The power of the placebo effect - Emma Bryce

View full lesson: The placebo effect is an unexplained phenomenon wherein drugs, treatments, and therapies that aren’t supposed to have an effect — and are often fake — miraculously make people feel better. What’s going on? Emma Bryce dives into the mystery of placebos’ bizarre benefits. Lesson by Emma Bryce, animation by Globizco.

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Did you mean "nocebo"?
1:06 " imagined they were ill" Is that a thing?
2:13 why does she look like the mom in Coraline
Donald trump is a great leader!. Placebo effect at its finest
If the placebo affect triggers physiological factors that improve symptoms, how can you differentiate between an effective treatment and a treatment that causes the placebo affect?
Why do some people have extra fingers or toes?
This reminds me of Harry pretending to give Ron Felix Felicis which made Ron a good Quidditch keeper
I don't want to start anything, but...Praying to be cured of a disease is technically Placebo effect?
Sleeping is a strange human phenomenon, as not much is known.
Oh man,I guess cosmetics are all placebos...And those anti ageing products 😕
1 word that describes this...*Expectations*
I love this animation
So your say the drug is trolling the pain? So the pain is that cringe Minecraft Kid and the fake drug is XboxAddictz?
The Placebo effect a.k.a. Power of the sub conscious mind
2:11 Hey Coraline's mom! Lol!
Three things are needed for the placebo effect to work: 1. belief (or faith as seen in organized religions) 2. feeling (or emotion, the stronger the better) 3. expectation
And/or danger member pick dramatically final experiment rebel.
I have these mints and I tell myself they'd ease panic attacks when they actually don't, but the fact I make myself believe they will calm me down, it calms me down itself
The barenstain Bears look I'm bored ok
So when my mom used to kiss my arm when I bumped it and it suddenly felt better was just the Placebo Effect in action?
That happened once to me, I had bronchitis for about 6 months (kms) and the doctors kept giving me medicine, an inhaler, etc. to make it better and it did nothing until one doctor was actually kind enough to give me the real drug. #triggered
We should use fake treatments here in Venezuela where there is not medicaments ;)
The power of brain, my friend!
That last line though...
3:45 cosmo and wanda are hiding
What if the power of the placebo is in fact, a placebo?
That explains religion...
Came here from akon - Lonley music video
How do they finish every video with such profound one liners??? amazing as always!
I was hoping for some theories on how it works (mirror neurons maybe? I dunno if it connected the slightest just most confusing things happen because of them)
1:55 I'm pretty sure they can tell the difference because the names r on the thing :/
That effect only happens to people of lower intelligence.
I always thought it was just pronounced "place-bo".
So basically when a 4 year old asks for a band-aid to be put on a bruise
You have to mention about this is one of the reason how the religious miracles and parallel therapies are curing people !!
Mind over matter!!!
Having a cold or hot paste put on something could make it hurt less anyway. Why do you think we sometimes lick our wounds or suck on our injured fingers ?
Can the placebo affect make a drug not work that was supposed to work?
Omg Idk if this is a right thing to do or say so generically, because I have schizophrenia and my doctor literally gives me pills to change my mood or be happier idk if is a think that really works or is this placebo experiment thingbecause my mother spend so much money in pills and my treatment, this sounds so wrong to do
Oh boy, do I have a story about placebo for you. Its how I got diabeatus.
Why do placebos not work on period cramps? I've done everything to try to weaken the pain but if I don't take my actual medicine before the cramps kick in, I'll be dying in the bathroom.
What, they stopped using placebo IN TRIALS because "ethics"? Man, people have really gone too far with their ridiculous morality. I mean, I get it if they don't want to give seriously sick people placebos for testing purposes, but if I have a bad back pain and you offer me a "trial pill" that's secretly a placebo, go for it. That's how trials are supposed to work. Though yeah the 'old pill'-version works too, don't scrap the placebo, man. Ok yeah and then I watched the next couple of seconds and WHY would you say there's no placebos used in trials when they're used in trials. What did they previously just use placebos and no actual real drugs or something? What has changed?
Mind over matter
Goes to show how MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! :)
I absolutely hate the intro.
This was my science fair project!!!
As Dumbledore said, "Of course it's all happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
This doesn't only work with painkiller but also with other things. I remember when I was playing fifa (a football game) and I always play on difficulty normal because hard was too hard. One day, the difficulty was on hard but I though it was on normal so I was playing like I always do and I was winning. Just because I thought the difficulty was on normal. After a while, I realized that the difficulty was on hard because I fel after a while that the game was harder than usual.
Hey can anybody tell me on which disease it helps ??
Hey, laws of attraction anyone? This is literally the explanation
4:05 ha, it's an Orange computer as opposed to Apple or Pear :p
Placebo makes Your brain with comfort and the stress allow more stuff
Thanks for Turkish translate :)))
I remember reading or hearing somewhere that the placebo effect can work even if the person is told that it's a placebo.
