Top 10 Pet Peeves in Fictional Romances


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I'm writing a "toxic relationship" subplot, and I'm using this video as a checklist of what to include.
Wait wait wait.... okay... So I understand your frustration, but it is possible for a gorgeous popular guy to fall for a broken and insecure female that may, or may not, be beautiful herself.I am in a 12 year relationship and engaged.We are this couple.And despite my annoying flaws, he still sticks by my side and encourages me to believe in myself and to be myself.Maybe not every couple in the world is like this.But it happens.Believe it or not, not all good looking guys are complete assholes.I do understand that when you read a lot of books, you tend to get the same types of characterizations and obviously that can become annoying.But I just thought I'd point out that it is realistic as it does happen in real life.
"Insecurity across the board is unattractive" THANK YOU. I've brought this up when self-flagellating pity party dudebros whine to me, wondering why they can't attract women.
I also hate love triangles. They strike me as a lazy way to try to keep the reader's attention. They almost always feel manipulative and contrived.
Your advice in this video could be use for relationships beyond books as well
Wimpy, no personality, human she turd... Kudos ma'am you just earned a subscription.
Write Fictional Romance that will have your readers wanting more
I'm using this to help with my book! Oh using all your videos!
"Love Triangles are the dumbest thing ever" Terrible Writing Advice would beg to differ wholeheartedly
I agree with everything you said. And one of the many cliches of romance,that i have noticed is eye color. I hate how everyone has impossibly colored eyes. Violet!!,always,always violet. Violet eyes are extremely rare IF they even exist at all. Or emerald bright green. I know green eyes actually exist and, yes they are a pretty shade,but they are never THAT bright! Impossible eye color is such a big cliche in romance novels. It's so annoying!
You've summed up, "In Bed with the Wrangler."Honestly, we're both to blame.If you read the back cover and one page in the front, you should know what you're in for, and yet you and I continued to read.I think it makes me feel better for being a crappy writer.I'm shallow.
Regarding love "triangles" Apathyman's 'love angle' hypothesis I find the name to be inaccurate in describing what is going on in those stories. If you do away with connection between two of the romantic parties (points), you get a phenomenon known as a'love angle', which is typically more acute/obtuse based on how close they are to *each other*. an acute love angle typically has the two outer points as friendly/close, while an obtuse love angle might have them dislike each other and be enemies, while right love angles usually strike a balance or are undetermined (ie: the outer points don't know each-other, or are otherwise indifferent.) There are several known ways to solve for a three-point 'love angle', but it is plausible there are more, especially if there are more points involved. -Many writers (not all, obviously) who employ this trope usually round up or down to one of the points, doing away with the other. (the classic solution) -There are many writers (often fanfiction writers, but not always) who choose to solve for the missing side, and take it over the other possible romantic groupings, especially if they find the initial vertex to be unsuitable. (The BettyxVeronica solution) -Another solution is to solve for the missing side, leaving the other two lines intact. (the polyamory solution) -Another solution is to not solve or round at all. (the share/harem solution)
It's funny for me that everyone's so upset about Valentines Day because it's my birthday XD
Wow it took you almost 10 minutes to ramble on about what you hate about relationships in writing... spoken like a single person.
I agree with just about all of these except for one, love triangles. Although, I agree that they are severely over used today I think its not fair to say they are stupid or unrealistic. I have been in a love triangle and I was too young, stupid, and in love to leave the situation. I'm just saying if done well I'm sure a love triangle could work in a novel. Trust me, it usually ends tragically lol
I hate love triangles with burning passion !!πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹
In my book, there's kind of a love triangle. This guy nemesio falls in love with a girl, but this guy benjamin is in love with Nemesio, and tries to fight for him. But instead of Nemesio being like "awh shit i can't decide" he actually chooses the girl because you know, he loves her. Benjamin just can't understand it. He then gives up at one point. most of my stories are not exactly love related, but when they are, it's more like a strong platonic relationship.
These are things people love to fantasize about, but would hate to experience. if only people realized the only reason they like it is because it's not real!
Omg I am so glad to find someone else who hates love triangles! I thought I was alone.
Savage. This also applies in real life romances lol
So you want to read about normal, sensible and mature romances - boring.
I re-watch this from time to time just because you're so freaking hilarious! πŸ˜‚ love it!
I don't understand the whole "asshole" and "obsessive" thing either. I remember reading this one thing on Wattpad and how this one guy bullies and hits his girlfriend, and regardless of how many times people say "BREAK UP IT'S NOT WORTH IT", she still sticks with him because of the "second chance" bull crap. I swear to God I couldn't take how pathetic the protagonist was so I dropped the book like a bomb.
