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I would like to point out some things though: 1. I'm not entirely sure, but isn't The Hunger Games supposed to be a dystopian series, which kind of means they don't exactly fit into YA category? Or is it both? However it may be, the argument "when I was 16 I could barely do [insert action], let alone disestablish the government" doesn't really work because it's not a contemporary book, not even an urban fantasy to say that there are weird stuff happening in our usual world ( though 16yo people of our days who were born in countries that are at war pretty much know how to handle a gun and take part in military strategies if necessary ) 2. The thing with TFIOS language that I've seen in a lot of videos, at 15 when I read it I remember wanting to talk with someone like that but people my age weren't interested in that kind of stuff :) And though it was an OK-ish book for me, I appreciated the language, it made the characters more relatable for me personally :) With the instalove and the dangerous-omg-im-toooooooo-dangerous-stay-away type of guy, YES, I completely agree. The mafia thing though, that was good xD
Yes!! I totally agree with the parent point!! Where are the parents? The teenagers I know hardly know how to operate a washing machine without their parents help and suddenly they're leading a revolution? I get that it's a futuristic novel but still, I don't think in a couple hundred years teenagers would undergo such drastic evolution Okay, rambling disconnected, really great video <3
They never have a love triangle where the male is at the top because people would get mad that it's sexist. "Like two girls fight over a guy seriously 😒" which is essentially the same attitude we should share to "regular" love triangles.
You're so sassy in the way you throw shade. XD Favorite: 4:32 - 4:41
What I dislike the most about YA are the the main protagonist. As you said, there are all so unique.... Like.. there a bit clumsy; not "pretty", but they are pretty; they are not "like other girls"; if it´s a contemporary story then they like "indie" music, read book (high class books...), they don´t like mainstream....
When you said originality and the music blared and all hell broke free from the depths of the underworld I wasn't expecting meme material on a goddamn booktube video and I almost fell off my chair laughing so freaking hard so thank you for that unexpectedness
Pffft, love hexagons are so passé. It's all about the love dodecahedron nowadays.
You fucking savage. subscribed.
Itsdivya you forgot the Outcast series by Cassandra Gold. Oh dear many uncomfortably naked men...
I had a YA story I came up with back in high school with a 25 year old protagonist, and got the chance to show it to an editor from one of the big NY publishers. (Not in a query capacity. They were a guest teacher for a class.) Their first bit of advice was "Find a way to make this character work asa teenager, or else re-write this book so the target audience is twenty-somethings."
Something that has been bothering for some time now are periods and how YA novels don't talk about them. Like at all. I think that's something that should definitely be mentioned at least once in novels with a female protagonist. Especially if the book is set in post-apocalyptic world and/or they're on the run. Honestly, there's so many books where the author doesn't mention a very important biological process that every female goes through if they are healthy enough to menstruate. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.
The YA protagonist cliches (normal looking/mousy, whiny, seemingly incredibly attractive to all boys) make me really sad because its written as wish fulfillment for a lot of young girls. Which is completely the wrong way to go about addressing this internal conflict young girls have. Ay.
I love your videos so much lol
One more thing: the protagonist being a bookworm who reads exclusively books that are at least 150 years old, and you know the author hasn't even touched ever, let alone read, so the whole thing just sounds pretentious
I always get so annoyed by how much ya books love to focus on romance and make it one of the biggest priorities of the protagonist. i understand that romance can be interesting and add dimension, but as a teenage girl i just wanna see a ya character that doesn't put romance at the top of their priority list?? i wanna see someone who doesn't make selfish and unreasonable decisions in the name of love for a guy they barely know??? maybe it's just me but i want to see romance romanticized less in ya books
How the fuck did you make love triangles so deep
(I’m late to this video ik) I love how you talk about things you don’t like and in the background you have a Hunger Game poster, because SAME
1.) lmao I'm writing a young adult, but my protagonist is a 29-year-old man with a best friend who just turned 30. HA! this correct? Oh, fuck it. 2.) I hate the love triangle trope. It's so cliche, and overdone. I mean, if it was well written, and flip-flopped on me like I'm expecting so and so to go for this guy, but then she suddenly goes for the other one! OR if oh Jesus turns out mc was gay all along! Whoopsy daisy! But yeah, I don't like love triangles.