"Some believe that instead of being real, the placebo effect is merely confused with other factors, like patients trying to please doctors by falsely reporting improvements." Yeah maybe you'd think it works that way if you never tried to experience it yourself or, idk, actually talk to people who have. Patients are not just objects for you to philosophise about right? You can just pick some people out to tell them they received a placebo and ask why they think they received relief anyway. If you'd want to test this theory that's one very easy way to do it. Sorry for being so aggressive. As someone who can't really draw a lot of comfort from actual life I'm a big fan of placebos. If it has no long-term effects (like maybe a blood pressure problem that grows further out of hand e.g.) and it makes you believe you're well, where's the harm? Experience is all that really matters anyway.
I had to take a double take to make sure that the thumbnail didn't say Beebo
There is an entire system of alternative medicine that uses nothing but placebos to try to cure everything: it is called homeopathy!
I feel like this artist is the same person who animated the Ricky Gervais Show.
We don't fall for placebos because we tell ourselves it works it's because medical professionals tell us it is. Since they have studied medicine we know that they know best so it would be strange to question their actions
The brain is a powerful organ. Just like your subconscious has power over you that you don't even realize, so too does your brain in the placebo effect.
The brain is responsible for the sense of pain, so if it doesn't believe it should feel pain, it temporarily "cancels" an existing pain. That's my theory, at least.
The placebo affect is the closest thing we have to magic
Why does this video remind me of spacejam?
Power resides where people think it resides.
Me against anyone who loves Fiji water: IT'S A PLACEBO AFFECT!!
So does it work on depression patients?
Who is the narrator?
"I shall please" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Remember guys, you just have to believe. and education is a result of placebo effect
But can you kill yourself by overdosing on placebo drug?
The placebo effect proves that the body has the ability to heal itself. If we spent more time on unlocking our inner ability to heal ourselves and less time on trying to 'fix' ourselves with external treatments and pills, I believe we would get a lot further.... I've see it, people healing themselves from stage 4 cancer. Unfortunately this way doesn't make people lots of money...
This is why I should have been optimistic. And that is why the pill I received last year didn't work.
I bet optimism might have effects like this too
This video reminds me of similiar applications in the domain of computer science. Usually, progress bar is just placebo to ease users' anxiety to wait.
Which 'fruit' laptop is that?
I am a pragmatist if a placebo has a lasting/beneficial effect then it is good enough.
Oh you don't use placebos anymore for ethical reasons. Why are people scared of placebos?
How do I make a placebo effect on my self? Seriously, help me!
Your my favourite animator for TED-Ed, this looked great!
People get super cosmic powers you just need to believe it!
It reminds me that at my high school students asked at the helpdesk for aspirin. They gave fake ones to students because they find it too dangerous to give medicine to under aged kids and problems will be the schools responsibility
Michaels Jordans "Secret stuff"
Is it still called the placebo effect if I go barefoot outside in cold weather or injure myself by saying it doesn't really hurt?
I'm the 700th comment
Wishes  all MS  drugs were thoroughly scrutinized .
That one time London got a perfume with "smarticle particles" that actually got her to boost her grades
Make a video about how sound reached earth
This just made me question all my pills
Wait where is this Emma person? Anybody else wonder that?
Why is this age restricted?
"Our more sophisticated brains have given us the ability to learn from our mistakes and to plan for the future-but also to worry about our problems all the time." (Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant Ch. 8 Pg. 133) I don't know why as someone who was once a second generation trained dancer having the opportunity to train in dance schools in Southern California, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York I have to feel like I never understood anything analytical and/or sentimental.I don't know why as someone who is over a year clean and sober it feels like it is a hard thing to accept from others that I try and fortify myself at library by attending events such as Citizen Science Lecture Series/Environmental DNA: Searching for a signal (which was held last night).I don't know why I have to feel emotionally disturbed and/or insecure by people automatically assuming wrong.I don't know why I have to feel displaced because of the imagination with what is reformed.I don't know why I have to feel like I don't understand anything intellectual because of my current status. "Over the last few decades, scientists have realized that constant stress can ravage our bodies." (Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant Ch. 8 Pg. 136) I don't know why I have to feel like my life experience is a lie because of stereotypes and labels.I don't know why if I can't remember if my biological father was in the marine corps or army reserve have to mean I don't understand how the world works.I don't know why I have to feel out of sync with the world because of the imagination with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. "And it turns out that in any particular person's brain, the odds are stacked in a way that depends on their life experiences, specifically their previous exposure to stress." ( Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant Ch. 8 Pg. 148) I don't know why I have to feel like my dance background is unrealistic because I have 42% of my college diploma finished.I don't know why if I say I once practiced gay phone sex and gay sex acts on Skype that has to mean I am just emotionally immature.I don't know why I have to feel stressed out on wanting to feel like a man because of the ego and/or imagination with feminism and manly order.I wish I knew how the world worked.
Consciousness, is everything. End of story. :)
Studies have also shown that even knowing you are taking placebo pills can strangely make people feel better.
The placebo effect is real. Doctors feel better by just believing that they are helping their patients. No real patient help is required.I have seen this occur oh so many times.
2:28 right person looks like dummy in undertale
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The power of the placebo effect - Emma Bryce