University Dissertation Advice

Dissertation time is creeping around for all you final year uni students, so I've shared some tips on what helped me get through the 10,000 words! If you want to know anything else, leave me a comment and I'll do my best to help you out! :) ♡

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Great video. Thank you :)
Hi what if you pick a topic you're really excited about but your lecture don't see what you do? I procrastinate too at times and go out the front planning needs to improve.What do you think?
Thanks for the advice it will really help me in writing the university dissertation. I also recommend a place from where you will get best dissertation help services and thewebsite is
Great video! question- do graduation ceremonies announce the grade you get or categorize you in any way according to your grade? Or do you just get given your certificates in alphabetical order or something without them acknowledging your grade? Thanks x
Great video discussing the right thing and to the point and precise
Deadlines are a waste of time
So, I have to make a dissertation from start to finish in eleven hours. In just about two months I went through two break up. The first one was a 4 yr old relationship. I wasn't ready for another one but I jumped right into it to replace the void in my life, worked hard to not find the differences or compare her with the other one. She was just too perfect. But she left me the same way even if we two perfect person that we knew things have always worked out between us for nearly five yearsjust because I am not stopping to smoke and I am still stuck about some thoughts about my other ex. Like seriously ! I couldn't get out of the house for nearly a month and she was here with me. Now I have to make a dissertation on my own, putting all of the other secondary things aside. I really need to stop thinking about this. So after watching your video, I am going straight into my work. I haven't even write a single word yet.
I can't wait to do my dissertation. I do law degree and I want to write my dissertation on the implications of brexit on eu nationals in Britain and British nationals living in the eu
Hi, I know this was two years ago, however found it useful, wanted to ask whether you knew your question before writing, as I know what sort of thing I want to be doing, and doing research already now for next year however not sure on the question yet.
Thank you so much :D
The British library tip could be the difference in a 2.1 and a 1st for me. Much greatful
I love it
Very helpful :) Thank you. Would you please also talk about what can help with writing fast? I usually write fast when I just have an assignment or paper or even regular research papers, but when it comes to my Thesis which I have to submit in 3 weeks almost, sometimes it takes me a whole day to complete 3-4 paragraphs because of all the technical aspects of the work (paraphrasing, then check all the other parts and references). I don't know why some days go so slow for me. Do you have any suggestions about that?
Thumbs up to Bournemouth :)
Hi, great tips. Did you get any help with the statistics? Any tips with it? Quite anxious using SPSS and other stat' software, seems very daunting
This was a great video, thank you!
I just started data collection for my thesis. Thanks for the great video :)
Such a good video! Making a day of the British Library tomorrow!
Thank you
I'm doing my dissertation in journalism too. Which approach have you taken to analyze the magazines? Thanks a lot for the video! :)
Please fill in this quick questionnaire for my dissertation. I will be eternally grateful! Thanks :)
Good tips. I'm going to start doing more proof reading as I go.I don't understand how people can leave all the referencing till the very end either!! I only have one week left, including printing and binding time. Majorly stressing. Wish me luck :P

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