The Industrial Revolution (18-19th Century)

Introduction to some of the elements of the Industrial Revolution, more on this subject to come! The economic developments of the 1800s saw the development of agrarian and handicraft economies in Europe and America transform into industrial urbanised ones. The term to describe this phenomenon would be known as the ‘Industrial Revolution’ and was first used by French writers, but made popular by English economic historian Arnold Toynbee. Please consider supporting our videos on PatreonSIMPLE HISTORY MERCHANDISE Get your copy of Simple History: World War II today! (Top Seller!)T-ShirtsSimple history gives you the facts, simple! See the book collection here: Amazon USAAmazon UKAdditional sources: The Penguin History of Europe Paperback by J. M. Roberts Credit: Narrator: Christian H Miles Animation: Daniel Turner Artwork: Daniel turner Music Credit Industrial Revolution by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence () Source: Artist:

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Pls do the battle of kursk the largest tank battle in world history pls pls
This Comment was post while German Unity Day.3/10
Darn it, if you guys made this earlier I wouldn't had suffer in school XD. Anyway keep up the good work!
Do a video on Sargent Stubby, he was a dog soldier during WWI.
You wouldn't have phones, TVs, cars, or PCs if it wasn't for good ole England
101st E Company? I was just watching Band of brothers and saw this video and knowing that I love this channel it would be pretty cool to maybe see a battle for carentan. But I know this comment should be buried.....
One glaring omission is the fact the the West Indian Sugar Industry and the African Slave Trade were major catalysts for Britain's Industrial Revolution.
Hey, you uploaded on my birthday!
I miss good old karl marx in this video!
Lol i just did this lesson at school some days ago xD
I Love the Industrial Revolution, i know pretty much everything about it
Gonna get a A for that history test
A video about The Industrial Revolution? Finally, worth my wait.
Can you please do something about the netherlands? Like the dutch ressitance or Anne Frank
Because you made a video of this, please make a video also the birth of workers rights:communism and anarchism
Sugestion: ww1 romanian army faction or a video about tTitanic
England is my city.
In 1910 Germany was the industrial leader and only after WWI the US became the world's superpower
What is the differences entre parabellum mg 14 and mg 14/17
Where did the brits get the navy?
Looks like a video on "The first railways" is in order soon
A video about el alamein could be cool
Can you please talk about the Black Country in Britain particular Dudley
Hello from Manchester, have a great day
CAN you do the STG 44
For the next video can you do ww1 special forces like the French blue Devils, black watch, or the Seaforth Highlanders?
Hey simple history,could you do a video on national service conscription on singapore?the relatively tiny island country :)
Hey Simple History can you do a video about the Yugoslav War? I haven't seen anyone talk about it now.
Wait....isn't the US become the top industrial nations around 1915? or am i mistaking something?
And while the Industrian Revolution was on the rise and the economy and sciences were flourishing in Europe ,we were under the occupation of the subhuman savages of the Ottoman "empire"...*sigh*
Can you do the Indonesian National Revolution?
Please do WWII Factions "The ThaiArmy"
And then there was saltaire...
This is why i love Great Britain
Why count Scotland a part of Britain Scottish freedom
A video on the 1st American Volunteer Group, aka the Flying Tigers, would be cool
A powerfull navy? Didn't our dutch navy bring the english navy to it's kneas in it's own harber at that time
Make video: the factions yugoslavia army 2ww
Today I literally just started a unit on the Industrial Revolution at school
How about the haitian revolution
According to Reginald Barrow, the industry words is came from roman language,its mean is Hard working
The Dutch army ww2, could you make a video About it?
Spanish civil war video please
Please make a video for The defense of doiran
These videos help me get ahead in history class. THX
Did the workers get a good salary?
This video was enjoyable until a horror movie ad showed up. 😱
Please do the finnish civil war of 1917-1918
The world can change for the better if we support education and scientific advancement. Instead of constantly fear mongering.
The industrial revolution was an inside job
Industrial Revolution had a bigger impact than Charles Dickens did.
Please do the Kursk submarine disaster?
Sweet but I'm late so I gotta do PT *runs 500 yards and does 50 push ups*
Any updates for the video of Erwin Rommel(The Desert Fox)?
Belgium was second country to undergo the revolution thanks to great ties and contracts with great brittain. i love you britts
I’m currently writing an essay on the Industrial Revolution for my HIS 248 class and this vid helped alot, couldnt’ve been any better timing!!
Do a video on the history of New York City.
An then all the ore need to make a tin came from malayan colony...nice
There's the beginning of British colonialist
It also was a factor in the American Civil war... thanks great Britain...
The Industrial Revolution made a better quality of life but not a better life.
Make a video about thowing morter rounds against the japanese
You forgot the netherlands
Do a video about the doughboys in ww1 that would be great, love your channel and keep up with the great work
Oh hi Mark!
Good vid
Colonial state
Yay Britain
1:43 ir domestic system
Romanian army ! Please!!!
Do Trotsky's assassination
Irish 1916 Easter rising
Or Do De Lisle Commando Carbine!, Welrod!, Mp40/1, Breda Modello 30!
Soviet-afghan war
Never clicked so quickly before
Irish riseing 1919-1921
Hey, where is Jacob and Eevy Frye?
Do napoleonic war
No Book?
Simple is better
Please Indonesia subtitle..
Whos this new voice
Try Philippines American war.
Ww2 german u boats plz
The HMS Warrior is a great ship
Maybe a video about the Zulu war
Make a video about Atatürk pls! :)
This is cool can you do the Korean War my grandpa faught in it
Videos on the Napoleonic wars would be interesting.
PLEASE!!! Make the videos longer :(
Can you please make a video about "Hiroshima And Nagasaki Atomic bomb World of war 2"
I liked how the British were allowed their little skit of being on top of the industrial ladder, then America, as always, proved better than Britain
3:20 What? At first you said that the lack of an armed force to free up capital was good but now you're saying having a big navy is good? You can't have both
Can u make a video about the development of the silencer?

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The Industrial Revolution (18-19th Century)