What is depression? - Helen M. Farrell

View full lesson: Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world; in the United States, close to ten percent of adults struggle with the disease. But because it’s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than, say, high cholesterol. Helen M. Farrell examines the symptoms and treatments of depression, and gives some tips for how you might help a friend who is suffering. Lesson by Helen M. Farrell, animation by Artrake Studio.

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If you open up to people you have depression they will just think you want attention or people to feel sorry for you. I learned from experience. Friends will also treat you differently. All of a sudden you're a burden to them and you're annoying. Slowly you lose people until you're all alone. You want someone to comfort you or hug you as you're crying but no one is there to hear you and no one cares. And people wonder why so many who suffer don't open up. They will have something negative to say about suicide as well because no one understands, they never will.
I Think I Have A Depression 😢 I Can Still Type Something.. That Will Make Everyone Ignore This Message.. HA I WAS JOKING! 😂😂 I DON'T HAVE DEPRESSION
I told my science teacher that I might have depression, but for some reason she doesn't believe that depression is a mental illness and thinks it's just a phase and meerly a feeling. She also says that I should just "forget about it" even though I can't just "forget about it". Seriously teachers need to know depression is serious and not just teenagers being a bunch of edgy hipsters....
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I have all of those syntoms
I am struggling from depression. I all have the symptoms :( i think i need help already :(
I’m depressed and i’m 12. i want to tell my mother but she won’t understand.
My depression sticks to me permanently How can I fix this?
*Does crying define pain?* No matter how painful it is, I honestly don't cry. I just feel numb and polluted inside until I explode with the thought of suicide. I hate how they think those who shamelessly cries in a daylight are the only deeply bruised people. Repressed feelings like numbness can be dangerous than ventured feelings like "crying". I hope everyone gets that someone who unusually avoids interactions, moves monotonously and are oddly silent truly suffers with serious depression. Not just those who are emotionally expressive with their struggles. Remember, *silence is unpredictable.*
I'm sorry but 10% of adults suffer from depression does not sound like a realistic percentage.
I'm pretty depressed, but rain kinda calms me down, and i love it. Hot days make me uncomfortable, but colder ones make me feel better for some time, I don't know why, tho.
I have all the symptoms
I have all the symptoms...
Actually im11And I have all of those semptoms +wanting to commit suiside.
I just wish i could be normal
I am 13 I have all of those symptoms. The kids at my school call me me depressed and they bully me for it. I have had upwards of 75 doctor appts in the last year just for depression. I've had it since I was 7
That depression is so cute :3
How about all of those symptoms?
Please help me
Perhaps we should use our depression to write some books that normal people can't write it
I'm fine = Save me
I am the only cure for depressionDRINK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had depression for 7 years.. started from 2011. I am only 18 now...
I remember when someone said that: "In the whole time I struggled with depression, I never thought of killing myself." And I was like: Bish, wtf is that logic?! And I sent that person this video...
What about the side effects of the treatment which are not mentioned in the video?
When u are post graduate and cannot secure a good job, can't sleep at night and dropped your favorite activities, do u qualify?
I do think i have depression but its normelly DEPRESSED(emotion😢) so yea becuaseI'VE NEVER GROWN OUT OF MY DELICOUS POTATOES......yes..... so its clear now.,. I never bragged about depression i mean like i feel like i have depression becuase when people cry on sad music videos and i dont i feel heartless but that doesnt depression does it. I like sad music so..... yea........ But i know im a normel human...... nothing special about me ;-;. Please dont hate im saving i never bragged about having it its just.... when im paranoid i often yell.... i do have anger issues but im okay with it... it isnt as bad back then.. 2016/2017.... i was okay.I mean i dont think have depression much i just have a feeling that im dying inside........when im sad/mad/paranoid and yea......
Ok I have six of those I'm not joking some one help me before I kill myself
Shouldn't it be more higher than 10%
I'm depressed because my environment. it feel empty.i want to take a walk at the park.
I only have one symptom.
I'd got those symptoms once & nobody help me so i figured it by myself
I like ted ed video lessons ,because they ate interesting and useful.
