What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler

View full lesson: What trials unite not only Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins but many of literature's most interesting heroes? And what do ordinary people have in common with these literary heroes? Matthew Winkler takes us step-by-step through the crucial events that make or break a hero. Lesson by Matthew Winkler, animation by Kirill Yeretsky.

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1:16 "it's dangerous to go alone, take this sword with you"
Potter was a hobbit not a human , smh
A gorgeous inspiration. Thanks for sharing
Wasn't the refusal to the call one of these?
Learned this in art class
Dies, only to be reborn? HARRY POTTERRRRRR
What if I want to kill the hero?
I took Ezio as an example Status Quo: Ezio's early life Call to Adventure: His dad and brothers died falsely accused and seeks revenge Assistance: Mario's guidance Departure: Ezio's first assassination Trials: (I can't think of one) Ordeal: (Can't think of one either) Crisis: Monteriggioni siege Reward : Acquisition of the Apple Result: Becomes the Mentor Return: Ezio's retirement New Life: Got married and becomes a farmer Resolution: (somehow this is not relevant because his "Resolution" came after new life) Status quo: He had a family and dies this "hero journey" did not fit Ezio's life. it got chronologically tangled up.
Who, after the battle with Oxxxymiron? 2017
So that guy came to the home of giant worms and killed them off, only because the plant told him to do so? Great work, bloody maniac :/
Well harry has hp if the arry and otter just like my hAyden prescott is also hp
Some of my and everything's fantastical and greatest cinema film amd tv programs fallow the heroes journey
Sounds like Harry Potter
Wait that guy was harry potter?! i thought they were just made up characters for the video
My "Journey" Status Quo/Call To Adventure- Im tired Assistance-A couch yay. Departure-I enter the sleep world Trials-I am hungry, need cookies! Approach-I go to get some. Crisis-nO cOoKiEs???!!! Treasure-Mom made brownies lol. Result-A happy stomach. Return- I go back to the couch and fall asleep. New Life- I am dreaming happily. Status Quo-I love sleep.
Not all heroes wear capes
Kill the hero off in the first few episodes and then bring him back to mess with your viewers
Thanks for a highly motivating video....
Seriously, these presentations are brilliant. The graphics and styles used are superb.
We did that circle in english
Can everyone shut up about Frodo being a hobbit? Obviously, he is a saiyan.
Hey what about Percy Jackson
Reminds me of school
Incoming! Comment Section About "Frodo is not a Human!"
Thank you for reminding me of who I really am!
I guess.... missing the orphan part?
Lol had to watch this for school
Everything stays but it still changes
1:02 ...unless it's a non-fiction one...
This is real interesting
I love it! More than great :D We are all heroes! :D
This really gave me insight on how to steer my story. I already have the beginning and the ending fleshed out, those are easy, but the middle parts, those one's are a bit more challenging. This video helped me with that, thank you! ^^
Hero is someone who can take down something bigger than him
What makes a hero? killing all the jews!
This was such an inspiring video!! I feel like a hero!!!
"A real hero will always find a way for justice to be served!"
Which Software Ted Ed always use in their videos ?
Such an AMAZING animation. Congrats to all the people behind such a great work!
I'm still waiting for my Albus or Gandalf.
My language arts teacher showed this to us in the first quarter of school.
It's really good and helpful video.thank you so much.
Fridi is i hibbit nit i himin
Frodo sucks
Ted ed is the best YouTube channel
I think it doesn't work with Saitama in One Punch man :D
Today July 15 2017 3,325,046 Viewers want to become a hero
WRONG! Frodo is a fucking Hobbit, not a human.
I NEEDED THIS. one day, this will help me start the comic I'm dying to make.
Frodo is a halfling
None of the MCU films fit this structure (except perhaps Doctor Strange)
They are all huge dweebs
Reminded me of the "Myth of the Sisyphus"
My cave is scbool
Also facing problems does not make you a hero either,but only an adventurer.there is a difference !
My heroes keep dying in Game of throne
My khajiit named Mittens scratched Alduin until he died.... I think it is more than humans that are heroes. Cats are our saviors to! Sincerely, a dog lover.
The maze runner does not work
An extraordinary human leaves a legacy that everybody remembers and appreciate, not just for fame but the good feelings he/ she leaves people behind. a nice gesture, a simple smile that brightens someone day
Ahhhh 5th grade English, I missed you so.
We are all heroes.
Hero needs a Mottif, and A Hero is one who thinks about others first and about him last.
A wizard, a human and a hobbit. Although that, it was one of the most impressive video that I've ever watched.
I am not human. I am not ONLY HUMAN: I am a Trantor.
I thought about Harry Potter: The Philosopher's Stone while I watched this, and it matches except for the resolution (11 o' clock).
Frodo is different. 12 o clock, aragorn is king 13 o clock, they go back to the shore 14 o clock Sam gets married 15 o clock, Bilbo sails the sea 16o clock, Sam has a family, the end....
This game looks fun
Ma cave of horror 1 mg acid
This is the video i have been searching for the past few years..... hurray... Atlast i found it.... thank you..!!!
My hero is my dad
And what if you may fail, man?
Loved it!
Only Peruse gets a happy ending in Greek mythology • what happened there •
Actually, Frodo is a hobbit but I see your point. Thanks, that was an encouraging video
That got me thinking
The Jesus story!!
Só fucking good! 👆👆👆👆
What about The Villain's Journey? Did you think that everyone in the world is good? What about us evil psychopaths out there? Why don't we get the recognition we deserve?!
Im watching this for english 😂💤
This was epic
Thats amazing
I am afraid to go out of my comfortable level... i m not a hero... everytym I think I'll work hard bt I guess my cmfrt zone attracts me... I can relate to it... I knw that I have to go out there and get out of my comfortable zone... Not today but EVERYDAY... Thank you 4 such a motivational video...
A true hero is someone who would wager all for the benefit of all. Someone willing to sacrifice everything for the safety of everything. Someone who would put their life on the line so that all will live. Someone who is dedicated enough to waste their energy for the life of someone else who doesn't even know it. Someone who is determined to do not the right thing, but the thing that will benefit all.
Frodo is a hobbit and you are a muggle which is not a wizard
Jesus Christ is a hero, do you have a personal relationship with him?
To be a hero simply you need to have powers that nobody will ever have...
1:00 Hahahahahahahah High school musical pun because u need to stick to the status quo!!!;)
And The talons of peace from Wings of fire are dragons
Two o'clock: "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!"
And then theres Saitama
*Wait* Frodo is a hobbit.
"You don't literally slay dragons" - speak for yourself, buddy.
My name is Hero.

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What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler