What is bipolar disorder? - Helen M. Farrell

View full lesson: The word bipolar means ‘two extremes.’ For the many millions experiencing bipolar disorder around the world, life is split between two different realities: elation and depression. So what causes this disorder? And can it be treated? Helen M. Farrell describes the root causes and treatments for bipolar disorder. Lesson by Helen M Farrell, animation by Uncle Ginger.

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When I was 15, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Bipolar disorder but never used meds because I always kept myself busy doing physical activities (School sports) but now at 25, I do work out daily and I also coach at a high school. Keeping my mind occupied and working out helps a lot
Did anyone notice at around 2:55 the animator sneaked an illusion into the animation? Edit: ffs everyone, STOP ARGUING. Edit: This comment has been up for 6 months. I would like to stop getting notifications for this already. Please.
This dudes name is Helen?
Another great video on suicide that I came across
I' m 17. I have depression and anxiety ..and I m bipolar
Do people that have bio polar disorders look like their on drugs when in a high mood?
Its hereditary,its fucken scary. It exists on both sides of my family
Must understand this to really understand Carrie Mathison.
-who knows how to do this-
I have this problem of smiling all the time for no reason, and I can't control myself, I am usually okay when I am alone but whenever I go to public places I tend to smile weirdly,sometimes I can't help but feel funny when looking at people eyes and faces. Now I am in my mid 20s, I first started noticing my symptoms progressing after experiencing some serious setbacks during my college days, then I went to alcoholic for years, now the condition is getting really bad even though I had completely stopped drinking.I have had several very mild outbreaks in my younger days, one occasion was I can't stop smiling during my grandma's funeral, the other time was I couldn't control but burst into laughter when I found out a hot lady kept staring at me in a bus(I was considered pretty handsome as a teenager). I went to see quite a number of doctors(in an Asian country) and they all couldn't diagnose my condition,they have never seen anyone with similar symptoms like me...I need help badly, do any of you guys had or having similar problem like me? do you guys think this could be some manic depressive symptom?
I am bipolar. It's very hard to live with. And I also live with 2 bipolar people which really sucks. I haven't taken meds in a while. I think it's time to start taking meds again cause I went crazy today in school and was very violent.
I came from the memes
4:38 That's _exactly_ what happened to me when I started taking lithium. Thank god I was finally able to switch out, but the new meds aren't doing anything from what I can tell.
I think im bipolar i think to much dont sleep well i thought of suicide(now i know whats right)but i feel guilty about things and worry to much i sometimes feel my sanity is gonna blow i have just got depress about alot of things.
Wot if it is a ciulde
Sollux captor.
I think I have bipolar disorder
Really guys. Bipolar disorder symptom is all controlled by our mind. Analyze what you are thinking at the moment you became sad or depressed. Write it down on paper and ask for guidance from your parents about what you just thought. Mind control our feelings into happy, sad, creative, depressed, loneliness, etc. Try my method and soon you'll understand your own self, your mind. If you let that kind of mind control your feeling, if you think about sad of your past and then you become sad. Instead, you have to tell your mind not to remind about the past which make you become depressed. "I am okay now. Why would I remember the past?" You have to control your mind just like that. I know that no one tell you about this, even at school, nor your doctor. I experienced it. I have bipolar and I know why I entered that kind of elation and depression phase. It started from my past experience. Until then, it control my behavior. Now, I can control my mind to what I want and that kind of thing makes me really happy. For months, I have stopped taking Zyprexa. Adios, Zyprexa. Now I am a new man with a new mind and I control what I feel. I never became sad suddenly like I used to. I am very happy right now.
You spend a lifetime learning how to manage your bipolar without medication, on medication you have to learn all over. Everyone's journey with bipolar is unique. I invite you to experience mine.
I am so happy that you made a video about this.
Part of me wants to have this disorder. But i know that part of me is just stupidity
I’m suspected to have type 2 😩
Clicked on the video and got a ad about a bipolar singer.
Im only 10 and im watching this
All it makes sense... Zoe must have bipolar, she's still awesome tho.
Shite, I'm just getting more worried I have it Thanks ted ed
I still don't get it:(
As someone with this disorder, I'm really glad that there are videos like this out there so people can really understand bipolar disorder. thank you for this :)
Whats exciting is that 23andMe is performing the largest genetic study on Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder in history....over 120,000 active participants.Hopefully it will shed even more light and understanding into this particular illness. I was diagnosed MDDbut my father had severe BD type 1 with episodes of psychosis.My name was the result of one of his psychotic episodes.
