What Made Uber?- A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

Subscribe to Valuetainment:The Biz Doc, Tom Ellsworth dives into case study #8 The making of Uber, it's CEO and what Uber did to overcome controversies in the midst of their success. Grab your notebook, take notes and join the conversation as Valuetainment brings you case studies with The Biz Doc - a new way to learn entrepreneurial lessons.Please subscribe, comment and share to help educate entrepreneurs from all over the world. Book recommendation: Lean Startup by Eric Ries About Tom Ellsworth: THOMAS N. ELLSWORTH, is an experienced CEO / COO and entrepreneur. He has been disrupting industries and driving consumer shifts through Venture-backed companies in technology, software, publishing and mobile that have generated exits totaling over $1B. Watch the interview with Patrick Bet-David: Connect with Tom: About UBER: Uber Technologies Inc. is an American worldwide online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Valuetainment- The Best Channel for Entrepreneurs

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What if there was uber space and it took you to Mars or the moon with a private spaceship lol.
If uber can be a company for the case study, then try snapchat too they have quite interesting history
When you don't pay tax in the country you are in, it's not free Entreprise, it's robbery. Also, Uber drivers don't pay business tax likeregistered Taxi Drivers...You still think that it's Free Entreprise ?
I like this guy!!!!!!!!!
What a useful video. Thanks Tom
I like your case studies, great presentation. Do more please! Thanks for putting in the time to give us free knowledge, it saves so much time because you do the research for us. Plus it's fun and educational. Just want you to know that your effort is much appreciated, i know what it takes to put this all together. Thanks!
Great video, what is the next step after dropping out of college?
One can only see how critically important it is to have a good idea at the beginning....
Uber really solved a problem!
Hello Tom, good day! can you pls make a case study on Samsung, thank you
I listen to these case studies with 50x attention than I do in my class. Keep it up!
Stop trying classify and contain everything. That's not how our mind works. You cannot mimic other's success by studying them day and night. Accept the simple fact that there are many ways of doing a task. Don't force others to choose one way.
Still going- great video Tom.
Had an error on the video. Was not able to play. Thank you!
Hey pat do you seed fund?
Fantastic video! love this channel!
This is one of my favorites. But for alll my cars heads out there... How about a case study on Christian Von Koenigsegg??? Youll find this guy is huuuge on innovation.
Great as always, Tom. As one of the people (Josh Shipp) I follow a lot says, "It takes ten years to be an overnight success." As I was watchinh this video though, there was quite going through my mind. You seem to be at a pretty content and lively place in your life journey. I'm wondering... how did Patrick Bet David enroll you to become part of his team? What did you see in him? What did you see in PHP? Given great leaders surround themselves with brilliant minds. I'm curious of your guys' story.
I like this guy.
Would love a case study for AirBnB and a primer on starting a marketplace platform business model. Edit: God, I love these case studies, brilliant and valuable content. Please don't ever stop them! Also, it would be nice if you could keep thevisual information on top of what you have about the key points you cover and all of the main content you want people to remember from the video.
Hey Tom, great video as always! Could you do a case study on Apple? Cheers!
Great content Tom! You know in Hungary we possibly got some influencing by PM friends owning taxi companies that's why Uber was forced out. Wouldn't even be big business for them as taxi services unpopular. Interesting topic if one is interested in political influence in business, or psychological "warfare" against the majority.
There is one problem with this story. Uber is increasingly loss making and their technology is not that unique at all.
Please we need subtitles back!!!!
Hey Tom, great vids. I would love for you to do a case study on a couple of very popular computer games: Dota 1 was a community created mini-game that was played on the warcraft 3 platform, owned by "blizzard entertainment". It was great, but graphics had stayed the same for years and years and people were complaining. "Riot games" saw this opportunity and made a similar but not identical game (League of legends) with good graphics. It was a big success. Then after a year or so "Valve" decided to make dota 2, which was exactly the same game as dota 1, but with really good graphics. Fast forward to today, Riot games is making an estimated 15 million a day from their game, while dota 2 is making the same every month. I think it's an interesting example of how someone saw the demand in the market, and acted fast, leaving competitions way behind. I guess that finishing first matters?
