The Secret to Remembering Vocabulary

OMG, there are too many English words to learn! Well, I can help. Watch this video to learn my own trick for remembering new words. In order to show you how this trick works, I will also teach you the following five words: hammered, creamed, bald, beard, and condo. After watching this video, remembering new words will be a piece of cake. Take the quiz here: Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video, I will teach you a trick on how to remember vocabulary. So English has the largest vocabulary out of any language. I think it's close to 600,000 words in English. So how are you going to remember so much vocabulary? Well, when I was in China, I created a little trick -- and other people use this trick, too -- that really helped me to remember all the new words I was learning. So in this video, I will teach you this trick. So what you do -- I have a bunch of interesting pictures on the board -- is any time you come up across a new word and you're learning a new word, you need to make a picture in your head of this word. A good idea is to try to think of other words that sound like this word and imagine funny situations in your mind. So what do I mean by that? Well, let me show you. The first word I'm going to teach you today is "bald", "bald", b-a-l-d. What does it mean to be "bald"? It means to have no hair, okay? So if you have no hair, you are "bald". How do you remember this word? Well, if you use my trick, you can imagine a word that sounds like "bald" -- maybe "ball", basketball, soccer ball. So in your mind, I want you to imagine a ball. It can be a basketball, a soccer ball -- any type of ball. Now, imagine the ball with a face. Imagine the ball with no hair on top, maybe a little hair on the side, a little hair here, but no hair on the top. Because "ball" and "bald" sound alike, if you imagine this picture for maybe ten seconds, it will help you to remember it in the future, okay? Think "ball with no hair". Okay. Let's try our second word: "beard". What's a beard? It's the hair that comes off a man's chin -- usually, women don't have beards. So it's the hair that comes down like this. How are we going to remember this word? Well, imagine a man with a beard, and inside the beard is a bird, a little bird, tweet tweet! And what's it doing in the beard? Why, it's drinking beer. Okay? So this little picture is -- don't know if you can see that, but that is beer. So imagine a bird drinking beer. Those two words together -- beer. This isn't beer; this one is. Imagine "bird" and "beer". Together, if you put the words together, they make "beard". A bird drinking beer in a beard. Can you say that fast? "Bird drinking beer in a beard." So maybe, if you picture this for ten seconds, you will remember this word. Okay. Next word I want to teach you today: "creamed". So what does it mean to be "creamed"? "We creamed you guys." "You guys got creamed." It means someone lost a game very badly. If our team creamed your basketball team, your basketball team lost; our team won. So you don't want to be "creamed". If you get "creamed", it's bad. It means you lost, you lose. So how can you remember this? Well, imagine someone -- maybe somebody you don't like, somebody you play basketball against or some sport. Imagine throwing a bunch of ice cream and it hits their face -- because the keyword "cream", "ice cream". So if you can imagine ice cream on someone's face, it will help you to remember the word "creamed". So imagine that for ten seconds. So think "ice cream on face", "creamed".

