Table and Signage

Simple ideas for displaying crafts or snacks or other items for Time Lab!

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Simple Set Making

Find out how to make easy diy set pieces for time lab!

Simulation Station

How to use the simulation station scene setter in your bible lesson classroom at time lab!

Craft Room For Younger Kids

Decorate your craft rooms in fun, imaginative ways for your younger time travelers at time lab!

Set Construction Designs

Find out out to construct your own time lab set! (scene setters are also available for purchase from!)

Classroom Candy

A fun way to store giveaway candy in your bible lesson room!

Circuit Board & Ceiling

Get that fun, sciency feel with this diy circuit board decoration!

Craft Room for Pre-Primaries

Fun ideas for decorating your craft rooms for the pre-primary set!

Craft Room for Older Kids

Decorate your craft room in ways that inspire your older time travelers at time lab!

Time Machine

Find out how to construct your own time lab time machine! (scene setters are also available for purchase from!)

Throne build

I scored some lumber from a little girls playhouse for free so i decided to make a throne out of it.


The jungle safari vbs decor used by schubert mennonite for their six week sunday morning summer sunday fundays & jungle safari series.

Assembly Area Entry

Invite your kids into your assembly area with an amazing display!

Time Capsules

How-to demonstration for the time capsule craft at time lab!

Center Pieces

Decorate table spaces at time lab with these fun ideas!

Hot Wire CNC Machine - Sign Making

The most user friendly and affordable 4 axis cnc foam cutter ever.sign, prop and display makers dream. usa made and supported. 99% preassembled. how to make foa

Submerged - VBS 2016 from Lifeway

Get ready for submerged vbs 2016 from lifeway! take your kids on an adventure like no other, deep within the mysterious sea. as kids submerge themselves in god

Table and Signage