Terrible teacher caught on tape

i sent my son to school with hidden mic to record his class session. this is what i heard. this is how this teacher was teaching our children in this 6th grade class

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My teacher: WHERE ARE YOUR NOTE CARDS? Me: sorry I accidentally rolled a blunt with it.
I'm lucky I haven't ever really had terrible teachers but when I go to high school I'm betting that will change
Does he even teach anything?
Lol kind of sounds like Major Payne! (except you know, no shiny tooth to make it complete)
Reminds me of a drill sergeant going on and on about something or other. Geez.
I believe it.
This teacher is ridiculous.  Ongoing nagging, berating, idle threats, insults and interruptions.  How could the students get anything done, ever? Funniest part is when he tells them to put the dictionary away.  
I used to have a teacher like him , constantly picking on me...he always made me read out loud an encouraged other kids , like suck dafuq up tommy mehartdwho picks his nose nd flicks it , to put me down .he was my dads cousin , mr quigley , 6ft 5 nd a ginger and my mom thought hes so awesome , til he got me in the office coz he took p.e nd tried to make me shower again coz he said I didnt properly 1st time nd I said I did nd refused , no way am I infront of whole class stripping on my own ,my mom slapped me coz she had to come to school from work nd said am rude ..my dad went crazy on her and him...lol he was so scared of my dad he never was bad again nd my dad made my ma realize nd stop sucking up , hes just a crappy teacht , not God ...he teaches my lil bro now nd tells him Im a good student...fucking h8that teacher ginger a hole

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Terrible teacher caught on tape