Hi ! I don't know if it comes from me but the subtitles are not synchronised with the audio. Otherwise great video !
So just a note on the "entitled cab drivers" comment. While I don't know the policies in France, in Boston the cab drivers were sold medallions which basically read "you can't be a cab driver without one of these, and we will only ever produce a limited quantity.", these medallions still sell for around 100k now, so you can imagine what they went for before Uber crushed their value. Now, the other issue is Uber does not have price regulations, the taxi pricing is controlled by the police commission, so it's not like the compete in price. Basically, the government sold cab drivers a promise, failed to protect that promise(many medallion owners lost their retirement as a result of this) and then continue to keep them hamstrung from competing price wise. That's a case study all in itself though.
Unicorn is company that started and is worth than 1 billion
1. Great CEO's don't come out of nowhere. 2. Assemble a great core team early. 3. Go big and go fast.
If u can make something better then u can charge more
Where do you get shirts like that?
Love your Case Study series.
When building a companh start with a great team of core people then go big and go fast
Can legislation ban certain companies?
I'd truly appreciate any response to this. I ask myself, what's an industry for me to build a billion dollar company. My mind goes right to clothing and to products. But then I got to brand myself. There too many brands out there. We look at marketing, but the industry has too many people building 100k a year companies but not many billion dollar ones. So, I'll ask you, what industries are good to build billion dollar businesses?
Really great case study videos
This is great! Can you please do more of these. Also can you do a video how to set up a company structure in more detail. Great content as always. Love from Australia!
Wish case studies uploaded more often like twice a week or so :P thanks for making these videos
WOW WOW what is this? where is Patrick? I want a refund!.Nah JK. another valuable video!
This really helped me since I'm building an app similar to uber thanks :)
Thank you Tom, I really appreciate your mix of successful company traits as well as traits that lead to a company's demise.Great info and super helpful.Your point about Leaders seldom coming out of nowhere reminds me of how they referred to Randy Travis back in the day - they said he was an overnight success and Randy would say "I've been performing anywhere that would let me 7 days a week for 15 damn years so if you think that's overnight you're missing how much I've earned my success".Great case study today.
Tom great job mate can u do a snapchat case study
Can u do Target next?Especially with so much competition laid off workers and or shut
I absolutely love these case studies so much info I can't believe its all free I'm just trying to constantly sponge off you guys,thank you. BTW nice shirt I like the Mobil 1 logo, I work in sales for a division of Mobil up in Canada.
Sweet. Good one.
Good on ya uber
I like your channel so much but I need more videos for teens and new ideas and new principles and I am actually a 15 years old teenager who started working on freelance websites. I wish you be the best.
I think tom needs to watch real men real style
Great, Mr. Tom you won't believe last week I was about tell you what about UBER case study... I cant believe you heard my heart voice 😜.... thanks
Really enjoyed this - now part 2 ...
Legendary Ton i always wait for videos from valuetainment
Tom Ellsworth and valuetainment, what an honour it is to have such high quality content from you. Thank you
Great case study Tom. Liking the McLaren F1 top, hopefully they perform better in the coming year (They have had enough failure experience in the last 3 years with the new Honda Engine). However, I am a ferrari fan, currently masters in failure :) Would be great to see a case study on F1. Bernie growth to success and his eventual sale of the business or a specific company. Manor racing just went into administration. Looking forward to Part 2 of the Uber 2014+ case study. I need to figure out how to get the right team, without having the money to pay for the type of people needed. Also what is the process for Venture Capital. Yes, before you even say it, don't worry, i'll google and see what I can find. Appreciate all the work you put into these case studies.
Aye! You guys should do a video on college and entrepreneurship! How it will/won't help you, etc etc. Also in high school, things that WILL and WILL NOT apply to entrepreneurship! Thanks Valuetainment :)
Great great great Tom. cant wait for the part 2. Here in Asia its UBer VS Grabb
Great content! Very interesting
Excellent presentation as always.Believe or not i am always looking forward to your case study,Tom. Question:How soon do you think my friend who is Uber driver will be out of work? Context:Uber is working hard on autonomous cars.
