Three anti-social skills to improve your writing - Nadia Kalman

View full lesson: You need social skills to have a conversation in real life -- but they're quite different from the skills you need to write good dialogue. Educator Nadia Kalman suggests a few "anti-social skills," like eavesdropping and muttering to yourself, that can help you write an effective dialogue for your next story. Lesson by Nadia Kalman, animation by Enjoyanimation.

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Dam it I'm thirteen and I'm constantly either muttering to myself or in my head😂
Writing is something everyone of all ages should do, regardless of what intentions you have for it. In the least, writing a short daily journal contributes so much to your life that wouldn't be there otherwise. It's like playing music; it activates something in your brain that can't be engaged in that many other ways. Everyone should pleasure write, even if it's vanity writing. It's not like anyone has to read it if they don't want to. Like here, this comment... It's not perfect and hasn't added anything to anyone else's life, but you didn't have to read it; you chose to read it. It is simply my own pointless, literary masturbation. So if you did choose to read it, especially this far, you basically have chosen to watch me masturbate. How perverted of you.
Canadian: whats this aboot? Me: i'm offended
What do you mean start to hear voices in my head I hear voices in my head all the time and one of them says do believe her but there also one that says the moon is cheese I believe it but I don't trust frank i never trust Frank
"If you're a writer, you might already have some anti social skills..." Me: pfft! A few?!
Apparently, about 40% of people in the comment section have schizophrenia.
OMG I do all of those..
That moment you do them all......except the writing down part lol -listen along And forget- -have imaginary friends- -mutter to yourself-
Short bursts? Do you fail to recognize the glory and passion of a monolouge?drama's important, people.
Anti-social skill no.4: don't listen to the harsh criticisms you get. Don't listen to anyone No.5: Cancel everything, remove yourself from society and write.
I remember a famous writer (it may have been Hemingway) said that he did not make characters. Everyone in his books is suppose to be a real person. He was also very adamant that he would never share who was who. Also, I have a character who speaks formally and never uses contractions. I do this as a subtle way to characterize.
So... I'm not mad and I can be a writer? Lol!
Now, I want that Book.
When I'm a lone at recess I like to be my character in my head and I talk to myself sometimes make had gestures I even make notes on my arm.... One time I just wrote ALPHA on my hand when I had an idea about warewolfs....
I don't mutter to myself. I TALK to myself. When I'm in public, I space out a lot and think up of random ideas for my story and my characters. Also, what I find really helpful is DRAWING scenes, whether in comic strips or just random pictures of two or more characters doing something even without dialogues. Whether you're an artist or not, it doesn't matter. Draw stick people, for all you care. Just try doing this method and see if it works for you once you start putting your ideas into the official story. The reason why I find this helpful is because I already get the idea of how I'll work with the imagery, and the scenes I draw don't have to be official - that's actually the best part. The sketches I make on whatever paper I could find are kinda like drafts that I'm going to revise anyway once I've decided to write the story or insert the scenes into my story on the computer. If you don't really like to draw, then just bring a notebook with you, write down ideas or random scenes, and even just random dialogues that might become part of the scene when the characters are interacting with each other. Hope this helps. :)
I always mutter to myself then think I'm crazy
I already do all of this. And it does help me with dialog.
Already eavesdrop, already imagine people, already talk to myself, already writing a book.
So your saying I should be a writer? Okay!
I can't stop ease dropping. i hear it and i can't stop it. my mind is like "OH, someone's talking about vegans!! maybe i should listen in."
And that is it for our 3 step guide to get you to an asylum thank you guys so much for watching
I think I'm kinda crazy when I write, because I start talking to myself in my head. Not like pretending to be the characters, but actually thinking things like "what do you think about this line? I think I should re-write it. Or maybe not, maybe it's actually good. Yeah, I'll keep it like that."
*"If you're a writer, you may already have a few of these"*
Amazing video...small small things matters a lot in long run....good or bad...
This looks like the best way to be mistaken for a schizophrenic.
0:52 *smirks*
Thanks TED-ED ypu guys r smart
I like being antisocial.  If it can turn me into a great writer, that's even better.
Done. And yeah, we all have great fun, right? Two of my characters are way too big lovebirds to talk to them normally 😑 I love them, but they should stop staring at each other all the time. And... ugh, they are too realistic
For insane writers who have 0 social skills
This is so brilliant!!
I've been doing these things years. Making up characters and talking about them while I'm alone in my room. This might sound weird but uhhhh I have nothing to say to you.
Wow I do all of these things.Good to know.
Yay. now I can use my unsocial skills.(Muttered the boy to himself)
But, what if I'm never on a bus?
I do that but people think I'm weird
*asocial. Antisocial is a more aggressive thing, more hating and such - it's more active; asocial is passive
Is it bad that I can relate to this....
2:14 ...I'd listen to the radio.
... I already do all of these things... and my writing is still sub-par at best...
Im pretty sure thats a-social not antisocial behaviour
I do that a lot. But scrapping my stories don’t help.
I do all this except write it all down. I don't like to think of wasting paper. :/
Now i'm not only antisocial, but i'm a schizophrenic too. PERFECT!
I'm an expert in antisocial skill#3
Something about this seems...stalkerish...not my cup of tea ☺
I see dead people.
Just further confirmation that writers are crazy people.
I love your videos and riddle .
Başlıklar neden Türkçe?
0:15 Das a Death Note right there.
Somehow #3 was more helpful than any writing advice guide I've ever found online. Maybe now I can stop sucking at writing dialogue.
While I enjoyed this talk, the "listen to the voices in your head" bit was, while clever, a tad insensitive. Mental health diagnoses are not something to be emulated or romanticized.
This is totally me...and I still get odd looks from the people that know me.
Hey I haven´t written in a very long time and it feels kind of dawnting to start again. Could you give me some advice on where to start...
