The history of marriage - Alex Gendler

View full lesson: A white, puffy dress. Eternal love. A joint tax return. Marriage means something different to everyone and has changed over time and across cultures. Alex Gendler traces the history of getting hitched, providing insights on polygamy, same-sex unions and even marriage between the dead and the living. Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Augenblick Studios.

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Btw for those who don’t know what Mesopotamia was well it was the old land of what is now called Kurdistan but you can search it up for more information.
Seems like every form of civilization started in Egypt in Africa. Nice.
Considero que el vídeo esta muy bien pero los subtitulo van demasiado rápidos por lo que les sugiero revisar esta parte para mejorarlo y sea mas comprensible..saludos y ojala que mi comentario sirva de algo.
My left ear feels very educated
The person talking sounds like she's about to cry....🤷‍♀️
10.000 da wäre schon längst alles vermischt oder s jibt seit 10.000 jahren goldene nazis die sich nicht mischten siehe Hochzeitstorte
Constant change hmm why not religion then!!
Againt isreal SMH
That's "Palestine" by the way
Exactly. So when I say I wanna marry a rich man why is that bad? Because I'm not focusing on "love"? 🙄
I wonder what would have been the fate of the person who married a ghost.Would he be called a widow/widower??!
I usually love ted ed but this is obviously choosing fringe examples to make a political point
I remember learning in one college class that men took the women's last name at one point in some culture but then it switched because it benefited somebody somewhere by how they inherit property
What in the world does the words at 4:29 mean?? They're clearly traditional Chinese and I can read it but it makes no sense whatsoever. Can somebody explain that to me?
On 0:23 those guys on bed are those both male or is it just the dad with his boy or his mum with dad or his mom with child so confused
2017: Men can now marry anime characters via VR
Definition of marriage 5 years ago: 1 Man + 1 Woman definition of marriage today: 1 Man/Woman + another Man/Woman definition of marriage in 5 years: 8 Dogs + 3 monkeys + 17 Ferns + 2 year-old boy + 98 year-old man yet it's "completely normal".... yeah right
Woah! Ghost marriage!
Those poor Tibetan men...
The first guy to get married in the modern world must've thought: I love you so much that I'm gonna get the government invovled so that you can never leave me
I wonder what would be the fate of the person who married a ghost.Would he be called a widow/widower??!
Sometimes I wonder if people actually believe in marriage anymore then I remember that the comment section is full of americans and I think the divorce rate speaks for itself. Personally, I love the idea of finding your soul mate.
What does "平綺版版白綺記墨" mean ??in 4:28
Liberal (illuminati) propaganda
1:57 I feel bad for her pussy 😢
This video is comprehensive as fuck
Vows are fine. But bringing the law into it is a no go. Unless we're talking a private contract. Welcome to 2017.
There's no country called israel tho
I'm sorry , there wasa countarycalled israelin times of mesopotamia!!!!!you kidding , right:/
Why is everyone complaining about gay marriage in the comments?
So Gay marriage was a thing way longer than Marrying for Love....Suck On That Haters!
4:29 what does that mean in Chinese?!Im Chinese but I don't get it!
I see all of the above in today's society.
Boo! Fuck gay marriage! This ruins our human race!
I like my husband reddad name
Funny internet athiest alweys skip this one abvice part . call'd history
That's another reason why marriage should not be regulated by governments.
Why does her nose sound stuffy tho?
*fuck all of you because your traditional marriage ideals are fake as shit bc traditional people were gay as fuckkkkk*
Propaganda. no to same sex union.
Well , i have two mums
Today, most young people are married to their cellphone, and they look happy.
When you say "the history of marriage", you mean to say "here's why alternative marriages are perfectly ok"
I'm going to be crass. My crazy teenage hormones are compelling me to do so, but: 4:01 DAAAAAAYUUUMM she got a booty.
Simple and well explained
I wonder when people started to fall in love with people? Is that an age old thing?
I would get too jealous-- I'm good with one husband
May marriage changes over years but palestine will never do
Marraige was always about wealth. Nuff said!
This feels less about history of marriage and more of a justification of present day gay marriage.
Wow so gay marriage has always been legal? Kool
The idea that adelphopoesis was marriage is a debated one. Frankly I doubt the Church would have allowed gay marriage while condemning gay sex.
I don'tlike reddadname
Basically marriage had nothing to do with love until the last few decades.
Why do Postmodernists always mention some failed third world Cultures when making a case? Most Cultures suck. The Marriage between one man and one woman is the most superior one because it allows men to focus on more productive things rather then competing for women.
"Brother making" lol
Nice lies Zionists
Is any other Christian bothered by what other religions think of us? This comment section is filled with anti-Christian comments....
No offence, but polygamy weirds me out.
The more people think of marriage as individual happiness, the more likely people are to divorce
If i had a dollar for each possible gender combination of marriage i would have 1 dollar and 2 counterfeits.
