The language of lying — Noah Zandan

View full lesson: We hear anywhere from 10 to 200 lies a day. And although we’ve spent much of our history coming up with ways to detect these lies by tracking physiological changes in their tellers, these methods have proved unreliable. Is there a more direct approach? Noah Zandan uses some famous examples of lying to illustrate how we might use communications science to analyze the lies themselves. Lesson by Noah Zandan, animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio.

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Id love yo watch the entire video but Im just too busy right now.
If there is a mention of a racoon in the explanation, then it probably is a lie.
11:48 A P. m PM EST J Augist 24th, 2017 check I was gonna say eyes tired
Thanks, this data can help me become a better liar.
Was he talking about donald trump or nahh ???
"So thats what I've been doing" is what I say, and "meh, this is a lie" is what I comment, and "I never lie.. right?" Is what I imagine and *all I said is a lie* is the truth
Wow i am a good lier.
Or, if you're like me, use these tips to appear less like a liar when you do in fact lie
Wtf are you talking about?
I feel like this could help people lie. For example me
This comment is a liethis comment is true
I certainly hear at least 100 lies a day, but most of them are coming out of my own mouth.
Or you could use what you learned to lie better
Bill Clinton
I didn't edit this comment
The cake is a lie
Cool but as for the long winded explanations trying to sound sophisticated like what lawyers and politicians do then that means Trump speaks the truth.
I lied to test my lie decter. it didn't work.
I have found that if you ask a person something like why didn't you text me back? they take a little bit of time to say the next sentence
The owner of this apparent comment would never watch this idiotic video in order to enhance their own personal lying skills
Melancholics are natural to see dishonesty in people
What a waste of viewing time.I'm not lying!
This shows how great a liar I am.😂😂 *But there's no lie in being awesome! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
I thought of "Caught in a lieeeeeee" oops.
How come there is 8.4 mil views but 4.9 mil subscribers
Then im a liar even when saying the truth lol
White lion bar
Well I don't want to deny but I am guilty of lying about phone calls or video calls..:P..I just didn't feel to talk that moment and made an excuse that I ws away. Also the reason for doing this is cause I didn't know what I should talk about.
Governor historically toward regard retain peer.
I watched this video so I can get better at the game called "town of salem"
Funny, no matter good you performing a lie, it never make sense. It is all about getting away with the lie. Caught or not. That is the objective. But you are all ready caught, so you have to get away with it. People lie to my face to me all the time, but they can still get away with it.😂😂😂😂
Waittt.... What
You should not rely upon these things, they are even more vague than the machines. You will just end up not trusting anyone. Also, saying that official statements can be proven to be a lie is really misleading, I doubt that either president wrote his statement, they probably had it written.
Yay thank you for telling me how to lie better
Why you always lying🎶
This is still an imperfect way to detect lying, especially when dealing with strangers. I was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome and adhd, and personally suffer from various social anxieties. As a result, when dealing with people in a stressful situation, I will often talk using "convoluted phrasing", "negative language", etc. It doesn't help that being falsly accused is a major fear of mine. Some of these were worse when I was younger, and others have gotten worse in adulthood. However, this sort of thing is effective when dealing with people we know, which is why "deception games" like Werewolf can be a very different experience with strangers than with friends. It can also help when trying to discern lies from people in power, such as politicians or advertisers. But I feel like it's not any more viable in a court of law than any of the other methods. Of course, using myself as the sole counter-example is not in any way scientific. I have never been convicted of anything, and so don't actually know how I'd behave in that situation. I could totally be wrong here. I'm simply suggesting that neurodivergance and age group also play a big part when it comes to detecting a lie in this context.
This is actually good detection method. it's bang on. when we are honest about something we always refer to ourselves clearly, almost "showing off" our involvement/contribution etc. the exact opposite happens when lying. easy way to figure out...
Raise your hand if you're an expert at lying😂
My phone realy died,sorry I didn't charge it and ide missed Ur call.
Thanks you just told me how to perfect my lies
What if someone is lying in a language that naturally doesn't use as many pronouns.. say maybe... Japanese?
Great now I know how to get away with lieing
I am fluent in Sarcasm. If any of you dumbasses would like to learn, notify me, I'd be happy to help!
I feel like a lot of this isn't accurate. I know a lot of liars who fit the descriptions they say liars don't fit