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Thanks,for ur tutorial, but I never find any tutorial on 'used to' N other use of used to.... If u have done on this then plz help me out to find out or if not,plzzzzz teach us.Again a big thanks Mam.
Chinese kinda hold 5,000. AND THIS GUY UNDER ME IS A LIAR don't comment U guy under me!!
I have always being learning language with the help of pictures in my head. But a bird dinking beer in a beard is the funiest one I have ever tried to imagine :D Thank you that you've made me lauph!
Emma you are so sweet and pretty :)
This is gust garbage
Hammer is pum pum pum
Thanks for the video I think English has not the largest vocabulary but the Arabic has about 12 million and 300 thousand word
Condom can be used in condo .my trick
She has a very sophisticated american accent. I was lookin for british accent but she sounds good. she’s not speaking like β€˜taaap of your head’ lol
Nice try ... but it didnt helped even a 0.00001%πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Thanks Emma, It really helped a lot.
U say broad vacubolry have English language , this is false.Hindiand sanskrit are limitless vacubolry. Specially sanskrit .... Today I say congrats for Hindi divas(a day we celebrate to each other I.eDay of Hindi)
Bald is balls without hair, shaved .....
I'll marry you πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜† FIVE STARS !! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜Š
I really like background natural music sound hahahaha great
You're wrong, Arabic language has 12,302,912 words. However, English has many words of Arabic origin.
I owned an apartment and always thought that it to be an apartment, until now. I realize it has become condo :-)...
I love your video Emma, it help me a lot thank u !Love U
Thank you!it really worksπŸ‘πŸΌ
Persian is the largest language more than 9.6 B
What about the vocabulary fractious. How would I remember the vocabulary?
Good ideas.
I'm interested in learning English but I don't can it's very hard for me 😒
Very good video. I'm sure this will help me to learn more vocabulary faster.
I think that arabic has the largest vocabulary more than any language
Please send me your email address
Arabic over 13 million word
What is the name of the website?
These are easy vocabulary for making image in mind but what can we do for hard vocabulary such as "allocate"
It's great! cΓ΄ dαΊ‘y thαΊ­t hay ....helpfull...
This is all fun and games until you get to words like trichotillomania
Sanskrit has in crores!!!
English is my native language and I'm still learning it.
This way of learning is very fantastic method but sometime for some word finding mirror word is very difficult .thank you dear .
I think that arabic has the largest vocabulary more than any language
When your watching this video to memorise Arabic words not English​.....
It's an amazing method
Mi Teacher favorita love u teacher, amo tusclases!!!
Thank you so much
Bald vs. haired, etc. there is a secret in word, has been revealed in my book
This helps me!! thanks!!
Please talk about some hardest words, not the easiest one
By the way, the Arabic Language has more than twelve million vocabularies.
I love you so much. i mean ( student and teacher )
Genuis genuis geeeenuis 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Emma,you are so cute!!!
She try to wear condom in his condo, lol ..
Imagine balls are balds
I can correct you .. right there .. yes English has around 600 000 words but it isn't the largest .. Arabic is .. with more than 12 000 000 words.
You're the best ! thanks for all!
Wonderful lesson thank you ..
Arabic is first honey!
Thank you Emma, it is really helpful way to remember a new word despite it is little hard to create the right imagination of image or sentence similar to a newword meaning, Emma i will be gratefulif you give us a website or android application that can do this linking between a new word and short simple sentence or image that can be easily remember.
A good lesson thank you emma chapeau πŸ‘’
You should come to Vietnam, it is a beautiful country.
Tricks are for kids....I'm out.
By letter analysis, bvs. h,l vs.r... read my book...condo vs. condole, there is a secret in Chinese English connection.
04:58This whole video has sexual overtones.
Doesn't bald mean grey-haired?
It's just me, or anybody else want to fuck this teacher?
SANSKRIT has the largest number of words compared to any language in the world not English. around 10007000000 words.
I think it is helpful!
Im from Mongolia lol then i should remember condo right but im still ..... hhhehhe
I was going to write a witty comment on how you could use all these words to create a sexual story but it seems you all beat me to it.
Ha ha it's funny when you say no hear I just remember my husband πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚so bald I keep remember my husband
Very usful tips .
I would like to learn allot of vocabulary words.
Good idea. Excellent video.
Now try use this to remember one million *Ρ…ΠΎΠ΄ΠΈΡ‚ΡŒ* verbs in Russian, woman!
Wheredoes Emma hail from? Curious...(Does anyone know her surname?
What if you are not good in drawing
04:05 I would never say that to a girl. If anything, I tell her she won!
Arabic has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more words than English
You are so pretty
I like your video .you are not teach bad whatever you are teached nice.more more videos make how to learn meaning of the words .also your nature is very nice
Nice lecture . BTW English does NOT have the largest vocabulary out of all languages. If English has 600 000 words, Arabic has 11 700 000 words. Just so you know^^
Very interesting, I'm a big fan of this kind of interactive/memory methodology..I use something similar in my Spanish classes..For years there was a 'taboo' against speaking the native language in favour of the target language..Since i speak Spanish i find it useful to teach vocab by imagining theword in your native language and in the target 'manzana' and 'apple' are represented by one mental image. 'Harvest' is 'cosecha' in spanish, and I ask Ss to picture perhaps a 'cafetal' or coffee plantation, as well as perhaps a wheatfield or orchardfor 'harvest' ..I find that associating the 2 helps the memory a lot..
What about the words like unattainable, futile, liable? it's really hard to me to remember such words that i can't imagine. especially when there are a lot of synonyms. for example for possible the synonyms are conceivable, feasible, viable, achievable and so on. what more, i even can't understand in what case i should use each word. are there any triks for this?
Condom broken, loosing M = condo... Simply :)
Is that ok if one says ´´the secret to remember instead of to remembering?
How about audio learners ?
Condo sounds good for night inever forget this word
U r so beautiful.i love u.
Thank you Emma lesson isuseful.
If you want to enlarge your vocabulary. First of all, read it, write it, and listen to it word in context.Try to use the words in conversation every single day.And It'll bear fruits. However, her method is useful, too. But not for all.
Imagine a ball with no hair on top πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ who gets me? πŸ˜‚
I struggle with expanding my vocabulary as well. I scan the news on the Internet and not surprisingly there are lots of vocabulary I do not know of. I watched all videos here and your video helped me as well. I use this as a trick, when I know a word that is similar to new word I am trying to learn, I make a sentence that has both words in it. For instance if I didn't know 'ice-cream' but knew 'cream' as a word, I would make a sentence such as 'I ate ice cream while I was applying cream to my face.' When you use similar words you remember the sentence easily and you remember the meaning. It doesnt have to be cream, it should be a word sounding similar to the word I try to learn, I often imagine the sentence I made up myself to remember the meaning. Then I manage to remember it so often. It works for me. I do the same thing when I learn different meanings of one word, I try to use different meanings in one sentence, it doesnt always produce logical, meaningful sentences btw in both cases.. but your mind manages to remember it anyway. It worked for me. Thank you so much for the helpful videos!
0:16 Arabic has 12 million vocabulary
How about the more "obscure" words such as dystopia; dissonance; temerity... The words you use are very simple ones and the associations are obvious.
All of the example are noun and those have physically real thing so it's easy to imagine. How can I learn difficult verb then????
Emma do you have a secret to remembering spelling?
Largest vocabulary out of any language??? Arabic has MILLIONS
I don't have any friends speaking Arabicas. One day I dreamed Allah spoke to me, he said to me, Mike I will make you speak Arabic. Then the next morning I start speaking Arabic like a natural.
Thank you so are a clever teacher.

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The Secret to Remembering Vocabulary