I have major depression and still, i don't understand it even when i watch these videos
Well... I have depression then, all 4 months.
Thank u for the video
Talking to your parents or friends is harder than it sounds. "Oh, just talk it over with someone and you'll feel better." No. I always imagine a conversation with my parents involving me screaming and crying and blaming everyone but in real life I just cannot bring myself to say it and get grumpy whenever they ask me what's wrong... Wtf is wrong with me?
I've been on just about every anti-depressant around and found that 1,000 IU's of Vitamin D helps the most and has way less side effects
Seven symptoms. :/
I have all these symptoms🙁🙁
Loss of energy. Over sleeping. Low concentration. No hope for the future or the point to anything. I recommend taking 5-htp and L tyrosine. Works wonders. Oh ya, smoke weed occasionally. If it's severe, take Kratom to obtain a euphoric positive feel good attitude. You're welcome
Depression has become a meme which makes it more bearable for me at least, but at the same time it's part of the reason so many people think they have it but don't
My sheep behind me is so big. Bigger than the moon. I've harmed my self so many times and even trying poison myself.
Hai , Read my blog 🙏
I made a video about depression
And the worst thing is having friends but still feel lonely af its like "i know you but i dont like you"
I have 5 of these symptoms, Mannnnn
Well i guess im depressed
If this was quiz,I think I'll have A+. I had a fear of being in a public that creates a lot of tension so I have to put something sharp on my fingers to pressed it over and over again maybe because I was bullied beforethen I felt so tired and sickeveryday.I thought I was just sad but when I watched this video,I realized I'm not.
I have all of the symptoms that are mentioned. Maybe all of those people in my school were right. I do have mild depression. Sure they said it as a joke. But I don't think it's a joke to me it's becoming quite clear that those jokes about me having suicidal thoughts and being depressed are actually facts.
This video must be magic, it can turn normal people into people that "have been struggling with depression for 10 years now,"
Well thats meeeee "clinical depression"
Reality is a depression
"I have crippling depression!"
Whooo, only two symtoms
Idk if i have, its just nothings is fun anymore everything sucks
Had it 3 years ago..i struggled a lot.. i dont want it to happend again.. im so thankful for my family and friends who supported me during those difficult times..iwish to help people who are experiencing this kind of illness because trust me,its never been easy... its like you're fighting with an enemy.. but sadly, i didnt expectthat the enemy was my own self..just be strong and not lose hope..always find time to talk to someone, dont think too much,rest, sleep and eat often, visiting a doctor for consultation would be of much help.
Dont know if i had depression but i felt really sad and down for a week and i cant stay awake after 8 no matter what i do or how much energy drinks i drank and i had alot of suicidal thoughts?
I want talk Englishthat no devecl
I have all of them is that normal? 😟
I want to be dead 😢
Everything you said, is what I have. Do I really have depression? I don't sleep at all. I stay awake for about 18 hours a day.
Financial depression in sydney aust
Im depression..why i watch this video..
I am very depressed and sometimes have suicidal thoughts. The only reason I don’t want to die is because I feel like ending my own life would be like transferring my own pain onto those who care about me, which I perceive to be an act of selfishness.
What to do when you have been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety but you feel like you are faking it just others think you act normal around them and this makes you feel so guilty that you avoid your prescription completely? No award for guessing that I'm the one whom I'm talking about 😢
I feel this after a break up or a terrible game or is that just being sad
Hey if u depression watch suicide mouse
Why am I crying?
6 years with depression and anxiety and it hasnt ever truly left me. Ive only gotten better and sometimes worse, people have left or gone and the only ones who have stayed with me thru it all is my family... It even made me less religious as losing hope and faith is the most weirdest feeling ever. To anyone reading this comment and wondering just what the hell is going on with you... talk to somebody, or better yet, feel free to reply and we can talk. By talking and actively doing something you love in the real world is how I've found to kick its ass. Suicide is not an option since you lose your life and your loved ones. Feel free to approach me as I've been and I still am going thru it over the past 6 years. Much love <3
I've been medically diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and I can't tell you how many times I've heard "cheer up already.." or "not everyone is out to get you." Or "can the attitude" or "get over it your life ain't that bad." It made me feel like it was my fault that I have an illness I can't help.
