The Two Excuses That End Most Careers & Dinosaurs- Life of an Entrepreneur Vlog Episode 11

In life of an entrepreneur vlog episode #11 you get a glimpse of what PBD is like in PHP's main office setting as throughout the week he meets with insurance carriers, does accountability calls with top agents in the nation and meets with the headquarters staff. Like any good CEO, he also brushes up on his imagination skills with the family; so if you're scared of dinosaurs, beware. Don't forget to subscribe! What does the weekly life of an entrepreneur look like? Follow PBD as the production team captures some real moments and tips for entrepreneurs on this new VLOG series. The Two Excuses That End Most Careers & Dinosaurs- Life of an Entrepreneur Vlog Episode 11 Valuetainment Posting Schedule: Monday- Motivation Tuesday- How to Video with Patrick Bet-David Wednesday- Life of an Entrepreneur VLOG Thursday-How to Video with Patrick Bet-David Friday- Case Studies with Biz Doc Tom Ellsworth Saturday- Kelly Nishimoto on Lifestyle & Entrepreneurship Sunday- PBD Real Talk Q&A About Valuetainment: This channel is about providing a hybrid of informationand education for entrepreneurs. Every video is created with a purpose of providing value and entertainment, hence Valuetainment. Patrick Bet-David, the creator of this channel has decades of experience, unique perspectives and experience that he wants to give back to the world of entrepreneurs. Why? Patrick Believes that 100 percent of the worlds problems can be solved by entrepreneurs. He is also an active CEO and leads a financial services sales force of over 3,000 agents across the U.S. To reach the Valuetainment team you can email: [email protected] Follow Patrick on social media: Website: Snapchat: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: 1814 / 5000