Thank God !! I found this video being scared that I will have to be asked (by this person I admire) to start hating my own book which is close to be finished... but I found out my romantic subplot does not include ANY of these things for I am alergic to them aswell :D YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW!!
This is going to sound weird, but Jenna, you have *really* expressive eyebrows.
This could also apply to some K-dramas *ahem..boys over flowers...ahem*
With the point about them being inseparable and obsessed with their love interest, I think that it could work and be interesting if the person actually IS a stalker. Would make for an interesting character, as long as it's written well. Other than that, I love this video, very much relatable!!
I like to have fun with the idea of a love triangle where character A loves character B, character B loves character C, and character C loves character A. Since when did I say this love triangle was healthy?
Totally agree! However love triangles could be explored from the perspective of a polyamorous person? It doesn't mean they can't be rejected or maybe the decide to be with just one person because they know the ones they love aren't polyamorous as well. The annoying thing about love triangles isn't that they exist, because polyamorous people do exist. Is the way they are written and how dull and pandering they are.
She's like a book Jenna Marbles
My girlfriend and i love valentines daybecause of the cheap candy
So...Twilight. You're describing Twilight. I love your videos. Keep 'em comin', I say!
A personal one for me is not the love triangle but the love dodecahedron
So.. Every show i've ever seen on Netflix.. all of this. Literally.. Its why I don't have Netflix anymore.
Help guys I need help with a girl on girl on boy love triangle! but she gets both in the end though is wrong?
A man falls in love with his cat... it will be a sweeping romance of the ages. He is an executive in phenomenal physical shape... he falls for his friend's cat.
I think all of these are on point, but I keep wondering: what kind of casual adventure/romance novels are you reading that you're swamped with references to abs? I must be seriously missing out on some books here!
This was actually super helpful. Trying to plan out a story that has more emphasis on a romance than I'm used to, so these were great to note!
Glad the stories I write don't fall under common pet peeves. I try to stray from tropes like damsel in distress, but I know what may be important to a plot, like sacrifice and risk, regardless of the gender of the main character, so if I fall into a trope knowingly, it is because it worked best with the story.
I personally enjoy writing the cat and mouse thing, but i can see how it could be annoying to people haha sorry!
The only "love triangle" I accept is the one in the Infernal Devices series because it made sense and was very real and very well thought out. (it wasn't even really a love triangle).
"He's an asshole and that somehow makes him... hot?" Reminds me of Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure SC; some girls follow him and he just ignores them until they argue with each other in which he says "Shut up! You're both damn annoying!" and they just gush over him like "He totally just spoke to me!" even his mother is kinda like that; he says "Shut up! You're damn annoying, you bitch!" to her and she just acts cheerful like "Okay!".
If a romantic miscommunication can be solved with an easy conversation, and this might be a shocker- it isn't a good plot.
If it hurts that badly STOP πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
I've never heard a more accurate description of the sentiment towards Valentine's Day
How is she a cyborg?
Every time it's Valentine's day...I forget it's a thing until someone mentions it. It's that meaningless to me.
Some of those sound like a certain 2012 cartoon series that went downhill all because of those stupid forced badly written "romances" the writers shoved in.
No offense but relationships and attractions in real life are really messy too. Some of these situations are wrong but really common in real life too
Is the number 10 Edward Cullen?
I'm an asexual. Everybody is in the friendzone for me. What should I do? Where should I get inspiration from?
I want to see a love triangle were the two guys realise they're in love with each other and tell the girl to fuck off. How much better would twilight have been?
I'm p sure the only people who like insta romances are people who wrote the early Disney movies
Can someone make a gif out of the "abs abs abs abs" scene. I need it for reasons
If I have a character, a guy, who is more of an ass on the outside, but with his lover is sweet (which would also be achieved over time due to friendship), is that okay? Not even that much of an ass, just grumpier.
Speaking on behalf of guys, if you have to objectify us by our abs, go right on ahead because we don't care. Shocking secret, I know, but we honestly don't care.
A good portion of her list can be explained by D/S and BDSM concepts. Problem is, the majority of these stories aren't BDSM at all.
That nerd and bad boy stories though
Valentines Day doesn't make me jealous because I'm single.Valentines Day makes me jealous cause I'm allergic to red food dye, and all the candy and baked goods are red or pink.
