Student Motivation in Physical Education

Our panel of teachers reflect on motivation and participation in physical education classes and give us their tips when it comes to keeping students motivated. Let us know what you think in a video response or visit and leave us a comment there! You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. Facebook: ThePhysicalEducator Twitter: @phys_educator

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Thomas, record levels of obesity, diabetes, etc. is one reason PE is important. Another is the direct link between physical activity and energy level, happiness, student performance and so on. On a day to day basis the point may be hard to understand, but if you look at the bigger picture, PE (if taught correctly) is about teaching you healthy habits. Hope your future PE experiences are more enjoyable.

How to Engage Students in Physical Education Class

Engaging your students in pe class can be difficult at times. there are many causes for this.many educators find that emphasizing individual goals, targets and

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Southeast polk physical educators and administrators are committed to the optimal physical education of all students.

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Song: explosions in the sky- your hand in mine a video for gym class, inspiration for physical activity and it's importance. click 1080p!

The Science of Laziness

Why are some people so lazy? is there a couch-potato gene? check out 'the sports gene': science of productivity: subscribe: special thanks to david epstein

Engaging Students in Formative Assessment in the Physical Education Classroom

Engaging students in formative assessment in the physical education classroom

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Student Motivation in Physical Education