I use all the markers of truth here to lie. And then watch people trust me. B-) It's not the manner. It's the frequency and variety of your lies. There is no end to lying. Fredrick Nietzsche said - there is an innocence to lying as a sign of faith in a good cause. People lie out of the need for self-preservation.
Make a video about why people snore
This video is greaaaaat😱😋😋
My lies a month: around 1.
Now I know how to lie even better, lol
Step 1. Study Donald Trump speak
Wait but I'm always negative
Don't complex things. Believe on your intuitions. They are mostly right.
10-200 times a day? The pants industry should be rollin' in it.
I think my best friend stole 100 dollars from me and I'm so pissed
How to spot a lie? "...believe me.."
Why your name similar to fed ex
With this, I can be Sherlock against lying.
Oh yay, now I now what a liar says.
A lie is a white woven thread.
If their mouths moving
1:20 Wow... Sigmund Freud is alive after all.
Well at my science 🔬 I don't know anything lol 😂
Its no different from the methods shot down in the video....
I fell asleep during this boring video Am I lying?
Only 200 lies a day!? I say nearer 500
Do we really hear that many lies if we stay in our room 24/7 ?
3 and 4 seems to contradict with each other
It is necessary that, according to statistics, the possibility of someone watching a video of TedED for leisure is quite low. ;)
Well... I'm a type of person that laughs while thinking "What if that person thinks I'm lying, when I'm tellinf the truth?" so everyone thinks I'm lying ;-;
Why is it that when I tell a lie, my parents believe me, but when I tell the truth, my parents think i'm lying?
Noone as fluffy as me would ever watch the video with intent of becoming a better liar. Any such claim would be ludicrous!
The topic is too simple but in this video, they made it too complicated to understand.
Whole humanity is built on lie. And those who say truth are mocked and crucified
So my phone battery actually dies while talking to somebody... Later on I will meet the person I talked to and apologize for my phone dying "sorry, my phone battery died... Etc" So this is a true and honest statement yet you are saying the probability of me lying is high. Something isn't right there or I miss understood the whole video....
So when I say "I love you to my mom then I'm lying boiiiiiii🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑
I explain everything , every detail of what I'm saying i talk about but I'm not lying ;-;
I have a gf😁
Thanks for helping me to learn how to lie better :)
What about exaduration?
I have a question tho, can you train with these linguistic detectors, like while telling a lie can you actually like train against doing this
When I was a kid and I used to skip school, I always thaught my self that the more the lie is complex the more someone can believe it. You can also come up with a lie to cover up an other lie, it works well. Hey bro, sorry I broke "something less valuable" > to cover up that you broke something more valuable, and when they discover what happened => "Nah it's not him, last time he even told the truth about breaking that thing" Finally, if you have a habit when you lie, you can "transfer" that habit. For example, if you wink your eyes when you lie, you can transfer that to an other part of your body, like pressing your toes against each others. This way people wouldn't notice easily.
I think saying that convoluted sentence structure Large words Is not a good way of indicating a lie; Especially regarding a president who is expected to speak professionally
But every time my phone has died while on call and I've explained to the person i was on the phone w that my phone died it was true lol
I normally talk like that, and when i lie i go into detail, not as in stretching it out with long words, but actual detail to make it more believable, i also add some things which go against myself (as in me being an idiot inside the lie) for example, yesterday i did a backflip, it took me a 1000 tries and most of them i failed and landed on my back, but i still did it.
It took me 30yrs to realize ppl lie as easily as they breathe, from politicians to history books to sickness industry to religious leaders.. it just makes me so angry.. it's one thing to say you like that crappy gift they gave you or avoid hurting someone's feelings unnecessarily, but it's a whole another thing to go out of your way to make up stories that "make you look better".. seriously, why not say it as it is and bear the consequences.. "I DON'T HAVE A TRUST ISSUE; PEOPLE HAVE A LYING ISSUE."
This isn't how Donald Trump lies. He's direct, and uses plenty of pro-nouns about self.
So confusing 😱
Can u guys make more riddles plz
Just remember, It's not a lie if you believe it.
Why do they lie and pretend that it is the truth?
What if this video is a lie
Wait guys, what if this video is a lie.
Jezik laži = The language of lies for all you non slavic peeps 😁
How not to lie
How to spot a liar: I have a boyfriend.
I keep my lies short and simple.
Noah Zandan so woke he never sleeps
Lying detectors are crap because they just look at your heartbeat and they say if your heart beats fast you lie.

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The language of lying — Noah Zandan