Tell me about yourself - The perfect answer. : Learn how to answer interview questions - with my 140 page guide Sales Interview Questions and Answers on Kindle. Tell me about yourself? Interview skills questions and answers tutorial. Tell me about yourself is a the most common interview question, listen to this excellent training to help you perform better and get the job you want. The video has been created by recruitment experts, and author on the subject of interview skills.

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I'm beyond nervous for my interview tomorrow, This will be my first job and I'm only a junior in high school so I don't know what I should say to this question
I like it I have an interview today I will use the ees method thanks
I disagree about not mentioning your personal life when asked to tell them about yourself.Dont just tell them things they can already read on your resume. They already know your skills and experience and grades. That's really not a good answer. Tell them something they don't know. Sometimes "tell me about yourself" really does just mean to tell them about yourself. In other words, dont sound like a robot reciting your resume.
Poor quality audio
Thank you very much for your advises. It was very helpful.
Why do i have to go trough all this just to get csgo skins???
Great video Love the EES Model
"check out my pornhub profile."
First interview in a few hours I'm shitting myself rn
Nice and so helpful thanks
I have an interview today and I feel like shitting on pants, eish!!!
I have Job interview tomorrow and so nervous about it, wish me luck all ..
I am not sure if anyone has told you, sir, but when you listen to your videos with headphones in sometimes its only in the left headphone.
I have started using your videos to prepare for interviews and things like that.I specifically used the This video yesterday for a HR position at a Law Firm.I am hoping that I did as good as I feel I did.
Would it be appropriate to wear a tuxedo
This video is bad, you should make a video focused on something a normal person could answer on an interview. not super-mega-high-achievers. everyone hasnt got masses of award for being extremly good students and so on...
How about how to answer the question when you are a normal person...
Brilliant !! well explained Anthony
Very good advise. Will definitely use it today
This has been of great Help ive taken down notes...E E S :-) wish me luck on job interview next week i hope i dont get nervous n stutter. its a job i really want and i think im the best person for this job
Hi, i am applying for jobs and i was really stuck with this question "tell me something about yourself". i have referred to many videos till now, but this video was really helpful to jot down how should i introduce myself. Thank you !!
Look at all these achievements that i don't have
I have my interview tomorrow
How the fuck did i get here Youtube....
Nobody else thinks that this is way too long to say in a job interview? Like I wrote it down and I'm already at 16 lines.
Great Tip! thank you:)
Introverts like me are fucked
I will lie into my interview tomorrow :D
Your voice sounds like a crappy college monotone math professor. Ill watch this later when i'm struggling to fall asleep.
Thank you so much I think this advice is exactly what i needed i will be leaving my interview tomorrow with a job !!
Why are u only in my left ear?
сats dogs lol
Thank you so much for your videos!! I watched them and scored a new job ....thank you for the advice it was the first time I looked online for help but so glad I did...finally got out of my dead end job to a bigger organisation!!thanks so much
Hi Anthony! Thank you so much for your videos! I critiqued my answers after watching videos, and I just got hired yesterday! Your videos are most helpful!
I think doing an interview could be worse. At least it's usually only one person you have to talk to instead of for example; making a public speech. However, it's still important to try your best.
Sound is to much little
L miss the office job l had a few years ago, but l can't get a job now, cause now l got 2 people to look after full-time at home, l'm currently on the Carer payment, getting paid over $1,000 a fortnight.
Out of all the videos that I have went through this short summary help me tremendously and gave me so much confidence. thank you so much
Great information!
Thank you for this. From this video, I have learned so much.about what this question really means instead of what I think it means.
At this point in the interview, I usually jump right into my sexual history, including especially the sexual abuse I suffered as a child. Still unemployed.
Great video. appreciate the tips
- What a Chronic WANKER !!
Thank you so much.
I would not hire someone who gives a bullshit answer like that. most companies now want to get to know the person as a human.
What is your ability ? *I like to fuck bitches and do cocaine* Yes.. What else you like ? *Fresh pusyies g gxm gxm i mean cats.* Well.. What motivates you ? *Your wife gxm gxm i mean i read books.* Ok What else ? *Aaaaaxm your sister maybe?* Xm good answer Final question is .... Well sir i would like to know if i will be hired. Final question is.... Sir answer me pliz Final question is .... Have you ever fucked my wife? I will probably do it today sir . You hired me now ? Well .. Fuck off!
I just bought this portfolio to bring to interviews, walked in and immediately received a compliment!
Really helpful. I always freak out at this question.
Excellent and easy to follow. thank you Antony Stagg!
I listen to this half way through and i never met anyone that can pat themselves on back as much as the example this video gave. When ask tell me about yourself i typical run down my related work experience and recent education and hope thats good enough.