*Read Vladimir Tod for a guy choosing between two girls whereas it isn't the main plot*
I know this is old but about whan you said dark heir pale skin and green eyes my first thougt was about loki from marvels thor (sorry about spelling im sick)
Oh no! the ORBZ strike again
It sounds like you have two accents battling each other when you speak. Its pretty unique.
Why are you so funny
When you started talking about romance people outside it the garage sounded like they where having an orgy
Barbara need to step the fuck back
Haters!!!! If you think you can write a fucking perfect book, then why don't you write it instead of pricking our balls??? Nothing is perfect: video games, cartoons, movies, books, toys, the world, the animals and ourself the people!!! Always hate! Then why do you buy YA books and read them then??? Go read some cooking or barbie books, even play with your dolls!!! Everything has flaws a lot of times!!! Haters gonna Hate!!!!
You're so pretty❤️❤️
I kind of feel like things have changed significantly since I was in the YA age bracket. When I was a kid, love triangles went the other direction. Boys could be stuck between two hot girls and it was normal and accepted, but if a female character was portrayed that way, she was a "slut." Twilight changed that narrative quite a lot from my point of view, and now because it caused such a huge ruckus, these things are in every book, like literary cockroaches. I hate them.
I love the lunar chronicles, but those points are exactly what I don't like about them XD
I freaking love you. (but not like love like how barbara loves, like fucking finally somebody said it)
About the not being able to do anything without parents thing people keepingmentioning.. This varies I guess because my parents live in another country and the people I live with-well one of them went to china and I didnt notice. and I'm 15... but then I know some people who can't do anything by themselves and are teenage babies. It depends but I suppose that certain environments might lead people to have to change or learn more or become food at fighting.
I just found you and OH GOD YOURE HILARIOUS
I actually gasped when she said originality.
Video title: Twilight in a nutshell
While we've on the topic of cheesy love at first sight, i just finished a book called "saving red", and honestly it was one of the worst most cliche book i've ever read
I saw Fangirl in the thumbnail and had to click
Do you take book requests? I have a book I will soon have up on Amazon, it counts as YA and it is not one of that generic crap you describe.
To be fair people like Alexander the great, Genghis khan and so on started pretty young, and a guy called Nestor makhno defended a region of Ukraine against the USSR after ending up in prison for his political views as pretty much a teenager... it's just the authors don't know how to portray this as relatable. Or even how to write about it.
Don't forget the " i have to save everyone while pushing them away even though they said theyll stand by me " mentality
What I liked about the hunger games is that it wasn't just teens taking down the government. The rebellion is mainly composed of adults. She wasn't the chosen one or a special snowflake; she volunteered, she won, people saw her, they were inspired, and she BECAME the symbol.
Man, the way you described the "bad boy" love interest is just so on point!! Dark hair, muscular but slim, "dangerous"... So true for all YA books, dyingggg
I think that trivialises The Hunger Games- Katniss maybe 'needs a rebellion' but then it's apolitical book, I wouldn't really say that's a YA trope- maybe it's 'dystopian trope' but then that's the definition of dystopian, or rather one of the natural reactions to a dystopian environment: rebellion. The only trope of The Hunger Games is the 'attractive average girl' and the 'hetero love triangle' but I still think it subverts it in many ways and each character is fleshed out- plus I just head-canon Gale as a woman and it makes it a bit better, that way Katniss' choice has extra commentary on society.
Finally i found a girl that thinks the smae way i do! "Where are they parents?" Luv u, grl
Another thing that bugs me is that they all have fucking flawless skin??? I'm sorry no?? Unless you are like a corpse???
But i like the love triangle in the infernal devices series bc they all kinda just love each other yknow
"she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding"
Honestly Becky Albertalli is like the only author whose books actually feel realistic. With like real teenagers and how we act/ think. Then again I do think she has the added bonus of being a psychologist for young adults on her side so 😅🤷🏿‍♀️
Does "Something Wicked This Way Comes" count as YA?
The only good love triangle is the infernal devices.
