The 48 Hour Dissertation

Is it possible to complete an entire 10,000 word university dissertation in only 48 hours? Lets find out.

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I had a similar experience back in May, though it was more like 72 hours. It turned out far better than I had any right to hope in the end, but I don't think I'll ever quite recover from the ordeal. Even as a chronic procrastinator I didn't know I was capable of leaving such an important task until so late in the day.
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Fuck I've got 9k words in 20 days due, I cant imagine 48 hours.
Whenever I struggle with writing the essays I'd always watch this...
36 hours to write 10,000 words. I've written 2000 so far i reckon the intro and conclusion will come to 1000 each so really I only have 6000 words of actual content that needs to be written...I've done more in less and got damn good grades, but fuck me if this isn't killing me.
5 weeks left until deadline I'm 6000/10000 words in and I've lost half of my data meaning id have to recollect it FFS.
You are either a genius, or your work is gonna SUCK
Wow I was in grade seven when filmed this😮 am now have graduated from uni. It was a good experience studying in the U.K. As I am from Qatar but uni was boring 😳😞 and I studied food and nutrition. I was so nervous so I did my research and dissertation maybe two months beforehand and I had a good degree overall😇. Thank god.
I got just more than 2 weeks left and only done the lit review. Done minimal research and need to 7k words in 16 days. Wish me luck :(
Dissertation due in 05/04/17. Have 5'ooo words.. Sat in the library getting some inspiration by watching this. Holla from De Montfort University!
You da real mvp gary
Managed to submit mine , in all honestly probably spending more or less the same time as gary on mine ;( such a bad procrastinator , i'll let you know how I get on , when I find out myself ! D:
I think I may have found his Facebook and he seems to be happily married! Congrats, Gary!
How do people get in this situation? Your supervisor should be monitoring your progress throughout, or at least setting some milestones.
Omg... my 14000words dissertation is due in 4 days time and i'm on youtube watching this!
8 years later.. wonder where they are now? We demand an update!
I am genuinely fucked! hahaha....  need to do 10k in 4 days and I haven't even started it yet. And here I am chilling watching these videos hahah.  Seems like he pass and only got an Ordinary Degree with no Honors. For me I already passed all my modules (basically I can get an Ordinary Degree if I don't do the Dissertation) and now doing another 1 year to do this Diss. that needs to be submitted this Friday 1st of May 2015, till 3:00 in the afternoon. Chances are I probably will end up failing it. fuck it, its surely is Crunch Time for me now LOL.
Nice one, Gary. My BA dissertation in 2007 was shit as well :) Doing a bloody MA dissertation now, what the hell was I thinking starting an MA
As it stands now i have 4 days to finish my dissertation... heaven i need a hug!
Procrastination is a bitch. My Dissertation is due in on the 24th April 2016 so in 8 days and i have done 342 words out of 10,000 at this moment in time id would be happy with a 3rd and wish i had bought a dissertation lol. Only 96.58% to go.
I wouldn't be able to cope only having 48 hours omg 😳
Sitting here trying to write my dissertation now.. boring
Ordinary Honors ? Does that mean that he got 35-39% overall for his course?
Quite motivating :DD
Did my 10k diss in 10 days and nearly lost my mind. i would have done something scary with only 48 hours
Mine is due in 17 days ... need some motivation from Gary!!
Funny thing is I'm watching this while trying to complete an essay due tonight
Lol love the Bach's St Matthew Passion in the background.
I have about 1500 words left to write on my dissertation with 72 hours to go, and I am freaking out a bit. You sir, are insane.


I wrote my 10,000 word dissertation in 48 hours and i still got a 2.1! wanna know how i did it? depression at university: find me here: main channel: blog:

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The 48 Hour Dissertation