The psychology of narcissism - W. Keith Campbell

View full lesson: Narcissism isn’t just a personality type that shows up in advice columns; it’s actually a set of traits classified and studied by psychologists. But what causes it? And can narcissists improve on their negative traits? W. Keith Campbell describes the psychology behind the elevated and sometimes detrimental self-involvement of narcissists. Lesson by W. Keith Campbell, animation by TOGETHER.

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I'm 12, but I legit think I am narcissistic!
Thank you for this video! I am guilty of being a vulnerable narcissist. I can now work on it.
A vast majority of Feminists, SJW's, ANTIFA, World leaders and many others in the spotlight seem to have this affliction.
The first person I remembered was my Ex
Can you do inferiority-superiority complex?
All people are narcicist... it's wired into our brains to think we're greater than what we are. which explains why some people think they can drink orange juice after brushing
#shared i can relate so much to this, since i have a extremely narcissistic "family member"
1:35 just Trump
That's not true, I'm nothing like that.
Narcissist vs Egotist.. Many are simply egoistic, not narcissistic
1:31 I like the use of "Donald Trump" to portray an example of narcissism.
How convenient for government to call this disorder , whatwould happend if self awareness classes were introduce to today school of any age population , would parents love the idea that theres kids would get more self aware and smarter then they parents been allow to ,,, its all about the edgutattionand purpose in life ,,, its very hard , what do you won't.... smiley face
There's a difference between narcissism & narcissistic personality disorder. In my experience, people with NPD don't even know (or won't admit) they have it, so I have to disagree that they can actually improve themselves & overcome it.
Do narcissists commit suicide when cornered ? Don't they just blame the other person for everything and then just leave ?? please someone answer this.
The story I read said that Narcissus stared at his own reflection so long that he starved to death. =P But I guess this would make more sense when you think about it.
Wow. Look at all these comments about Trump. Gonna let you all know.... that regular people suffer from this trait. Claiming this trait for yourself for likes..... might make you a narcissist.
Lmfao TED throwing that shade at Donald, I love it.
Believe it or not, the narc I am dealing with (No contact atm) is slurping my energy through a telepathic bond. I am battling with this everyday till it's over (I'm on the winningside thank God) and then I'll be finally normal again. I became very psychotic because of this, for my survivaldrift has gone through the roof. In my youth he controlled me entirely like a puppet on a string. Very MK-ULTRA like. Most narcissistic people are extremely dangerous in a godless way. They're dangeorus as in Jack Nicholson-in-The-Shining dangerous.
Did you know 90% of clickbaiters have narrcissim presonality disorder
Annoying such person, like me.
When you lowkey now think you're narcissistic 😶😶
Literally me
But how do you get someone with the disorder to see they are causing their own damn problems
I should be treated like a VIP and get money and free food but hey I'm not a narcissist
1:32 trump
Would have watched but you put trump up there you liberals are all nazis
Did I see trump ?
This video should of just had Kanye West in the thumbnail
I have the cure.
Narcissism starts in the conscious mind as a compensation and false solution to feelings of shame in the subconscious mind. but then eventually fully replaces the inferiority complex in the subconscious with a superiority complex. then the narcissism becomes intuitive. narcissist have no sense of equality, or fairness.
"Its like a disease where the sufferers feel pretty good, but the people around them suffer." Sounds like my family😅
Possibly narcissism is an evolutionary tool, e.g. Self preservation
Zarna Joshi falls under this category.
What's the difference between self-centered person and a narcissist person?
1:30 "We will make Mexico pay for the wall!"
I love Narcissus flower! =)
Omg, this is me. 10000000000%
Wow just wow. I would say I feel bad for them but.... I know someone like that.
But can we just pay attention to the fact that their noses look like fucking macaroni 😂
WOW thanks to this video now I thought I may have vulnerable narcissism!
House at 3:42 has the Windows logo for a window
I came here from Michael Jackson saying "Im not a narcissist"
So basically narcissists are psychopaths
But it's not a pandemic that needs to be concerned about
2 out 100 people are narcissistic and still they all manage to study in my high school
Did he say a NYMPH named echo? wth
4:53 so narcissist people are dick?