Girllll you're salty af 😂 I like it xD Subscribed
Trueeeee. But did the legend trilogy have a love triangle? But also seeing as I wanna be a writer I'm honestly so very tempted to write that love triangle but then turn it into a polyam relationship? Cause what's the best way to solve a love triangle other than making it a polyam relationship. (Except rick's way of combining the two, that works too lmao)
I really like Six of Crows. It's an amazing, actually creative YA book. It doesn't have any love triangles or some grand destinies that the main characters have to fulfil to become better people. It has 6 batshit terrible people that have nothing to lose going on an impossible heist for that sweet sweet cash. It's doesn't even have a specific main character, but six character that all get enough time to develop and grow on you even though they're those worst kind of people that would be villains in other books and you have no idea how you've started liking them in the first place, but once you did, there's no coming back.
Oh **ck, I forgot that book characters needs to be 16-18 (Sometimes younger or older) and they don't need their parents.. I also forgot love triangle... What is my book now?
Seriously... where are the parents?! Also... that was a solid Mulan reference.
Why have a love triangle when you can have a love dodecahedron!?
I still need to know Barbara is now
Okay but like hear me out: ya names. Literally every fucking ya character has a weird ass name or if they have a normal name, they go by a weird one (divergent im looking at you). Like teach kids that you can be special with a normal fucking name and that there's nothing wrong with a stereotypical, normal sounding name
TVD has a massive shortage of adults in the later seasons
Stepping over the line a bit *Barbara*
Saw this and immediately subscribed
Read new adultor adult and you won't have any of these problems
This is why I love Harry Potter. He is not perfect. He is skinny, he has messy hair and baggy worn clothes with broken glasses. He doesn't complain about his shitty life to his friends and make it a big deal. The "my parents are dead" backstory was played perfectly. And he also dosent always get what he wants. He gets in trouble that interferes with his goals. He also messes up. Like when he just lost it at Hormine and Ron yelling at them for leaving him for the summer, even if he was completely justified to say all of that it was still mean. Most authors would have stuck with the "perfect protagonist". And finally, the character development (SPOILERS)After seeing somone die, and being tortured he is ACTUALLY affected by it. You can see how he is affected by it, he is a bit more irritable than before.
Just found your channel and now I know my night is going to be spent rolling in tears and screaming "YES PREACH IT" at my computer. Girl, you are comedy gold
I love your accent oml
Dude ya awesome.
The shadeeeee
Love triangle? love bent line
I am Barbara
I love youuuu marry meee
The forbidden O word 😂 Preaaach
I love you
3:46 poor Barba
Hey, read 'Me, Earl and the Dying Girl". Its a good YA <3
What about Ender's Game?
It doesn't bother me when a young character has the mind of an adult, because most of the time I am a 90 year old while in a 17 body; however, moments of insecurity and normal teenage struggles happen for everyone. I hate love triangles, because the author really is pushing that romance, saying it is honest and ever lasting. Ok, then at the first fight or when a pretty face walks by the character throws everything away. Of course, the main couple is reunited once more, because please, they are made for each other! Currently I am tired of wars and dystopian societies.
I would read the fuck out of a novel about a 45 year old having a mid life crisis.
I'll get use to your accent. Subscribed.
The only triangle I can think of where the guy was the one choosing was in the Maze Runner... I think? It was Teresa vs Brenda, right?
I'll definitely be sticking around, loved listening to your opinions! Subscribed faster than it takes me to say the word McDonald's ;)
This is is why I have moved on from Teenager and YA novels to anime and manga. Except for The Lunar Chronicles Series, not for its romance (it's my least favorite part imo) and the looming danger of the plague (I keep forgetting that exists) but it's world and characters. (Though I'm not denying its flaws, cause _of course finding out you're the supposedly dead Princess of the moon whos mostly cyborg, dating an emperor, becoming friends with a criminal with a huge criminal record, the granddaughter of a farmer who's dating a soldier who is genetically modified to be like a beast when taken control of, and a small teenage hacker girl whos lived on a satellite for years is totally relatable._ ) This kind of turned into a defense for The Lunar Chronicles Series so I'm just gonna say it: This series is my guilty pleasure good bye
Hey it’s more of a love angle bc in a love triangle two guys or two girls (assuming it’s a generic ya novel) would have to be attracted to each other but the author can’t add any of that stuff unless it’s a side charactwr
I was discussing book tropes or something with my mom and mentioned how I thought it was possible for love triangles to be done well. And she just replies with, "It's completely unrealistic. No girl has two guys in love with her at the same time...well, except for you." And??? No mom I'm not in a love triangle. One of the boys did have a crush on me at the time but the other one never said anything about a potential crush it's just my mom's assumption. I don't even like either one of them that way so the "who should I choose" element isn't even there.