Great case studys Tom alot of value in these videos!!
Case study for PHP Agency? :)
My first video of case studies 😊
Tq,very much for a case study of succesful bussiness,tq for the pic , after this i will study about travis,tq
After Uber could you consider doing a case study on Airbnb?
Ooh, I'm in austin, and that legislation was just a mess 😂
Valuetainment forgot to mention the part about when uber cut drivers per mile rate in half while at the same time increasing ubers commission by 5%.I'll reserve my judgement for part 2 but for now it seems this is more of a case study on how to screw over the little guy.
You should a case study on stance socks. I would be really interesting to see how they were able to have the incredible growth they have had as well as becoming the official sock of the NBA and MLB.
Great video... thank you ... you are the best... (from Delhi, India)
Thanks for the case study. Today you showed me how uber had plenty of competition points but looked past them and moved on. Also taught me to walk away from connections before burning them. Thanks!
Can you do a video about the AOL Time Warner merger? I know its a big topic, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Can you tell us abou facebook????????FB!!!?????????
Damnit Tom! These case studies are so great!
Tom, one word comes to mind when I watch these case study videos: DAMN!!!
I am motivated . Thank you . you just made me downloaded the app right now . nice case presentation.
After finishing my current book "Think and Grow Rich", I will start "Blue ocean strategy" next week. I have heard about it from you in many videos now :D Thanks for the awesome content. Looking forward for second part.
Hey its great to see Case studies.. I was hoping if you will be doing a video on the process of how a company is funded initially and what are the things to keep in mind when you are approaching these investors?
I had the pleasure of reading Lean Startup by Eric Ries. This book was an eye opener, and I learned so much from this book. I greatly appreciate the case studies, and a lot individuals are benefiting from them.
Great video Tom. Very informative
Fantastic case study and points to pick up on.Have got a backlog of books to knuckle down on lying on my desk (after these exams are out of the way!).
FYI....Uber is facing intense competition from the native cab reserve company Ola in India. And both are facing problems similar to the ones that you described in France. Time tells what happens and who wins in India. Nonetheless, thanks for another great invaluable case study.
Great! Never seen such detailed content on the internet... Thanks a lot Valuetainment
I'm amazed with all this educational videos. It's like I don't have to search anywhere for this type of content, because is all here!
Where's the new pillow lol #LOVE_VALUETAINMENT
This was quite informative
Beautiful Information!!!
The more I watch and learn with Valuetainment the more I get to share with those people that do not have the time to nor have the habit of getting into educational entrepreneurial case studies. The language is one reason and then there is myself that can translate it or better said share it and than have a great productive class that helps the industry and individual improve their communication skills.
@TOM- I would really like to see your case study about a company that has a biblical background/name. Most people don't know that FOREVER21 is a Christian-based clothing company/owner. I'd love to hear how you an survive in a market without your company literally screaming "i read the bible", but also with not feeling like you need to change your company name because people may not be as open to do business with you because of it.
Thank you tom :)
Love the fact you gave the 3 cores in the begining!
Thanks Tom, another great video!
TOM!! once again very enjoyable and insightful.you fellow Canadian is loving every minute of this. make sure you add me on Facebook. I would love the opportunity to gain personal advise from you here and there. take care Tom
You RoCk Tom! (:
Can I know the brand of the blackborad
Thank Tom, for your great efforts, and this presentation are real world education in business. You guys are changing the education system worldwide in business world.
Another great vid Tom!
I love this case study
Thank you Tom
Do airbnb please!!
Love all these case studies! Keep up the great content!
Uber was created by a UCLA dropout? I had no idea! This proves that through diligence anything is possible. He had faith in what he was going to do and make it happen. I think that real life experiences help build a stronger person because they know how to react to failure. That really shows a person's strong character to keep moving forward.

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What Made Uber?- A Case Study for Entrepreneurs