Technical Writing 101: Introduction to Technical Writing

In this video Nicky Bleiel covers: What is Technical Writing?, Technical Writing Deliverables, Types of Technical Writing, Examples and Resources.*Resources listed in this video with URLs* Examples of Technical Writing: Software and Hardware: ... ... ... ... ... Engineering Reports: Writing Engineering Technical Reports: ...­7031120_647.ppt ... Training Materials: ... ... Ways to get Experience: FLOSS Manuals WikiHow Wikipedia Resources: Society for Technical Communication EServer Technical Communication Library Download your free trial of Doc-To-Help at: Use Doc-To-Help's HTML5 content editor or Microsoft® Word and produce desktop Help, Online Help, Web, Responsive, eBook, and print deliverables. All you need to do is write (or import) and Doc-To-Help does the rest.

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Thanks for sharing this. I'm interested in exploring technical writing as a career.
All your links are broken! Please update!!!
I'm really interested in this profession. So glad I found these videos. I love to write and I have a broad technical and trades background including an aircraft mechanics license. Hoping this turns into something great.
Does technical writing help in requirements gathering?
*I need research paper writing service. Please recommend.*
I would love to get a work at home job in technical writing.
All example links are broken
Great info, the women looks a little ridged. Not nervous, but just kind of stiff. It'd be nice if she was a little more relaxed looking. She did a great job of explaining this career to me though. I'm interested in this.
I came here because I've been asked to write for some of the environmental scientists in my company. I'm a journalist and not a tech writer, so I need to bone up on my tech writing.

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Technical Writing 101: Introduction to Technical Writing