Great tips.Not looking, but reading these for a school project and they are pretty good tips, especially the 'Tell Me About You' question.Thank you.
I am a good worker never late always at work i do my job good.
Antony I owe you amaaaaaasive THANK YOU! I had been fumbling my way through applying for new roles, struggling to prove that I'm a more than capable employee and I had one interview experience that will stay with me for all the wrong reasons! I was offered an interview for another company and the role was too exciting to let slip through my fingers. After hitting the internet to try and find some assistance to deal with my nerves and interview answer construction I came across your videos. I cannot express how much these helped me. I had my interview yesterday and got a phone call 10 minutes after leaving offering me the job!! Thank you for the time you take to help people and for pointing me in the right direction :)
I have an interview with Google tomorrow wish me luck
Thanks, that was great !
These videos are so underrated.
Can someone judge my answer? Thank you in advance I was in my high school marching band for two years. Our program taught me dedication, the importance of being punctual, and "to provide for the family". I've also learned to take care of others as well as myself. I developed quick decision-making and memorization skills, in addition,I have never missed anything from rehearsals to competitions. One of my biggest achievements is successfully marching in one of America's biggest parades in Washington D.C.. I have volunteered multiple times through the band as well as helping the Interact Club. Even though I am no longer in the program due to an injury to my dominant hand, I have managed to overcome that hurdle by becoming ambidextrous. I intend to further my path using all of these experiences and applying them to this job
Dammit. :(
Ees ++++great.... Thanx
Thank you for this and yes, let's hope I get that job tomorrow.
Thank you so much for the video! Applied the techniques and got the job offer!!!
Thank you SO much for this video omfg this is so informative.
This is a poor presentation. Why? Poor and Good answer is about COMPLETELY different people. The answer is good because there's GOOD things to say. I get the structure, that's really good way to look at it. But structuring your poor answer example doesn't make the answer ANY BETTER.
Amazing. and thank you
Awesome! Thanks Antony
As a student who is applying to a university and i have an interview. How should i focus on EES specifically on employment part?
Nice work Mr Antony Stagg. I have applied for my job and an apprenticeship and waiting for a reply. Hope i get the job. Thanks I really learnt a lot.
Thank you
Hello Anthony.I don't know if you'll ever read this but I wanted to thank you for these videos. I used them to get ready for a big interview I had a week ago and although I got super nervous and I didn't say all the things I had prepared, I kept FAB, CARand EESin my head and they helped me being successful. I got the job and it was the only interview I had to attend :-) thanks thanks thanks.
Got interview tomorrow, I wonder whether these questions will apply since I was informed that it will be based on 'English and IQ' test. Can someone who has been there before advice please..
Great stuff, took some pointers from it...!!
Thanks a lot..I would like a Text from this video.
Got a call while watching thisvideo.
Thanks this helped very much :)
If I have to say about my achievements in the 1st question itself, can I repeat this when they ask what is your greatest achievement? My only achievement is getting highest grades and high GPA.
I have a panel interview tomorrow , wish me luck
Thank you for this video.
Thanks a lot very helpful
Good luck to myself for tomorrow
Very helpful instruction with framework for a successful answer and how to fill in that framework for you to highlight your skills and strengths that make you the right person for the job.Cheers Antony
Great Video Antony! It is a basic yet a very important question asked in every interview.
Tell me about yourself "Well I've directed several movies before including Deadpool,Avatar, and The Hobbit Over saw production for The Last Of Us. Helped end the war in Afghanistan through aggressive negotiations. And also participated in the war of 1812 when Russia and China fought for world domination. I currently own a donir shop in New York producing deep fried Jelly Doniars."
Thank you. short, to the point and very effective.
This helped me alot! Although this is the most basic and most asked question, I think some people still struggle to answer effectively and on point with what the interviewer wants to know. Thank you for the advice! Cheers!
This is very helpful! Thank you!
Hi, I'm currently applying to be an editor for my high school newspaper and treasurer of student council. Any tips?
Loved it! Thanks for sharing!
So helpful! thank you
I just got turned down on a position I know that I am over qualify for, just because I did not watch this video before my phone interview. this was the very first question.
Thank you!
Very good
Omg i almost fell asleep
Sometimes the employer itself does a poor job on their website of explaining their organization and a poor job in the posting of explaining exactly what the job entails and what they're looking for. How do you know what is relevant so that you can show relevance in this situation? Knowledge of what similar jobs in that field usually entail?
This advice didn't help in my interview for a wind surfing teacher job.
Very informative and insightful especially the EES part, which I found extremely helpful. Thank you. Interview is tomorrow!

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