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Squaaaad. thanks Pat You never disappoint
*_What are the best excuses to end a boring chat?_* 1. K. 2. Lol 3. Hmm 4. Ya. 5. Ikr.
Made me start selling candy at school to make money for myself
Anybody noticed , he has covered the sign of Apple with PHP sticker ... Self promotion n Confidence .. PBD u Rock ! :)
I hated reading, but I believe in improvement. So way around it, I must read
PBD background beats are nyc
'' You have more mustache than most mens in their 30s'' brilliant
I think this is the first time you've shown your wife. Great family, Pat. Thanks for the Inside-Look series into the life of an entrepreneur.You're Channel is always offering great insight & value! This truly is VALUEtainment!
Haha if superman fights a t-rex, winderwoman wins lol
Amazing Pat! love seeing you having fun with the family. and love the shoes πŸ˜€
Squad. 😎
I am fucking back 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Good video
Patrick back at it providing Quality videos!!
This is truly a family channel. great Patrick
Hi, Pat, what was the book title you mention on the video? is it "how to be in front n influence people"? i didn't heard that clear.. thanks
Pat this is awesome.....ur kids are to sweet
Love these videos man you look great, enjoyed seeing you spend time with your kids, there adorable, see you god bless. Patrick is the best. Cheers to all the viewers.
Family first
That place reminds me of my "physics" textbook at high school.
This man speaks nothing but the truth ! A real inspiration !
God bless you and your family!! Great Video!
Who wants to network about ideas message me on instagram: flexxtony
I need to know this at this point but is PHP a MLM?
Patrick, do you teach your kids the Armenian language?
Still going- your children are adorable.
Haha your kids are just the best
It should be legal to have such cute kids
Wow good video I like your energy!
Wonder Woman is the beneficiary to Superman's life insurance policy
These videos are so cool man thanks !!
If you like Pat and this channel, check out Alex Becker herea lot of value.
Thank you Patrick best Alexander
You make me proud to be a subscriber, love the kids in the dinosaur part perspective Lol!
The music at the end is really good
Lol men, love your kids, they remind me of me when i was young, so cute!
You're a great leader Patrick
I love you're more please !!
Nice vlog Patrick. I wonder what is your morning and evening routine like what time you wake up and go to bed.☺
Yoooo dad is getting his veins popping out! Great job Pat !!
The kids are so adorable.
"All men by nature desire to know." - Aristotle
Keep up the great work Pat.
Another masterpiece! !
I love these vlogs!!
Talk about someone who is intentional with everything he does. From work life to family life.
Amazing video! Patrick I just finished 'how to wind and influence people'. As well. I just started blue ocean. Great so far!
The balance!That's awesome.
7:08 Gangstasaurs ! ( great editing ! )
Gorilla marketing
Another great one
Never give up.
Where is dinoland?
I hope everyone has a great day! From a small youtuber with almost 1K! :) 100 likes and I will do a 500 pushup challenge!
Notification squad
Life must be good my good man! I can see the happiness in your face when you look at your children. I hope one day I can be that happy. Made me feel good to see you happy. God Bless
Hey Pat, Could you share your experience dealing with people who were so negative with whatever that you were doing/selling being it customers/friends who sucked every positive energy that you had. To a point that sometimes it led to personal attack. How and what did you do to overcome that? Thanks! Your loyal follower.
Hey pat! , I am Gabriel and I am 19 now. i have a great vision for my self. you are the best entrepreneur that I have ever known and i wish to be a kingmaker like you one day (more like soon ) ..i watched almost all your videos and I gain a hell lot of knowledge for my self by writing down all what you teach. So pat, can u recommend one or a few books for me written by you or others that u think can benefit a person like me. i just need two books -how entrepreneur like youthink -how not to have the same mentality as most business owner thanks pat i sincerely appreciate your recommendations 🌷πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯
Love it Pat!
PBD you keep inspiring, I love how you are able to achieve some kind of a balance of work and family.And like you were talking about on your accountability call, we need to chase success in all areas and leave no outs. Work, Family, Health, Spirt. I love it, Stay Blessed!
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I couldn't pin your ethnicity. I thought maybe Jewish, Hispanic, but Iranian? Nah, I was surprised. But, I know a Kurdish guy who's​ manner and idiosyncrasies are very similar to yours, so maybe you are part Kurdish (?) (note: Kurds and Iranians converge at the Northwestern region of Iran.) ...not trying to freak you out, you just look peculiar.
Yooo dili boy wilding hahahahahahahah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Exuses are a waste of time dont listen to the crowd theyre lying and lazy have a routine set ti track numbers the only way to make a billion dollar company is to have other people wanting to make more with you its worth the time to relax so you dont burnout
Notification squad
Hey Pat. I've been watching your videos for some months now and have absolutely been blown away by your mind set. I love the way you think and you have encouraged me to set out on a new journey and start my own business. I started some months ago but recently I've been experiencing some difficulties. If you ever read this, please see my story and help spread the word. I hope I can one day speak to you in person.
So interesting to hear that we had the same experience with the book "How To Win Friends and Influence People." I remember that by the time I finished the book I was in a mix of astonishment to have finished the book, amazed to see how effective his suggestions were surprised to find out I have finished a book I actually totally loved to read. That was the moment I found out about "self-development" and my life took a whole another route.
I started seriously reading this year and I found that the more I read, the more my mind calls for knowledge and I feel pleasure feeding it, I think that if it wasn't for the books I would not have the chance to dig this gold right here. PAT Thanks, man! I'm tuned every day,Β thanks for sharing everything its all love and I see what your doing and what your doing is universal I feel like I know where it's going, as well as myself, you and GaryΒ are killing it I don't miss on both.
Love you Pat and Valuetainment!!!
Love these vlogs pat they're so well put together
All the wealth in the world cannot buy you health or cure you, but their are many black market options that's where the wealth capital comes Into play
Notification Squad :D btw i Love the Vlogs πŸ‘
That looked like a great time!
Awesome want more of πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Squad club. what books would you recommend ?ive read think and grow Rich and how to win friends and influence people .
First time to be the first oneπŸ‘½
Pat u never answer My snap chat ...i am desperate to have few love words with u ......we love u for what u were are and will be pls snapchat some day
*patrick you're getting ripped! You look fantastic bro*
Gang gang

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The Two Excuses That End Most Careers & Dinosaurs- Life of an Entrepreneur Vlog Episode 11