The Castles Time Forgot

Guess what? Most medieval castles didn't look like what you think they did. Awesome shirts by Shadiversity:

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I guess the moral of the story is, having a castle is better than not having a castle. So if you can't afford stone, go with wood. And if you can't afford wood, go with sand. Unfortunately, sand castles usually don't survive high tide.
After that intro, i'm 100% sure shadi is slowly losing his mind
Anyone want to build a big-ass wooden castle with me? No? Okay...
Last time I was this early I was Prussian
And back before wooden castles, they were made of straw damn wolves...
These castles aren't SUPER MEGA AWESOME CASTLES these are old dead castles... RIP Little Not Awesome Anymore Castles... );
I think we can all agree that Shad thinks about machicolations when he masturbates
"You had to get a licence to build crenellations" - You should be more accurate - These types of laws were applied to specific places at specific times. Such was certainly not the case throughout Europe throughout the Middle Ages.
Wooden castles didn't rot... it was dragons i tell you, dragons!
Look up "Spøttrup Borg" it's a farm from 1404 handed over to the church in order to pay forproper christian burial. Then the church converted it into a castle and gave it a freaking moat. (But this might be common, I don't know).
Shad you kill my sides every time you shout Machicolations. P.S I love your Castle series, keep up the awesome work!
Dear Shad, Could you do a video series on fantasy races and what kind of armor (any time period, you could base it on real-world civilizations), cavalry (horse, elephant, etc.), castles (architecture styles, strategic blueprints, etc.), and fighting tactics they would use? *I know you did one on weapons, but the full package would be even more awesome.* Also, what real-life civilizations would correlate the most accurately with each fantasy race? You wouldn't have to pick one over the other, just pick a few that would apply. Any civilization before the introduction of gunpowder is fine. P.S. I'm gonna reply to this comment and list off different ideas in my head as to what might be plausible. Anyone reading, feel free to add on.
The intro is so long, but i fucking love it its soooo good
During their westward expansion the US built a large number of wooden forts, and while they may not be castles exactly they probably shared many traits with them, so could possibly be used to make extrapolations
Rather have this as a poster than as a shirt
Very glad to see this! I'm writing a medieval novel and had already given lesser nobles wooden homes and defenses due to cost, so seeing the expert confirm this was done goes a long way. All the descriptions and pictures you always put in these have been a huge inspiration for my own writing, so I owe you a huge thanks for making all these for your viewers! Also: it's both hilarious and a little bit of a shame (that should never be changed) that the SUPERMEGAAWESOMECASTLES shirt seems to overshadow any video it's in due to sheer audacity, energy, and hilarity.
55 seconds of ad?! really Shad?!
Hey, Shad. Can you please review armor and weapon in game Battle Brothers. In my opinion, this game is the best example of representation of actual weapon and armor in games for now. Thanks, and you are awesome!
So what was person licensed to build crenelations called?Is like a Thatcher? Where the last name shows the profession?
Is it just me or does he use sketch up for some of the digital recreations?
You keep saying "social status", when you mean political status.
Idk why you call Neuschwanstein a castle. we Germans do not call it a castle (Burg) but a Schloss. I am not sure how to correctly translate it, but maybe mansion is the right word
Great vid! I love learning stuff I didn't even know I didn't know :)
What is the castle at 2: 50?
Or perhaps not every governance required licenses to build them...
I like your channel, but why the fuck would anyone wanna wear a goddamn castle shirt?
Caerphilly castle is good. Luck to live 2 minutes away from it
I appreciate your need to sell merch, but shouting about castles for a whole minute before every single video is getting a bit much.
In french we separate castle and fortified castle
This video was so worth it just cuz of the intro XD
As soon as you mentioned upgrading castles I thought of Bannerlord. I didn't think the hype could get any higher!
A possible thought on having more "castle" locations than what there are records for crenelation licenses is that some wealthier individuals may have built pseudocastles, structures mean to work around local laws for owning a castle, but still offering a measure of protection against outside forces.
This is a great video, and because of it I've wanted to make a Folk Metal Band named "Licence To Crenelate" for months. It's also been inspiration for a DnD character, an architect/foreman in a small town. Do you have any further resources for medieval architecture, especially construction techniques? Documentaries, Articles, or Books?
Well if you think of it historically for it's use, the wooden castles when used as a defensive strong point. The wooden castles stayed in use clear up into the 18th and 19th century as wooden forts dotted through out North America. I know a fort is not exactly a castle, but in terms they were used and performed the same function. In fact some of these wooden forts still exists in North America today.