Why have I never heard of Wattpad before subscribing to this channel
Actually, a lot of couples get together as a result of a one night stand. They have a sexual connection, they talk and find they have more in common than sex and get together. But yeah, I'm totally with you for the most part
Love It! yes, Yes, YES!!!
Holly shit, what kind of books are you reading Jenna?
I would say that at least 5 put of 10 points put up for the twilight/50 Shades books. I'm really proud of you pointing out that those facts excited. Thank you!
I love your videos.
It's funny: just yesterday i watched the video about villans... and now the story i'm reading has one of those πŸ˜‚ i wrote to the author asking for a reason behind his behaviour (wheter she wants to answer or just say that the explanation is yet to come i don't mind, i just wanna know if it's just the "he's just eeevil" type or not πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
I've actually had multiple people tell me they love me within a week or two. Never actually bothered me at all though, am I weird? lol
"It was love at first sight~" Me: Back up, bro... this isn't a fairytale.
Sounds like you're not a fan of Twilight and Fifty shades. :P
I have a I will fix you girl except it doesn't go well and she dies and her daughter goes on to make the same mistake and it gets her friend killed so ye
If your in love with two people chose the second because if you really loved the first you wouldn't of fallen in love with the second
I used to write insta romances in middle school. I instantly stopped when my first boyfriend confessed his love to me after knowing me for four weeks lmao. That shit creeped me the hell out.
I'll add one of my own peeves: using pregnancy as a plot device to get the star-crossed lovers together. I get so damn tired of that.If a couple can't get together as a couple without the machinations of getting knocked up, it's a dud.
The best part of romances for me is the building towards the romance, the little moments adding up, the slow, mysterious realization of their feelings, the nervousness, all that good stuff
Romeo & Juliet was an instant Romance.
I realized I always nod my head in whatever Jenna says. She's good at giving advice and being funnyyy
With some of my characters I make, they don't rlly have abs, one of mine is a bit chubby! Da cute chubz :v
Once I fell in love with the biggest douche in the land Aka My ex girlfriend
I always used to think love triangles were A likes B who likes C who likes A.
Let me give y'all a real life example. From my real life. Me, 5'1, reasonably attractive, never had a boyfriend before. Him, 6'4, freaking GORGEOUS in my eyes because I have weird tastes, but probably not all that attractive in real life, has had one very short-lived relationship. We're both insecure, neither of us knows what we're doing, but we both know what we want and we communicate very well. Not flawlessly, but very well. We have similar interests, we're both very nice people, and neither of us is hung up on sex. Now, can THAT be written or is it just too damn realistic?
She starts of with what I used to do in my fanfics. As someone who's never been in love I just tried to write the romance in a way that related to what I saw other people do. Which was saying they love someone they barely even know. I've even had someone point out before that their date was very sudden, and I'd just be there like, "that's exactly what I think every time I see people start dating in real life" And I still don't understand any of this shit but I've mostly stopped trying to get it. But writing a novel without any form of romance, especially with young people as the main characters... not quite realistic either.
I haven't seen a lot of gorgeous guys with regular girls in fiction?It's usually the other way around, at least in the mainstream. Oh well, if it's being done equally on either side that's cool.(except for how unrealistic it is of course)
My biggest pet peeve: Person 1 likes Person 2 Person 2 likes Person 3 Person 3 likes Person 1 THAT is a love triangle. NOT: Person 1 Likes Person 2, and vice versa. Person 3 likes Person 1, and vice versa. That is just two adjacent lines, not a triangle.
"PEACE OUT douche lord!" .........?!?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ HILARIOUS!!!
To be fair, casual sex as a start for friendship and/or romance is normal in most of Northern Europe. Many couples have met in a bar, had a one night stand that became two, then three and what do you know-- children and marriage. If it doesn't light up in romance, you have a friend (and if you're both single, maybe a _special_ friend on a lonely night). So maybe a bit of cultural bias on that one?
What is wattpad
I'm an aspiring writer and stumbled onto your "Ten Worst" videos while looking up tips for creating plots and outlines.I just wanted to say that not only do I find your commentary totally entertaining and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, but I'm also getting some really, really good tips from it.Thanks so much for these vids!
"Unnecessary Miscommunication" - 90% of Anime Romances.
Honk honk
"She-turd" XD
Honk honk
#3 Elena…
The "I own you" stuff comes from taking certain common BDSM elements and thinking that applying them outside the context of consensual and communicated fetishes is going to have the same connotations when made fictional.
You are indeed a delight.
9:00 twilight... (not) sorry. Had to say it XD

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