Marriage is a consumeristic bad habit of the human species linked to disgusting practices of the past like: Making sure the marriage is "consummate"; Making sure the spouse gets to the first night as a virgin (which induced some women to sacrifice a chicken to use its blood to deceive the husband during the first night - how other vegans are still ignoring the roots of the marriage is a mistery to me!-); A feudal landlord claiming his right on his folk's spouse first night; But there is more: The marriage contract being your receipt for a lifetime warranty in case of "product malfunctioning" so that divorcing you are rescinding that contract getting money back allowance. (as a matter of "convenience" ... Eh...!); As for the religious aspect: Religions are full of unethical preachings and this one is not the exception... Sometimes forcing children getting married as an arrangement between families too... Ps. : I have been cohabiting with the love of my life for 17 years now and I still love him without giving up to the corruption of the marriage... And I NEVER WILL!
I believe in traditional marriage of one woman and one man, and that that is the way it will be and should be for the foreseeable future. Society may change but that institution as I just described it will not.
Everything is okay, but u did forget to mention on important fact about marriage and why it was founded in the first place. When man was created, God said it wasent right for him to be alone and created woman. The marriage was some sort of instruction to keep everything sacrate and faithfull between the two and have God blessings for a non free sin life (before the fall of man) and in modern times with the true blessing of the Lord in marriage its suppose to still be that way. In what a same sex marriage refers to its an abomination to God and its wrong on so many levels. I dont aproove of it obviously. But facts in history are correct. (y) keep up that good work ted.
You are speaking about history of marriage and giving facts about the topic and you but Israel as an ancient civilization as Mesopotamia and Egypt. do not you know that they announcedIserael state in 1948, no matter if it is legitimacy or not. to be honestyou must correct this wrong and tell the historicaltruth so viewers could trust your video. thanks
This is a terrible video. It is untrue. Marriage was made by God as a gift for mankind. It has always supposed to have been monogamous and between a man and a woman. Humans have always perverted marriage and that is why you get the different variations mentioned in this video.
Religion invented marriage. Marriage is different from a biological parings.
How would the wife know who her child belonged to if she married more than one man at the same time back in those days
I know its 2017 and i just discovered this channel and its awesome,but after jawning video i just jawn to everything,its your fault
Marriage is not just an institution but an idea that has been and will keep evolving with time
The fact that anti-Zionist in the comment section are getting mad at the mention of ANCIENT ISRAEL, just goes to show how stupid they really are. its a pure delegitimization movement.
"it's perfectly normal for a 35 year old to marry a 15 year old."
How could you speak of an "Ancient Israel" when the State of Israel was only declared on may 14th 1948 ?
GREAT video!
Sometimes i wish i could marry 5 men but people would call me a hoe if did
I highly approve of same sex marriage. The LGBT community should have to suffer just like everyone else.
Nice video, it shows the the hard work you put into this research, but "isreal" doesn't exist for your information.
And people still think that LGBT community is a new trend.
Gay marriages should be banned!
Thank you but please dont try show that every Muslims are polygamist....
Does marrying a 2d creature count as marriage?
Most of the history from Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was destroyed and hidden so for this to start of with imagery of them being married, and talk about owning land etc seems like BS if your ask me. Have done a lot of reading on Kemet and not seen any similarity between them and our sad society of ego and ownage..
I just wanna marry my food
This talk is greatly lacking in an anthropological point of view
Why do most of the videos pick Egyptian era to talk about things which happened around 2000BC when it's well established that most practices like marriage, mathematics, cosmology existed in Bharatvarsha since puranic times.
Wow. These comments are just a war zone mostly because I think the general feeling of the world right now is "You can have any opinion that you want as long as it's mine." So screw it, I don't think gay marriage is normal and so think God created man and woman for a purpose. So come on then, I'll stand by my opinion and faith. God bless.
In France we have a very funny show called "Kaamelott". One of the many characters once said: "As me you are married, so You know that monstrosity can take very diverse forms." That sounds Perfect.
Wow, when can i move to the places where you can have multiple husbands 😉😂
I'm appalled at the stupidity rampant nowadays to the point were necrophilia is now viewed as normal. I thought this channel was supposed to teach people not to indoctrinate them into liberal nonsense. Marriage is defined by God not society, if society defines such institutions then child marriage is okay.
Why do the "marrige" people all have to be white? :o
Alright, I just want to know, does anyone else besides me support all kinds of love? I'm talking the LGBTQ+ community, incest, pedophilia (Now I'm not saying go off and have sex with your 20 year old partner when you are 13, wait for age of consent), and I don't know how to spell the relationship between human and animal. As long as you are happy along with your partner, I'll support it.
As much as I love the liberal take on this, you have to at least acknowledge that women were not equal parties until very recently. They did not choose to get married. Men who could, acquired them - as property.
Can someone tell me what purpose did ghost marriages serve? I don't get it.
This channel gives me hope in humanity again...sort of
Am i the only that thinks that marriage is pointless today?
Idk. No hate against polygamous relationships but makes me sad. I don't know... isn't one person enough to make you feel excited or happy? I don't know... what to think about it.

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