Very good explanation. Thank you for sharing!
Donald trump
Cough cough *Jake Paul* Cough cough
1:33 did they just @ Donald's Trump
This video is yuge, amazing and wonderful. It's the best video ever.
Vulnerable narcissist is basically me.
Trump on steroids
Trump, really? Shut up ted ed.
Social media causes this
3:43 made me laugh hard
Social media is partially a reason. we always seem validation for likes on a selfie because most of us are insecure.
When he showed the polotication I thought was D T
Narcissism is not only seen in indvidualistic cultures, but also collectivist cultures as well....
Is it narcism if you're actually better than everyone?
One of the disgusting ppl
My ex was just like this and I had enough now I am Prego he lied to me and told me that he could not have anymore kids he got fixed. I also got pre cancer cells moved and there was always that wanted to percent chance of me getting pregnant. so I called him today and he totally ignored me and said I'm just waking up I don't want to argue with you I will talk to you later I buy him things all the time I've spent over fifteen hundred bucks on this man in the past month . It hurts so bad. Now I am pregnant I have decided I do not want him near this child anyhow he is a horrible person deep down inside and he says he has a God and he doesn't he's a user he even had the audacity yesterday to ask me if I would climb up a ladder after I told him I did not feel well it's like he doesn't care about my feelings or my emotions. He had the full to just orgasm up inside of me and you said he can't wear condoms. He is 56. ex military. I go to the doctor tomorrow I'm terrified more or less I'm terrified of his narcissistic ways I mean this man isn't right in his mind he says one thing and says another I also notice when I'm over at his house I get nauseated after I eat his food. he doesn't care about me or the little child that I'm caring but that's okay he can keep his child support I don't want it. it's not the child's fault hopefully I carry full term and I'm going to love this baby with all my heart I have four other kids 19 14 Eight in One adopted out in this one. if it's a boy Noah and if it's a girl hope. plz pray for me. I thought he was my prince charming and he's a nightmare he showed his true colors and when he buys me Jewelery. he buys me this Junk je Jewelry. he's like why you're at it when you go to town buy me this buy me that buy me this buy me that. any orders me all these Donald Trump things and things that don't even really matter to me he doesn't buy me anything beautiful also I've known him for a long time and on and off again and he had to bracelets I got from my great-grandmother from me and finally gave them to me I Memorial Day weekend in about broke my heart and I know he also has my ring he also has taken my perfume and threw it out the window I think he's also very envious of me and I don't know why. when I'm with him I feel like I'm a sex object he makes fun of me and he doesn't make me feel important he don't even buy me flowers I buy him flowers he will never see this child Over My Dead Body he is just like all the rest of them. he lost his mother of cancer I get that but I think the military really messed him up not making excuses for him but the man is totally lost his mind it just shows what a deadbeat he truly is and it hurts so bad because I truly loved him. please pray for me.
I kept wiping my screen due to the sloppy Lichtenstein style shading..
Goddamnit Zen.
Instant dislike for the Democrat bias. Hillary and Trump have their own problems, but depicting Trump as a narcissist @ 1:30? That's just obviously rooting for Hillary. I'm gonna delete any toxic triggered democratic replies, so don't even try.
I feel like I'm surrounded by narcissistic people. They always treat me like dirt because they think they're better.
Nice jab at trump at 1:35 haha
I grew up like that.
I need a pill cause I have signs of being a narcissist. Although it sounds like vanity...i never thought of myself as vain. and I've always been one wanting self improvement
I've studied this subject for two years now. It needs to be said to be careful on self diagnosing someone. Some of the symptoms on Narcissism can be in us all, but my final take on saying my ex is was the fact he has ZERO empathy (didn't care less how much I was hurting or how long I cried, I still do it at times),he loves pulling the silent treatment, (which is also his cheat time), in constant need of admiration (of course from the ladies, was found almost daily in a woman's inbox), & it goes on. Some people are just confident while others put themselves out there as if they are, but it's a front. I've done this myself in not trying to decieve him, but hoping he'd see me as he once did.. I know, sad right??!! They make you feel desperate like that, because you love them, you try to convince them to be better to you. it doesn't work. Also, I had spent so much time on that it could seem as though even I was "full of myself" it's all crazy, but they make you crazy & that's not love. Not the "crazy" kind of love I want anyways. Plus I have great empathy for people. Most of the time too much for my own well being. I guess that's how I was so easily dragged into it. I always shook my head at women who done this all for a man. Love can be very hard on you when you love that hard. He or she should make love easy, fun.
