What Do Your Worst 100 Working Days Look Like?

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I looks forward to Valuetainment and Gary Vee uploads everyday!
Powerful message! Even for a 2 minute video!
Damn my worse 100 days look like absolute shit. Completely dilutes the efforts I put in on my best days. Will start working on this today thanks pat
Hello from SEOUL!! Hard work works...only if it has true meaning, and purpose. Hard work just to survive a day won’t make it. Koreans (not all but most of us) work long hours but it’s not necessarily productive. Worst working days with clear objective and personal growth will make that entrepreneur shine. I worked long days, and worst days. But i did not work with purpose in mind. I worked like I had to SHOW my boss I worked hard at Korean firm. So what happened? Waste of time. That’s my experience. Hard work itself won’t cut it. Hard work with clear objective and personal growth is the one. Thank for the great content as always. Patrick! I would like to see what your opinion of “salaryman” in Asian countries!!
So much great content. Love it!
I don't know, I fuckin quit if I don't like the shit . No matter what my life situation I got no quams about saying fuck you at the drop of a hat. Bills ? Rent?LOL , I just don't give a fuck .
This channel really is the best of the best ! Pat, in a few years we're gonna be friends and I'll remind you this comment of mine :))
😊 it's similar to what I'm doing. No festivals, no holidays.
When hurricane Irma struck Jacksonville and I was evacuated, I continued developing my website for my company. You only rest when you are ready to die.
My worst days are just watching tv all day doing nothing and not caring. I really need to step my game up. It's my fault I'm not succeeding. Thank you for helping me open my eyes pat
Very cool way to look at it. Thanks Pat!
That's absolutely right Pat... awesome vid bro... all those at the front of the line first started at the back of the line... and all those that do succeed followed the example of those before them... That's what's uP!!!! ✌
This is not a vedio message only, indeed his experience speaks in his message!!!. He is a son of hard working father and now he is on same path. HARD HARD work is the base of Real SUCCESS. Now this message i will listen at least 20 times a day.
100% true! But I think we're getting to a point where everyone is either working and making it or not working and not making it... There's no free money anymore! I hope people gets the WISDOM in this video...Thanks Patrick!
Fucking powerful message! Show up every day and show them what real workers do.
I had a dream of you talking to me giving me advice it was meant to be !
Good stuff, took it to heart
You Tube, please don't trick me into clicking into adds..
Great one. Also, would the soundtrack be released ?
Hey pat, do you need talent to succeed in business? Because I don't think I have some god given ability in sales, marketing etc... but I am willing to do whatever it takes
Makes complete sense Pat. Thank you as always! Gotta work hard 365.
About the hardwork it's 100% true for me. I'm experiencing it now. Thanks to Pat. G.O.A.T🐑🐑🐑
SOOO ACCURATE. Telling it as it is on the daily Pat. Thanks so much man.
Love this Monday morning truth bomb!
Thanks alot Patric. I am still on the road to becoming an entrepreneur, I already feel like family. I look forward to many of your videos to come. Have a blessed day!
Damn, the content was too real this morning. Got to get that 100 day average up!! As always, thanks Pat! You that dude
Amazing content as always !!!!! Thanks Pat!!!!
Gee, that's a tough one. In running my tree care service, I didn't have many bad days. I had some lousy clients I had to fire. There was that one guy who had me reclimb a tree at the end of the day to cut one small limb that wasn't part of the original quote, and wasn't a threat to anything, just so he could watch me climb. He was a jerk. But I wasn't leaving without that check! Then there was the time I was working on a vacant lot and got stuck. It was close to the office where my wife worked, so I walked there to get our car and pull the truck out. By the time I got back, my helper had managed to shatter the driver's side window. There's a few more, but not many. My worst problem was bidding too low. If I saw a job I really wanted, because it was an interesting challenge, I would bid at cost, or lower. Loss leaders.:)
Omg, your content is always so relevant!Thank you so much for being authentic.
Yo pat, thanks.
Consistency, effectiveness and attention
SQUAAAD! Good morning. 😊
Your words make sense ;)But why are you in a ring?
God Bless You Mr. Bet David, stay amazing and blessed forever and keep educating young people like me. Love from me and my family from India !
The bottom worst working days is working the dream of your boss then having him pass away ten years later having a piece of the pie in a will but told to fight for it in court by his sister's. That was the very last job Ever I had. Now I earn $500 plus an hour in NYC just standing on a a chosen corner giving consultations
He's starting to give me a GaryVee vibe! We're all on the road to greatness!
Never think of worst working days before...turns out they are holes in the ship =(
First here! :D
Why i can’t stay motivated? I know what i am supposed to do to be successful but i ain’t doing shit.. how can i improve my will power ??

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What Do Your Worst 100 Working Days Look Like?