People don't usually understand just how bad bipolar one can get. My dad had to take early retirement at 35 because of his. Multiple hospital stays, having to get him sectioned etc, it's horrible. Now he has Parkinson's and has been in hospital almost 2 years because of how parkinsons medications interact with dopamine levels in the brain which makes his bipolar even worse. I really enjoyed this video. The explanations, animation and music all worked brilliantly together.
This video scared the heck outta me !!!
Who else binge watched these type of videos to see what's wrong with themselves?😂
So how do you make it go away completely instead of dosing my self with medications
So in conclusion, bipolar disorder is EXTREME mood swings?
I never considered bipolar disorder as an actual disorder. I think it’s a gift, which you can see the world from two different prospectives. I believe that most leaders and geniuses have bipolar and look how big they achieved in the world. Who ever sees this video. Please, don’t listen to them when they say that you need medication, just try to train yourself onto how to control your two beautiful sides
No cure shame on GOD for creating people with this condition.
You've done all these awesome mental health videos to help people understand mental disorders maybe you could do some on auto immune disorders. My brother has type one diabetes and there's a lot of confusion about it. I think that having some videos on celiac and low/high thyroid and diabetes
Visuals are beautiful
Anyone else here bipolar?
I think I have bipolar. The 2nd type.
Towards the beginning of the video when you were describing some symptoms of bipolar disorder, every single one applies to me.
From this description I think I'm a type 1 Bipolar. But I share alot of the symptoms of Type 2 minus the suicidal thoughts... When I had my manic episodes I was having a Type 1 and type 2 extremes one after the other til my conscious mind had to shut down from managing to many thoughts... And my subconscious mind was in control of my body for a full week... Surprisingly throughout this experience I learned a lot about myself. And how to disassociate myself from my mind... My heart is where I reside, and my heart is constant... When my mind is unstable I try to control it with my heart and it help me balance it while divert the extra energy into a cause I deeply care about... That's the way I manage it and it's a pretty efficient way to get things done and to live without being on meds...
I am a victim of type A. Could it be said our mind RESONATES between different thought processes and emotions according to the situation?
Ich cried...
3:00 my eyes were doing that focus on one dot thing.
Weed helps me with my bipolar and my ADD ADHD
I think I have this but I am not sure. My parents would newer allow me to talk to a psychiatrist so I am going to grow up and try not to think much.
I think I got a bi polar disorder after watching this video (background sound) 😲😲😲
Lol I just saw an add for this when I clicked(sorry for people with it😔)
These animations and sound effects give me chills, and I love it.
I like the video, it is very pedagogic. But I find the explanations a little bit too much neurosciences-oriented. Even if the video says that causes are "complex and multiple" they reduce to 3 or 4 clichés about environmental causes of the bipolar trouble (the same for the videos about depression and narcissism). Brain and genetics are importants, but we're not just brains and genetics. And agree with that doesn't mean agree with existence of "transcendant consciousness" or a "magic spirit which is not located in the brain".   It is just recognize complexity of the human nature (with humility and without sacralization), recognize that neuroscience is just a way to approach the phenomenon. I say that because I feel bipolar a little bit, but when I watch this video the only issue for me seems taking pharmaceuticals... To be honest, I feel a big gap between the psychology presented in the video  and real life. What about attachment, desires, pleasure, personal history ? We're not just rats with neuronal connexions and genetic heritage...
This is helpful cuz I suffer from bipolar disorder
Do borderline personality or bpd
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I have type 2:,(
2:50 uh oh… optical illusion time!
I found out I have bipolar when I stopped working out, I ll start again heavy
I apposite this job who work in human health!
Can someone help me please. I was prescribed citalopram 10 mg for my anxiety and depression.I was also prescribed 0.5 mg klonopinto to help me sleep for the first 14 days. Well, around day 15, after I ran out of klonopin, it was hard to get deep sleep and I was having very vivid dreams and had a short temper with people. Also, right before drifting off to sleep and dreaming, my dreams would feel real, like it was happening. I would snap my self awake and ask if that really just happened? Aound day 20, I was having a little stress with my family, and I had a very vivid dream. So vivid, it felt like I was living it. And upon waking,everything that I dreampt of felt like it had real meaning. I was very anxious and my mind was racing with thoughts. Then I thought that I was going crazy, but I knew it was the citalopram. Then I thought, "these doctors just want me to be on this 'medication' to make me think that I am crazy because they have a personal agenda, possibly money". I think that I was also feeling angry and was about to cry too, but I hold off. It got so bad, that I thought about calling 911. I just wanted to be with my best friend for comfort and support. I told myself that I just have to calm down, it's the citalopram. I manage to calm my ideas down but my body still felt very anxious, like unsettling jumping out my skin anxious that I hope it ends soon. I was restless like for 30 minutes after waking. I managed to calm down for the rest of the day but I still didnt feel right. I haven't taken more citalopram since. It scares me to take it now. So is this bipolar or schizophrenia? Or just bad side effects?