I believe im vulnerably narcissist. There is someone who thinks so. I'm not even confident, I'm shy, awkward and unpopular. I enjoy being with a few best friends rather than a lot of people but care a lot about myself. I am confused
I believe my ex best friend is a narcissist. although she never really believed she was pretty although she did at one point when i first met her in 6th grade but after she got into partying and drugs she knew her looks when all down the drain. i am 24 years old (so is she) and stop being friends with her a year or two ago. she was a terrible friend, she constantly put me down and through huge fits when things wouldnt go her way even at the smallest of things... for example: we had just got some food from blockbusters and ordered a scary movie she told me i can eat any of the other flvors in the bag but not the watermelon ones so i decided to eat one just to mess with her and the mood went to shit very quickly she ended up not talking to me the whole night over a damn watermelon jelly bean.... yeah there were plenty of stories like that oh yeah and she was also a compulsive liar and ruined my brothers life... to this day i still am confused on how a person can be like who she is?? i wish i could sit here and give you a list of all the fucked up things she did to herself and everyone around her but that would take WAY too long.
Wouldn't this include every single celebrity ever
I somehow think all working women are narcissists
*Sounds like feminism!!*
L am a bit like this l will wonder round places l am not allowed to go and it doesn't bother me wether l am trespassing or not l think l have a right to do that very occasionally l will get into trouble, but l don't steal anything and l don't leave suspicious packaging around, l may just use there loo or something it never feels wrong to me maybe l am being rude,l will watch it in future.
Why would I want to stop being a narcissist?
Jay-Z and Beyonce
My father in a nutshell.
I'm pretty sure we all have varying degrees of narcissism.
Maybe more handsome/pretty, or beautiful people are narcisists! Especially the young ones!
Npd sounds exactly like my mom
Real narcissist are really wonderful that everybody want to be like them. so there are birth of fake narcissism wannabe
I'm a kid ant I think I have narcissism
When you realize you aren't a narcissist just making up for all those years of self hate 💯
All narcissist must be killed.
Has "narcissist" replaced "psychopath", as the devil?
Is it called TRUMP????
Hillary R. Clinton
Is survival of the fittest narcissism. We claim we have good intentions but everyone should take a second look at things we do and how we treat people. We aren't always looking in the mirror, but people live within their own interests. We all can admit we won't give some stranger our home or even share it- we put ourselves before others, and if people were selfless there would be no pain in the world. We scam, hide valuable information, execute our competition and so on. We attack people who say we're not nice when we don't help others in need like they need to be helped. Everyone is a narcissist including people who label others so they can appear resilient and perfect before everyone. Selfishness is narcissism well, if you were selfless you wouldn't have room to explain narcissism because you would be poor from helping others.
That cartoon guy looked like trump
Let me say, living with a person who suffers from the REALY narcissism disorder is pure hell ! My mother is a tough one and I've always been her victim. She has abused me emotionally almost till death ! Literally till death! Within her narcissism she does want to destroy me. My own mother! Narcissism has nothing to do with self-love or self-confidence! Actually a true narcissistic person hasn't any and his disorder is a coping mechanism in order to pretend to have them. And for that they need a victim.
Wouldn't someone that is truly narcissist not care about other people? Wouldn't they be too involved with themselves to give a single damn about others? Going on social media and seeking social recognition, validation and praise, doesn't seem like something someone who loves themselves more than anyone else would do. So, I think there is something missing. A true narcissist would never really be seen as anything more than a hermit or asshole. What we call a narcissist today is just people with broken childhoods and views, seeking acceptance and validation; something they lack with themselves.

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The psychology of narcissism - W. Keith Campbell