the last week,, some days I don't sleep at all, some days I sleep for 2 hours.
This explains why every one hates me.I'm always tired
I stayed awake 48 hrs once and i didn't die!!!
I remember playing Fallout: New Vegas for DAYS without stopping and with little food or water. I was doing the quest "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" and was in the room where I had to activate and reprogram a sex bot and it was SUPER simple and straightforward, but lack of sleep prevented me from figuring out what to do, or where I was... I kept running around in this room in circles for so long just confused as fuck and frustrated that I couldn't figure out what I was doing. I woke up with the controller still in my hands and realized that all I had to do was open the containment pod and select reprogram... 😕
I'm 15, it's 02:21 and I have to get up at 07:30, this is normal for me
Do you promise it will kill me?
Kobe slept for 3hrs in his off season, so........
Right now I have 3 chapters of math homework and 5 chapters of social science homework due for Monday, not to mention my coaching which is going to take up almost full weekend and you're telling me I need to sleep 20 hours in that weekend? How...?
.( zZZZ ) (_ _)
My record while in the military was 5 days. Total nap time during that 5 days was about 6 hours. In the end I was constantly nauseous, running a low grade temp, I wasnt eating, I was hallucinating,... And at the end of the 5 days it took me weeks to "recharge". I didn't get the opportunity to sleep it off completely and it stuck with me for a time.
I try to sleep but my body does everything to keep me up from midnight to 6 am it sucks, morningafternoon and evening i can sleep, when im supposed to .... Naaaaaaah 😡
When i stayed up the whole night and most of the day everything seemed like vr cause i played vr the whole night. everything seemed like my hands could just go trough and everything seemed so unrealistic. and the dude stayed up for 11 days.
The dislikes is 666 omg 😲
Um highschool and college much #USA
I didnt get sleep becouse of school for like 24hours
You're watching this late at night. Go to sleep!
I have bad PTSD I have terrible nightmares and flashbacks.I stay up three out of the week sometimes four days straight no sleep
And our sanity ... I sleep (try) at 6:00 AM and wake up at 12:00 PM Until 7:00 AM I feel tired. 12 - 6 = 6 I get 6 hours of sleep ... *I'm dying, thanks for letting me know that TED Ed.*
Is it ok if we sleep 2 hrs In the afternoon and sleep 2 hrs late at night??
I guess I'm gonna have strokes every 2 seconds
Who else is watching late at night?

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