I'm surprised you don't go over Chinese walled cities and why they existed instead of the Euro-castle we're familiar with.You might want to google-images "Chinese city walls" to start.You could discuss why the walls were sloped and not straight, how they were resistant to siege-weapons including cannon fire, and even modern artillery, how their crenellations, barbicans, and moats differed, etc.On a similar note, you could discuss why the Japanese had castles and how they differed from the European ones.
Shadi you need to address castles outside of the UK-France. Not to be patrioctic but there are castles in Italy, not to count spain and all of the southern mediterreanean coast. Let's also remember cities such as Prague and Belgrade, which have massive castles in the smack centre of the city
That taunt is one of my all time favorite movie lines! :D I really love that movie. I have a friend that uses the BraveSirRobin as a nickname in games and I just can't stop laughing everytime he starts running away! :D Sorry I mean everytime he does a tactical retreat! :D Btw Love you videos keep up the nice work!
Where is the wooden castles that you have pictures of?
Who call him that machicolations were not Very Common on castles? in the Most tongs there isn't even a Word
Hmmm... In the part where you talk about castles that had defensive purpose and castles thad were status symbol it dawned on me that in some languages there is a clear distinction between them. For example in czech, defensive castle is called "hrad" and status symbol castle is called "zámek". Just cultural curiosity ^_^ (i also like the fact that "hrad" is hard, strong word for basicly military building and "zámek" is much softer word for cushy manor ^_^)
Burg Veldenstein in Bavaria has stone walls and towers, but the interior building seems more like a manor house.
The trouble with wood castles is that none made it because of the dragon era.. where the dragons burnt them all down and forced humans to retreat to stone castles
Monty Python and the Holy Grail :D
Hmmm....Neuschwanenstein is not really called a castle in German. it would be a Palace, so more a prestique building, not a defensive one. So if it is called "Schloss" in german, it would rather be a palace, and if it`s called "Burg" in german it`s a castle. or if you want, you could call a "Schloss" a Château
You should talk about Mount and bailey's i'm not sure how to spell it but I think this is correct
Hearing it in several of your videos I cannot help but to comment on your pronouncing of "Neuschwanstein", especially because you are sooo close to it. It has three distinkt syllables: Noy-Shvaaan-ztine ... you only butcher the long a in the middlewich is close to the a in "harbor" Also only people from Northern Germany say the "st" with a sharp "s", most mumble it down to something like "sht" or maybe "ztein" ... also totally not "steen" .. "ztine"..? yeah, maybe that! Man, German pronunciation in English spelling is hard :-D
What software did you use the make the models of the small wooden castle and Hogwarts?
How expensive would it be to create a high-end castle today?
Notices the fact that castles grow over time; yet forgets to mention the numerous times he's ragged on fictional castles for going through the same process.
You should ask veterans about our fortified manors
You got much good going on in this video, Shad. What I feel is lacking is some information around the fortified houses, or keeps, that were quite numerous during medieval times. These keeps did not have walls and a bailey surrounding them, so they can't be called castles. But many of them were quite large and tall, and had defensive measures such as crenelations, turrets and machicoulis. And such keeps were often built by those less well off that couldn't afford a real castle. So yeah, they were not castles but should be mentioned as one of the alternatives for the less well off to have their own defensive structure to call home.
Shad, is your basic premise that the difference between a castle and a manor house with palisades was crenelations? That seems a rather large leap between structures. I would wager that there was less wooden castles as fortified manor houses in the main.
Would there ever be instances of several lesser lords in close proximity pooling their resources to build a single larger stone castle with perhaps a number of separate residences within the walls?
Well most of these videos will not be needed if English language had more word for castle-like structures. Like Czech for example.
I live near a place called mow cop and it is commonly referred to as a castle even though it clearly isn't, but it got me thinking, what is it?can you help?
Hey guys :) Does somebody know the name of the wooden castle shown at 4:15 Min? Thanks :p
Pc game like Knights of Honor shows all about what are you talking abou very beautifly
Take a shot every time you hear "castle" or "castles"
Video starts at 3:12
Re: the first minute, You're doing a video on Castle's not doing a Minecraft livestream, have some respect, both for history and yourself faggot.
Im from wales. weve loads of castles, big and small. its cos we were mean cunts
For surviving wooden castles, try looking at the American frontier. Maintained or rebuilt examples can be found across the USA, Canada, and maybe even Mexico.
I really wouldn't call any of the smaller structures castles at all. I lean more towards calling them fortifications or forts. For my way of thinking crenelations alone just isn't enough to call it a castle.