I would like to see a video about every disorder. Specially Depersonalization disorder
Is very nice
Absolutely amazing animation to go along with the wonderfully written lesson
Now I'm wondering if I'm bipolar?It's because I talk fast I switch emotions eaisly etc. I'm not so sure though
I got a bipolar disorder af
I have bipolar where one day I feel happy then the next I feel depressed about nothing. Then the next day I feel happy again its like a routine until I felt depressed for three years after I overhead my parents wanting a divorce so after hearing that I have been depressed but smiling and laughing to hide my bipolar life.
3:01 is a illusion
I'm 15..Ive had all symptoms of Type 2 bipolar disorder. I've been affected for about 4 years. It's hard bcoz I don't get to sleep enough and I don't get good grades..Teachers tell I'm never gonna be good. It makes me feel I'm worthless..3 of my friends know it.Others just think I'm sad and depressed. But they don't know I'm bipolar. And I couldn't hold it to myself and that's how I told them few days ago. Actually they hugged me and they were really supportive. But my parents and no one else knows
As an OCD person i loved the symetric figures in video
Please do Borderline personality disorder please!!
One of my teachers asked if I was bipolar and I was so confused because I didn't know what it was but thanks to this video now I know XD
When ever you watch these vids then you fell like you have those conditions
What if i have depressive lows but dont have intense highs with manic episodes and i become a lil bit impulsive but my confidence still stays subpar
Did anyone else get a commercial about someone with bipolar disorder?
I either have bipolar disorder or social anxiety and depression that kicks in simultaneously... and I can't even get professional help to get diagnosed because I can't tell my parents and it's my senior year and I have to study so I can't get drugs or make time for therapy. :/
I got the bipolar disorder ad
Beautiful animations and poignant explanations.Lovely, and helpful.Thank you.
2:57 optical illusion included.
Soothing voice 😚😚😚😚
Suddenly pineaples
Thank you! my mom has bipolar disorder and this helped me understand her a lot better
You guys should do pica and GID
Thank you
I have everything you just stated. Does that mean I have depression—or bipolar issues?
Is very nics👏
So this is what Ian got?
Can kids have bipolar?
What if there was someone who was: 1) a vulnerable narcissist 2) depressed 3) had bipolar disorder 4) never told anyone their feelings 5) never expressed their feelings and 6) has constantly changing moods
According to my a-hole uncle, me, along with anyone else who takes medication for mental health conditions, need to be locked away because we're on track to be serial killers. You know, I didn't know what I was going to do with my life, and you've shown me my bright future as a mass murderer. Thank you.
Does people with bipolar disorder violent at times
I think I might be bipolar. For a year I thought that I had MPD, but that thought went away, because I remember everything I do and I don't have personality switches. I just have an urge to do something reckless, I don't act like myself. I sometimes scare my mom or make my friend angry because of my actions. Mostly I'm depressed, I'm feeling worthless, I'm not happy (though ppl say I look pleased with life). I think I might have social anxiety, but idk. Maybe I need to communicate with ppl more often.
The colour technique was a bit hard for me to understand
Is there any way to know if you have bipolar disorder without going to a doctor.
It's a thyroid disorder that effects your moods/brain activity/ entire physiology.
My friend seems a little biopolar. At times she's the happiest person in the world and at times she seems like an evil scary person. Her mood changes a lot. It's like she's always Pmsing. She self harms for a like a couple days but it's really bad then she stops for up to a month and regrets everything then does it again. She yells and screams sometimed at over the littlest things. Its hard to describe her personality. She also does some drugs too. But the worse part is she has a messed up family. All of her siblings are haft and all the dads left.
Im bipolar
WHAT YOU SAID MODERN DAY PSYCHIATRY DOES IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT, unless the asshole psychiatrists in Delaware never got your memo.
I feel manic only when I drink coffee. I dont know why but caffeine has an antidepressant effect on me. When I feel depressed, I drink coffee and then I feel super happy, hyperactive and high lol. I think coffee is better than those antidepressant meds. Am I bipolar? then it can explains why my mood is so sensitive to caffeine. Does coffee make you super happy as well? Or it only affects bipolar people?

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