I remember in Legend, Day (I think it was???) had a love triangle as well, except he didn't feel anything for the other girl, just June. Meanwhile June was thrown into a weird Love triangle herself that all around felt wrong and just, ew. In the end she went for both of them at two different times. So, yeah.
I read a YA vampire novel that was actually good. It was before I ever heard of Twilight. This was back in 2005. I can't remember the title but it's not a love triangle. Instead of glittery skin and being a hero, the vampire was a deceitful prick who used the human girl to get away from a vampire hunter by pretending to be an innocent normal human and acting like the hunter was just crazy. Then he takes her hostage but winds up being the one with the Stockholm because even though he (originally) took her hostage, she was actually pretty "scary" for just a girl. She ends up dragging him to interrogate him because of an observation with how to become immortal so she can get revenge for her mother's death. She actually cares nothing about her vampire at first, and recklessly uses his feelings for her to try to achieve immortality. He keeps lying about how to achieve immortality because it would put her in danger from the hunter. In the end of the book it turns out that her mother was killed by the hunter while caught up between him and the vampire and that's why he lied. In the end he defeats the hunter protecting the girl and turns into dust from the sun. The girl finally realized that her revenge seeking had blinded her and left her with no one. It was good but really messed up.
Like...why have a love triangle...when you can just...have them have...a poly relationship...
I am Barbara (seriously, that's my name lol)
I'm not good with love triangles, the only like real love triangle I've actually experienced first hand was I'd also loved my dog... Though they were smart enough not to ask "who do you love more" because guys, it's always the dog. Even if you were married for 40+ years, especially if you're married for 40+ years, the girl is going to love the dog more. Asking that is just an open invite to be emotionally smacked in the face. ^_^ Because no person can compete with the love a dog has for you. @[email protected]
Your videos are so hilarious OMG time to binge em all!
Where are your parents? I always wondered that about YA fiction.
I actually really like the lunar chronicles, it's not like a copy of the hunger games or divergent, it has well written characters and humor (ps this is not a hate comment, I love your videos and you're adorable) and there's no love triangle subplots, all the romance is centered on two people
I was like "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, JOHN?!" once I got to the part, in The Fault in Our Stars, where a waiter offers champagne to two baby-faced minors who have cancer (Grace literally has her portable oxygen tank by her side) without even checking their IDs. I mean... no. This just doesn't happen.
I haven't started the video yet but I just wanted to say that I love your hair😂
I have just stumbled upon this channel, and I already love it!
I find failed love triangles kinda amazing, for example (I know it's middle grade but roll with it) the maze runner. Like there does seem to be some romance between Thomas, Brenda and Teresa but they literally just hold hands and kill on the cheek and shiz while Tommy feels 'butterflies' and it only happens like twice.
In defense of the parents not around tropes my mom's a teacher and I've been informed thatkids parents particulary middle class kids parents, often don't know what they get up to on a daily basis. These kids usually have lots of cash and no parent supervision. So it would be fairly easy for kids with these workaholic parents to go on adventures without their parents knowing.
Love triangles are wish-fulfillment.Just imagine if you had not just one, but two (or more) hot guys desperately trying to get in your pants?
Oh my God, I love you !! hahaha, but I'm gonna grab my manuscript and slowly go away because my novel is YA and about revolution AND might also havee some kind of love triangle hidden there... but whatever, i still agree with most of what you say
Instantly followed you when you said the line, "The forbidden 'O' word...originality."
Liked for the McDonald's references. And also for truth.
0:43 oh shite, god damn! Thug Lyfe

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