I hear voices in my head! They come to me! They understand! They talk to me!
Wow, this is incredibly helpful. Thanks!
These look more like stalking skills.. just sayin'
Anybody want tips on how to be anti social? I'm a pro, I don't even know why I clicked on this video.
Im a published (but still amateur) fiction writer and i do those things all the time.
I always mutter my stories outloud omg.
These skills aren't anti-social, they're just socially akward. Anti-social relates more to making trouble for society.
"Your money or your life!" She threatens.
I click the second I saw the words "anti" and "social" connected with a dash.
"Pretend imaginary people are real" "Mutter to yourself" So good writers are slightly insane?
When i don't know what to do i pretend to be the character. i totally brainwash myself
I do this sort of thing all the time. I just thought I was shy not antisocial, though
Love to write
Shit, I already do that all and I haven't written any of the convos down!
I'm not a riter but I have a Wold going on in my head if I didn't have it i would go mad but these caritors know that there not real but don't want to amit it but I take it as a place I can run through simulation of real life situation but that my be the reson why my self is almost imoral in the Wold of mine everyone has a back story everyone is different everyone has a name and it's a hole lot of stuff the rember but I have never forgotten them a little Wold in my head wich no one can see or understand but me with words of gold and swords of old the possibilities never end
I can't do it
I'm just happy they used the word "antisocial" properly. It's surprising how many people get "asocial" and "antisocial" mixed up...
I kinda already do all of these things xD
Why no informative writing?
No it is how to get MAD!!
Wait.......These 3 things are NORMAL?! I thought I was just crazy!
I already do all of these things!
3:12 Every man will hear these words in his life...from his girlfriend
Easiest way for me it's to go out with my friends, listen to everyone talking, reacting, moving, etc. (write it down) Then we get something to eat. At home, I go to sleep and during the night my head is creating the story (no, it don't dream it, it actually creates pieces) By the next morning, pick up my eleven pencils and blank pieces of paper and by 1o' clock I realize 'Hey, I have 100 pages of a whole book" And back pages 'Research', 'Character Development', 'Family Tree', 'Music to add', etc. Everyone good luck on your next book! 😅😏
The trick is to learn how to shut them off or, as I like to call it " agreeable silence"
How to know your anti-social I mutter to my self
Damn. I've already been doing these things. At least I know I'm not crazy, lol. Probably.
I'd just like to point out that the term "anti-social" used in this [video's] context is inappropriate psychological-wise. Rather than "anti-social" the correct term should be "Asocial" (absence if socialising tendencies and habits). I know this comment sounds "know-it-all" and i admit that i don't know everything. but as a psychology student, hearing psych terms used inappropriately is in a way... It just feels wrong man. Tl;dr... Use the term "Asocial" rather than "anti-social", because the latter's real definition is a note too violent and chaotic, if you know my meaning (see: Joker from the Batman). Good day. Very interesting and informative video nonetheless!
Thank you so much !
They aren't imaginary,Slenderman and his brothers are real ;w; don't say i have to pretend ;w;
Asocial: has difficulty forming social bonds and working with social protocols antisocial: criminals and terrorists
As a bit of a writer myself, your advice is useful.Replace Anti-social with asocial and you're good to go. Also, vegetarian burgers exist. Take a trip to India and you'll see.
Now, hypothetically what if a character I'm writing isn't human but an emotionless robot with a tumor-like organic component that causes delusions of consciousness, how might I properly write for it?
Wow very very good Disruption of writing a book from anti- Thanks a lot
I know this is an old video, so it's very unlikely they'll see this comment, but the correct term is "Asocial". There's a difference. (Wouldn't care much if this wasn't an educational channel)
"The truth is, I have absolutely no professional credentials - literally, which is why I'm teaching at MIT." Noam Chomsky I am curious  why I have to be someone who is not allowed to have that natural mind and body connection that I once had when I was a dancer.  I am also curious why dance schools like The Joffrey Ballet School, The Rock School for Dance Education, Lines Ballet School, California Ballet School, City Ballet School of San Diego, and San Diego Academy of Ballet is not considered an analytical approach to understand anatomy.  I don't understand why dance schools like Academy of Performing Arts San Diego, Jimmie Defore Dance Center in Irvine, and  The Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles  is not considered a thoughtful way to recognize thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  I am unsure why children's dance schools like A Touch of Class Dance in Santee, CA is not considered a way to teach courage.   I don't understand why I have to feel like I don't understand something about intuition as someone who had a biological mother (RIP) who was a credentialed dance teacher.    Because of the imagination with dance and homosexuality I am having a hard time being a sober man that is homeless.    It is really hard to stay happy because of the imagination with manly order.    I don't love females enough to love the men they have sex with.   I don't love females enough to love gay pride.   Men really do make me feel troubled because of my pink collar background.  I don't know why I am not entitled to recognize my customer service training from Macy's in Fashion Valley and Parkway Plaza.   I don't know why I feel forced to listen to music a different way.  I don't know why I feel I have to constantly cater to a man that sleeps with females and/or phony gay pride.  Dance school is a poor excuse to understand anything thoughtful and/or sentimental.  The performing arts really is a cheap excuse to learn how to be human.  Maybe I feel negative because I was never in boy scouts, was never in the military, and/or never played sports like baseball and/or football.  I don't know why I feel I am not allowed to evolve because of the imagination with homosexuality.   I really hate when men assume that I never been fathered.    Why do I feel being gay is the same as a transsexual?  Why do I have to feel like I am supposed to wear a little black dress because of my "beta" qualities???
I already hear voices in my head :)

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Three anti-social skills to improve your writing - Nadia Kalman