The world’s most mysterious book - Stephen Bax

View full lesson: Deep inside Yale's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library lies a 240 page tome. Recently carbon dated to around 1420, its pages feature looping handwriting and hand drawn images seemingly stolen from a dream. It is called the Voynich manuscript, and it’s one of history’s biggest unsolved mysteries. The reason why? No one can figure out what it says. Stephen Bax investigates this cryptic work. Lesson by Stephen Bax, animation by TED-Ed.

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Have you tried turning it off and then on again?
What if we all got it wrong? What if its not even a book? What if it is a medivel fashioned toilet paper?
The creator of the book is one of the oldest and smartest troll; the book is just a masterpiece of a troll.
The book is written by a man who forgets to write his name.
Is there a soft copy of this book
This book may forever remain *UNSOLVED*
What if aliens dropped off their homie alien and said "go live with these people, read this book it will teach you everything about them."
The guy who written it cracked the code of understanding women. The book is the result of it.
This is what bad handwriting does
Maybe the writer had Dyslexia
Prank level: over 9000
A collection of 600 year old memes.
In the beginning if the video I started thinking about the book "The secrets of the immortal Nikolas Flamel"...then Doctor John Dee was mentioned. there's no way this was a coincidence - I think this book is the prototype of the book of Abraham the Mage.
1420 - All Of The Plants That Are Smokable
It's actually the prequel movie script for the the Bee Movie.
Have we tried turning the book upside down
It's Trump's tax return
It's the histroy of the forgotten 100 years and the one piece.
Imagine in 1000 years. Poeple will be confused why we have posters of a dead gorrila and why we had pictures with white text at the top and bottom of the page.
Just use google translator. LOL, how hard is that? Problem solved.
Plot Twist: it was a bunch of kids who were trying to make their own language
Maybe the book was written by nicholas flamel. I am serious here, he was a real person, and the time period fits, also he supposedly made the elixer of life.
'...And pictures of bathing women' 😂 men never change ;)
With the mythical elements to the creatures and objects in the illustrations, I find it hard to believe this would be any sort of guide or educational form of text. Personally I'd say its more likely a journal,diary, or elaborate story written in an unknown language.
It says that the earth is flat, god created earth 2000 years ago and there is only 7 million people on the planet. there is 69 genders and fist me daddy
Maybe it's from a race that is unknown or a tribe
The writer was on acid ya'll
It’s: shut up and let me eat it.
Just give the book to Arabs for decoding. Their written language is also gibberish and they can read that somehow.
For some reason, it really pisses me off every time I hear about a language we can't translate. There must be thousands of texts out there that we will never be able to read! Gahhhh!
Its a book about the Emerald Dreams
The book should be replicated, it would make it far easier to research
Maybe he was a doctor
I think it was written by a traveler. a space traveller. they wrote down the similarities to this world to other worlds they had travelled to. the author may have died or left earth leaving behind this book
It might even be an ancient diary? A young boy or girl writing about the things they learned and things they find interesting? It's funny to think that people could be puzzled over a teenagers rants and drawings. Lol
I think this manuscript might be some sort of mandela effect proof or causing item, maybe the closer someone is to defining its secrets, the more suddenly new mandela effects take place to keep its true meaning hidden
Ah, I left my book somewhere. Didn't expect it would be the most mysterious book in this wolrd :(
I think it was a hobby like J.R.R. Tolkien a person who studied and had a curious mind. If I could make up my own world and give it my own voice I would. I am a very mild version of an artist who cant translate what I dream of on canvas but I think this is like my Wreck This Journal and no one would get it but me. I'm sure there were dreamers in 1420
We will find some pure bs
Imagine if a faller makes a book about gravity falls and its cyphers, then 1000 years later someone finds it and say it was made by a witch. 😂
My friends say that the most mysterious book is one named: "This Is Not A Book"
It is nonsense. But fun to to prove so.
I'm from Poland wew lad
It could just another textbook of Hogwarts students
It's numerical....
The writer probably is a schizophrenic. I don't know.
So is it something like if I understood it means I'm god and I rule the world now ?
Maybe the book was made by an inventor (just guessing tho) since if you look at the women taking baths you could see like he was trying to make showers, then the flowers were meant to be advance medicine in that time :/.. lol just sayin
