Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers (English)

Join my course online: This video contains information about top 10 interview questions and answers with examples and important points to remember. Hope this will help you in your interviews.

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Mam this video was to good
Mam.. Study को drop kiye 2 year हो gye m अपने competition exam को preparation kr rha tha.. And now I m looking for job.. And 2nd one question is.. What r u doing this period.... Mere pass इसका satisfied ans ni hota kya kru
The video is really effective thank u so much mam
Thanks for help me....mam..your vedio is tooo good like as you😊😍
Thank you mem... mem i m a fresher, so i afraid for interview.. can u suggest me sth? pls mem.......
Iam watching your video for preparing the interview to increase my skills
Ma'am, My interview will be conducted on 23rd Oct 17 in Delhi Metro. And This is my 1st interview in my how can I do the preparation of it?
Thank you for the great job done, it has been very useful to me!
Thanks mam for such very good explanation with your experience vedeo it will very helpful to me i am going to give interview in two days Thanks for great vedeo
Can u tell the difference in hardworking and smart work
Thank u very much...its a very gd video to learn about how to you prepare to a interview board....its help me a lot to improve my skills & ability
Today is my interview and am.watching ur vedio...dekhty h aaj kia hota h
I saw a lot of representation as compare to others your representation is too good I learnt a lot of experience from youalso I feel good and better understand thank you ma'm uploading this video keep upload related video again thank you
I learn very much from this video. Please tell how to speak english with daily uses base with simple words.
You are a experience 🤔
I am not good in English speaking ,is there any suggetion or anyone can help me to overcome this situation????? can anyone join with me in a English conversation that can help me to improve my English communication better....
Thanks for more information...
Thank u miss for a gud interview
Thanks shalu pal, very nice questions you shear with us. God bless you.
This video is very helpfull to me thank you for shared this video for usMs.shalu
Thank you
Thank u so much mam....for this wonderful vedio ........but apne isme fresher ke lie ek chiz nhi btai hai
I have selected in the interwie by this videi thanku so much
I dont like this video at all..
Thanks to you for sharing this precious information with us
Thank you so much
Hey plz upload for fresher's
Thank you very much.You have helped me boost my confidence in an interview
Thank f You
Really nice n awesomeur voice really supeb yathis points will help me.thenexamples are really awesome's so important......tq😍
Very helpful , thank you
Thank u so much for making this video....
Thanq shalu
I have an doubt i have also seen "SFKA present" video in u tube. In that interviewvideo are told that attitude is everything and one person came for interview and according to interviewer question nomily name is x y z... After listening this the interviewer said to go out from their.. And u r saying when any body asked that.Tell me about your self then we will start from our NAME...... Pls clear it.... I am confused that this video is true or that video is true. Pls give ne answer... Pls don't ignore.....
Thanks mam to its greatfull help to me on your video
Its was great mam. Ty so much
Thank u very much
Tq shalu pal mam
Thanking you madam it is more help ful fresher's and experience candidate
Thank u.its very simple tounderstand and more effective. I like it so much. simple way topractice
Thanks Shalu Paul for sharing Information
That is really very good vdo ...........thanku
Thanks madam, this was very helpful. Feeling better after viewing this video. Thanks again.
Thanx for the video
Thanks mam... Thank you so much
Nice. Video useful to all members
Thank you dear i was soo enough or soo important for me...!
It's really good I love it
Thanks form Nice video. It is really helpful.
For teacher interview
Thank you so much mam, little bit grammatical mistake but way of explaining is outstanding...
Very good
Thank you so much madam for sharing this valuable video...
Thanks for the video
Adorable mam
Very useful think
Thank you so much for this...
Tq very so much,
Thank you a lot ... You're very helpful
Thanks Shalu Paul. I loved your video
Thanks forvideos
What if they asked why should we hire you bec.I think u just missed that question can u please answer that ques also it'll be very helpful
Thank you very much for this video. Tomorrow I am having an interview. This video is very helpful for my preparation. Hope I will crack it. 🤗🤗
I have around 4 years of experience in US Recruitment process in same company where I started my career, bit nervous to step out in the market, if anyone really wants to help me or guide me you're truly appreciated. Looking for some healthy responses to uplift my career. Thanks in advance.
Mam mere hubby Indian army m hai kya govt job batana thik rhe gya one
Thank you so much,impormation because tomorrow I'm intreview with manager
Really very goodvideo
Really impressive thank you .
V good
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Hii, Mrs. shalu pal,thank you for that video
Thankssssss Mam...
Very useful and different from all videos
Good video thanks, i hope it would help me out to crack the interview and keep up the good work always and thanks again for yhe sharing.. ☺
Best video.. thank you
Thank you mam for this video. it is very usefull to me
Hii i really learnt a lot of things from this video thanking you
Informative...additionaly domain knowledge could be more helpful
I have nowords to saythanks to you. Because I don't wantsay you is greatbutgod made yourwords arehelpful toallIndiangod bless you with all of youneeds
Thanks mam
Very good tips for freshener. If you tips are followed candidates appearing for interview will come out successfully.
Thank you mam this video usefull to my life 👍👍👍
Tnq u so much
Isatisfiedwith your video really its very help full for me . thanku
Thanx a lot for such video it will help us a lot 👍
I have tomorrowinterview... please pray for me .
Nice video mam...
This video is helpfull to me thank you so much for the helh me
Thank you so much mam , its very nice video and very useful tothoes people attending for interview.
Thank you very much ..i learnt many thing from this video...and prepared well for my interview and now i got a job also 😊😊
Thank you ma'am for making this video, i got my carrier's first job only because of you, Thanks again
Thanks for providing this video.This video helps me very much.Today I got the job.
Your english remembers me in 8o! what a sillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly english!
Really thanks you so much..

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