I haven’t told people about my depression because I feel embarrassed about it, just me?
Am I depressed? I got six of the symptoms they listed. I've had anxiety issues but I thought that was it. Now I'm a bit paranoid
A big problem with seeking help is that if what they do does not help you, they are so used to forcing people to do things that the people you go to for help turn out to make you feel worse than doing nothing. So the people you go to for help are the ones causing you the worst problems.
I just felt empty inside. Been like this for years.
Its all about the mindset
Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahaahhaahhahahaahahahahhaahahahajahahhahahahahahaahahhahaahahhahahahahahaha. Depression isn’t fucking real. We can’t fucking get depressed because it’s just us being dramatic fucks! No! We’re just such fucking drama queens! Yeah, we just cut ourselves for aatention. Killed ourselves!? HA! Those who kill themselves are just losers....
I was like this for a week and i didnt even know i was suffering from depression .-.
I have depression. I asked my teacher to help because I have depression and thoughts of suicide, he just said he didn't care
For some reason I'm crying while watching this video at 3 in the morning. Idk if I'll ever get the professional help I need but I'm still getting by.
Imagine if you don't have money to cover a therapist though,,,,,, it sounds easy to just seek help when it costs a lot of money
I dont know what im feeling, i have all those symptoms but not thinking of suicide. Probably a thought of what would happen if i did, but not actually thinking of doing and going through with it
If you have 7 years of depression is it really really bad?
It was medically proven that I can't get depression.
I qualify for diagnosis of depression and im only 11 years old O_O
Thanks man
Oh wow I am depressed, meh I don't believe these symptoms mean deppresion
I wish i had friends..then i also wish that those friends knew me well enough to notice i was struggling..then i also wish those friends would do some of the things suggested in this video.Maybe i wouldn't be so sad all the time
I need someone to help me I've been feelings so worthless i feel like i don't deserve to live I feel like there's no one who loves me even if they say they do, something in my head says they don't, that thing in my brain says I should die, says I should kill my self but I'm too scared to kill myself. Everyday I wake up I feel more depressed. I can't talk to anyone because I know they won't take me seriously. Even when I tell my friends and family I wanna die they tell me to stop joking but I'm not joking. I really wanna die I wanna kill Myself but I'm too afraid. And when I do feel happy one day I still feel that voice in my brain saying you're better of dead. Please I just need someone's advice. Sometimes I just burst out crying and I don't know why I need help.
I have at least 5 of those symptoms yet I don't think I'm depressed sooo I'm just really unlucky ?
Idk what to feel. This is not a sadness,idk ifthis is depression pr anxiety.I have mixed fillings and im confused. I NEED HELP
I have depression . I hate myself . I have made alot of mistakes that are irreversible . I see how other people look at me and think of me and i just want to hide myself away for ever . I have suicidal thoughts weekly to a point that i had gun against my head counting down when to fire, taking deep breathes and convincing myself that il feel no pain . Or peparing a slipknot to hang myself ... i cant afford to go to a psychiatrist ... i just have a hard time accepting myself and my circumstances ...
"if you have at least 5 of those symptoms" lol I have all of them
A friend send me this video andtold me "yeah you have a lot of this symptoms"
I used to have depression Then i went to therapy for a month or 2 now im good
"Depression is a medical illness just like asthma or diabetes" This triggered me a lot and I don't get triggered easily. I have asthma and I nearly died from it. Depression is an emotion. Asthma is a illness. An emotion it nothing like an illness. I truly don't understand why they said this. Medicine is not going to help. Also, what is the point of this when we are going to die anyway. It was probably the motto I live by. "If something bothers you, ignore it, get over it. You got hurt, too bad, the pain will go away, just deal with it." Or my other motto which is "you will die, do anything because you can't control your death date."
So I DID suffer from depresion. wow.

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