It's all about the wonder boy audio bg song!
Anyone know a torrent where one might download the book?
3:04 sooo...his last name is bacon yum 🥓
Maybe the one who wrote it doesnt making letters he or she might be writing a words with different words but has meaning so they have figured out what is the meaning of the words written in it
Judging from the pics and some deciphered words, I think it's a book of mythology, medicine, and herbology. It could also be a study book. Icame up with that judging by it's mixed subjects.
Someone must've been high when writing and illustrating the book
Some monks got bored
It was a genius kid that drew things that he/she saw in dream
One word, Illiterate
Someone get Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon to crack the code!
What if they had old DnD games back then and this was some sort of encyclopedia?
Let Siri try to read it.
This guy did a similar thing in the 80s... :O.
Have we tried reading it with our eyes closed?
Liking this video because of the comments 😂 😂 😂
I bet that is the forgotten meme language
Get kpop stans to do the theories for you-- we are very good at it
Legend has it that it was just a prank bro
I think its a book of what someone saw while astral projecting and writing/drawing what they saw
Maybe it was written like that on purpose so no one could understand it!
Superb animation!
Maybe it was a kid drawing imaginary stuff ? With a language he created and he himself know
Legend says thats chuck norris' doodle book
Is Ted a cult?
As someone who loves witches, I kinda hope it's some sort of spell book.
Maybe the guy was on some kind of psychedelic and just drew and wrote random shit he saw in his trip.
I think its written in arabic language that has been mixed with roman culture
If it was nonsense the whole time, who would go through the trouble just to write down an entire book? It even has pictures.
Looks like gravity falls to me...
The 4th journal It's a gravity falls
Maybe it was a made-up language...created by a prankster 600 years ago who thought about the people in the future and was like, "Hey, it would be fun to make a unique language, write an indecipherable book with random, meaningless but mysterious-looking drawings, and pass it down from generation to generation so that the people in the future can spend a century of time poring over it and trying to make sense out of it!" Or, of course, it could be the diary/journal of some very secretive human/biologist 600 years ago who didn't want others to read/copy his/her work...but then again...isn't the first one more exciting?
Stuff like this shows how speculative, arbitrary and unreliable mainstream history and archeology truly is. Our ancestors possessed incredible and unexplainable knowledge, most of which was probably forgotten with the burning of the Library of Alexandria.
The theory that it was a con man might be believable, but keep in mind that even if he was writing in gibberish, like the video said, there were patterns and such that would be in any real language. A con man would have to be incredibly patient and intelligent to do this. I think the theory that it was people trying to create an alphabet for an existing language makes sense, but that doesn't exactly explain the fake plants and bathing women illustrated within the book. I think my favorite theory is that it was written by a fallen culture, because that is incredibly fascinating. Finally, albeit quite unbelievable, I do quite like the theory about martians writing it. It's kind of funny, and it would explain the weird plants and all the astrology, but that one doesn't seem very sound. I think I'm going to believe the fallen culture theory,, just because, again, that one is probably the most interesting.
I have the first edition of the Codex Seraphinianus manuscript. That has a lot of weird images too.
Plot twist: it was written by a creative/imaginative person who liked rambling about whatever was on their mind.
I want a copy of that book..
OG Lorem ipsum
Perhaps a secret society that invented its own language or script.
Have they tried closing it and opening it again?
That book probably has no meaning at all.
A spellbook!
420 history said!
It makes me think that if I write some kind of journal like this with mysterious language and weird paintings.. After a hundred years people would wonder where it came from. Seems like a good plan.
I want that book
It says "there are only two genders"
One of the only people who can read the text. She is way off, the Book is much more important to this day than she makes it. I am currently translating it, my only hint is that it is written in a form of Spanish characters in a native American spoken language. Good luck, folks. I'm on the twentieth page, it takes about a day per paragraph since the spoken language is now extinct.
It's a book about the underworld. The Earth is hollow in some places and it's a documentation about the underworld biomass. Obviously.

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The world’s most mysterious book - Stephen Bax