Talking about women you like - SEXY, HOT, SMOKING, CUTE, FREAKY

A sexy woman walks into your office. You think she is amazing and you want to tell your friends about her. In this vocabulary lesson, I will give you many expressions that will help you describe the girl you like. What is a tomboy? How is that different from a girly girl? What does it mean when a girl is a ten or has a killer ass? Is that woman you just saw smoking hot? Learn these expressions and more by watching this video. Take my quiz at the end, so you will be ready the next time you see a beautiful woman. Leave a comment and tell me about the woman you like. How would you describe her?TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's lesson, we are going to talk about personalities, we're going to talk about looks, we're going to talk about all the ways you can describe the girl of your dreams. Okay? The woman you like, the person you have a crush on. So, we're going to talk specifically about women and how guys can talk about them to their friends. So, imagine this: you're sitting in your English class and a new girl walks in, and immediately, you've fallen in love. You think this girl is great, maybe you want to go on a date with her, you tell your friends about it. So, your friend will ask you: "Oh, tell me what the girl's like. Tell me, what's she like?" Okay? "Tell me what she's like." And your response, you're going to tell them a whole bunch of descriptive words. So, I have some words about looks, I have some words about personality, and I have some other expressions. So, let's get started. Okay? One way you can describe someone you like, of course, is what they look like. You can say a girl is "hot". Okay? This isn't just temperature. We use it a lot. Well, guys use it a lot when they talk about girls. "Ah, she's hot." Okay? You can say: "She's gorgeous." Gorgeous, not georgeous, gor, gorgeous. It's like beautiful. Okay, so she's hot, she's gorgeous, she's "fine". You know in English, we say: -"How are you?" -"I'm fine"? Well, when you say a girl is fine, you're saying she's hot; she looks good. "Oh, she's cute.", "She's sexy.", "She's smoking hot." Or just: "She's smoking." Okay? All of these expressions mean-I'm going to draw a picture-when you see her, you feel like this because the way she looks is so good. You can also... Don't say this in front of the girl. Okay? Whatever you do, don't say this in front of the girl, but when you're with your friends, you can also give her a number. Some guys say: "Oh, she's a ten." Meaning: she's perfect. "She's a nine." She's still good. "She's an eight." Enh. If you like the girl, you're probably not going to say she's a three; that wouldn't be nice. But this is sometimes how guys talk to her friends, they say: "Oh, she's a ten. She's great." You can also describe a woman based on her hair colour. "Oh, she's a blonde." Okay? I'm a blonde. "She's a red-head." If the girl has red hair, she's a red-head. What about somebody with dark brown hair? We would call them "a brunette". Okay? So, we have "a blonde", and notice the "a", "a red-head", and-I guess I didn't write it-"brunette" is someone with brown hair. Okay? Also, when I said: "a ten", "a nine", "an eight", you need "a". All right, great. So, after you tell your friends about how beautiful she is. "She's gorgeous, she's hot, she's sexy." After you tell them this, you will probably talk about personality, if you don't talk about it first. So, personality, what are some personality words you might use to describe the girl you like? Well, this one isn't the nicest word, but some guys like girls who are "high-maintenance". These are the girls that they want the man to pay for everything, they expect presents every birthday. Well, not just birthdays; people expect presents on their birthdays. Maybe every day they want a present, every day they need you to tell them how much you love them. These are the girls that you have to work hard to keep. Okay? They're the girls that want you to buy them maybe a diamond ring, a diamond necklace. So you have to pay a lot of attention to these girls, they are high-maintenance. They are not easy to be with; you have to work hard. The opposite of high-maintenance is someone who is "low-maintenance". This is somebody who if you don't give them a present, they don't really care, it's okay. They're easygoing. They... You don't have to spend all your time with them. If you forget to call them on the phone, they're not going to get very angry. They're easygoing, they're low-maintenance. You can also call a girl "sporty". "Oh, she's sporty." You probably know the word "sport", if a girl is "sporty" it means she likes sports. You can also say a girl is "talkative". Someone who is talkative talks a lot. I'm a very talkative person.

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