Student Lap Tracker, PE teacher tool

Student Lap Tracker is a tool to help Physical Education teachers save time and motivate their students. Why did you become a PE Teacher? Was it to spend a lot of time tallying laps and logging stopwatch times in a spreadsheet? No. It was because you wanted to work with students. To teach them how to exercise, to enjoy sports and to value fitness. We've developed Student Lap Tracker to help you do what you become a teacher to do: teach PE. Whether you're in high school, training students how to pace for a 5K; In middle school, preparing students for the One-Mile Run; Or, in elementary school, offering a run club to increase physical activity at your school; our simple technology will save you time and motivate your students. And it is affordable for schools. Alissa, PE Teacher: I was afraid of using the technology at first, but it's so simple. You just scan the student's card like this. [beep] That's it. And the website is really quick to use, I import our laps and get our reports in 5 minutes. You just login and connect the scanner with usb. In a few clicks you're done. The reports are great. We give out awards every 10 miles and the system just makes it so easy. When we post the new reports, my kids go crazy. It's really motivating for them. Just like adults, kids want to know how they're doing. When you post your reports online or on campus, your students will look to see their mileage, times and progress. The system is built to be flexible, so you decide how you want to use it in your class. And you won't need to run power lines or look for a wifi connection out at your track or field. If you do need any help, we provide full technical support as part of our service. You can call us or email and we'll help you solve the issue and get back to your students. As the parent of two boys in California public schools, I know how important Physical Education is for my kids. Your time is too valuable to be spent counting popsicle sticks. Since 2008, we've put the Student Lap Tracker into schools throughout the country, and we'd love to help your school too. Call to schedule a free appointment... or click the link below for a free quote. Student Lap Tracker will save you time and motivate your students.

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Well he forgot half of the reason why people become PE teachers. Generate leaders and also bring out their creative thought.
Got VO2max? We do! With Student Lap Tracker, PE teachers can now SCAN their students height and weight measurements and get BMI, VO2max and HFZ scores. Just in time for FITNESSGRAMĀ® testing! No other product does this. It's super efficient, so teachers don't have to spend hours keying in data to get these results. What will they do with the time they save? Teach!
Awesome tool and system. I do wish the renewal fee was lower, as it is often paid for by PTA/O fundraising that could be used to help the kids in so many other ways. Perhaps consider a smaller renewal fee, and then assess an hourly fee for support over an hour or two throughout the year. Thanks

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Student Lap Tracker, PE teacher tool