It's like the moral of the story is wood burns.
How prevalent were castles made out of brick?
Many extant stone castles once had wooden sections, usually roofs or extra towers.
I guess wooden ones would have been destroyed or burnt more often and wood (heh heh) need replacing more often, so that's another reason there would have been more of them throughout history.
I never thought about castles in this way, but the points here do remind me of the points made in an old Veritasium video called Survivor Bias, it makes sense there would be lower quality, higher quantity, castles that dont survive the times.
On your castle shirt you forgot the most dangerous part of the castle, the privy.
Hold your wombat there! Do you mean a castle(Schloss), a castle(Burg), a castle(Festung) or a castle(Kastell)? Because a castle is not the same as a castle. and the castle you talk about remind me of a Rittergut, Manors of Knights (). And those were really different to a castle, a castle or a castle
Makes sense that there would be restrictions on which lords could put up crennelated walls... after all, the higher lords would only want lordlings they knew to be loyal to them to have strong defenses.
Difference between a Citadel and a Castle ?
Intro skip: 1:08 Not all heroes wear capes
Heh timber castle, it sounds so burnable.
Thats a nice Monty Phynton The Holy Grail refrence there
The main purpose of fortified manors was to suppress any peasant uprising. The bandit/raider answer is complete nonsense. Excesses of the nobles were much likely to inspire insurrection than lords worrying about the occasional raid.
I'm early what is this
"Your father smelled of elderberrys..."I gotta remember that one.
What's the difference between castles and forts?
This is very interesting and generally accurate, but I feel you're approaching the subject from the wrong perspective. My own perspective is due to having a degree on archaeology (in Portugal) that taught me a few things about castles and fortified manor houses. Yes, fortified manor houses are way more common than castles, but they are generally not regarded as castles. Even the ones with stone walls. Here in Portugal, there is archaeological evidence for many stone towers (read houses) with multiple wooden structures around the tower itself. Kitchens would be made of wood, stables, palisades. And indeed the first castles were largely made of wood, but what defines them as being a castle is whether or not they have a keep in them. And the keep can assume many forms, of course, but academically I've found that there's a very clear distinction between castles and fortified manor houses. To the point where fortified manor houses are a very often used term, and they're subject to much study (and actually very interesting, I really like them).
Shad the shatty salesman of shatty shimmering shirts that show suprisingly stupendous castles
IF you were to train in using a spear could you at least partially use those skills when using a trident?
What is the building at 12:40?
I want a castle :(((((((( sad panda
With you talking about the wooden castles... How realistic is Edoras in the movies?The Capital of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings.
It is estimated that every city and every street name in Germany with the syllable "burg" (means "castle") in them had in fact a castle nearby. And there where thousands of them in this country alone.
Hey Shad, I think your wooden castle model in the video looks cool, but as I thought about it there are a couple of huge flaws. First of all any exposed timbers not covered by a roof would rot almost immediately... Secondly the timber frame construction wouldn't be very secure. You'd never see wooden defensive walls build that way, because people could just hack between the frame timbers with a small ax. I think what you'd see would be more like a traditional palisade wall made from vertical logs or planks but with crenelations and a walkway added. Sort of like the forts in the American West. If you google "wooden fort" they have a lot of interesting examples of how these things were built.
I actually managed to build a really modest "barely a castle" in 7 Days to die using a few architectural designs I picked up from learning about the Crusades. I didn't realize how much I had actually copied just out of necessity.
I realize you are 100% only focused on European heritage, but Japanese castles are mostly wooden with stone foundation, and they are quite famous. Complete stone structures were not practical in Japan due to frequent Earthquakes.Stone structures of old simply cannot hold up against quaking earth.
The castle you used as reference looked like the owner wanted a castle, but not the heartless look of a castle but the nice amd warm feeling of a pretty home : )
In what program do you make your castle models?
Theres one problem with a castle made of wood, the designers have forgotten about dragons!
Hey shad, i went on a trip to ireland last summer and i noticed some weird stuff first: king johns castle in limmerick, its evolved over time (even including starfort design in the end), and even saw battle last century, its an amazing place second: there were a lot of small "castles/keeps/fat towers" dotted around the countryside and some of htese had musea in them. and in one of them you could acces the roof, but there where no crenellations anymore, just a flat stone railing. on a sign it said that they where removed after the lord of that keep (theyre called something else there, but i forgot) revolted. so in some areas it was possible to have these rights forcibly removed as punishment

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The Castles Time Forgot