Situational irony: The opposite of what you think - Christopher Warner

View full lesson: Leaps and bounds separate that which is ironic and that which many people simply say is ironic. Christopher Warner wants to set the record straight: Something is ironic if and only if it is the exact opposite of what you would expect. Lesson by Christopher Warner, animation by Ben Pearce.

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Irony is " I'll just carry the cake myself to save money." "NO! We can't risk dropping it. We have to hire a professional." And then the pro drops it.'s not like rain on your wedding day?
Is a tattoo saying nothing lasts forever situational irony
When you write "Save the trees" on a piece of paper
What's ironic is that someone would be enjoying this😒
(at 3:11) Granny's hand is FAST AF!
Once I skipped lunch to get a lunch pass cause it takes ages. Irony
I hate having to do these in class
Fun Fact: Most dogs are actually afraid of cats since cats claws sometimes gets stuck in a dog's nose not to mention all that bleeding they cause. So the example about the Cat chasing the Dog is actually true in most cases.
This is the coolest grandmother I've ever seen.
**smokes in a smoking free area**
Im teaching my kids about gravity thx for the computer we used pencils and paper and books but they didnt get it.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................*throws computer out the window
"Knot, a man, and chair merged to break the father’s service..." may be situational irony but if it's not then what is it? Perhaps metaphorical irony?
Example...Someone has "nothing is written in stone" on their grave.
Another great teaching video
What if the side kid didn't trip?
I just thought about paradox If you expect situational irony and there isn't situational irony which means there is which means there isn't
Um aren't we supposed to learn this at school? I did. Thanks for the video though I mean these are really good for people who need a refresher or didn't pay Argentina in class.
That old-- I mean mature women there is a perfect resemblance of my grandmother. Everybody thought she was my mother XD
At school once, the prize for 100% attendance went to someone who wasn't there...
My mom calling me a son of a bitch is ironic
That's one dope granny
It cant just be unexpected, like the grandmother example, but rather contrary. Like the fire house with the firetrucks in it catching on fire.
Thanks man I understand now , btw I was probably one of those people who have the wrong meaning
"A brick cell phone from the 1980s'. In my 1980s, not every household even had a landline.
That's one badass grandma.
Once I saw a craft video and they were dying hearty clay and made a heart with the paint. Someone said it was ironic and I said it wasn't. Then they said it was. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure it isn't.
Stop is a cessation of movement.
But is a burning firetruck ironic?
I actually laughed at the part when the guy trips, falls, and faceplants into the cake.
Why do some TED-Eds have a longer intro?
I always thought of Irony as situations where you take actions to prevent something from happening, but the actions you took are they very thing that make it happen.
I didn't even know people called just funny situations ironic.
Thank you! irony has confused me for years
I never truely understood the meaning of the word 'irony' but now I noe...thanks to u :-)
What about the members of a band named Anthrax dying of anthrax? What's that supposed to be? -Innocent Inqusitive Indonesian
A boy: I'M A GIRL! **Irony**
An old lady taking out a cell phone a ironic? eh ok. I'd just call that nothing but maybe I need more to intrest me i dunno.
There's a song called ironic by bo burnham that captures the soul of irony completely. It's also super catchy.
People with no humor ruin everything ;(
No, you don't understand, my Mamaw is in a biker gang and is on her Android ALL the time
My grandma texts!!!!!
There was this raffle for school attendance and this kid won. But on that day he didn't turn up to school. So he won an award for always attending school but didn't attend school on that day.
The grandma situation is not ironic.A person can be technologically inept and still be able to text or blog, which are relatively easy things, plus Facebook is like 40% middle-aged people or seniors.It isn't ironic to see a grandma posting photos of their grandkids because that's exactly what I expect a grandma with a device to do.Something that would truly be ironic is a teenager from a middle-class American/Canadian/European/Australian background to not know how to use a smartphone or computer.
Irony is when someone says "your a idiot"
In German we dont have this 'mistake'. Funny how it's different from language to language. But a lot of people use the verb pair "Sinn machen" - to make sense when it actually isn't correct.
That old granny!
Irony: drawing a tree on a piece of paper
A local comedy animation series for adult (Pasila) took this shit to a whole new level, as they constantly shuffled the meaning of irony and sarcasm in the series. They often used them correctly too, so it wasn't accidental and they did know what they were doing.
Watching this instead of doing my homework.
Here's a good example of situational irony: The once popular billionaire died alone in a small apartment.
Silly Christopher I don't go outside
Thank you
Irony is drawing trees on paper.
It's ironic that I get Amazon ads osocial media for shows/movies I have watched. They know I checked it out, so I'd assume they'd recommend something similar, not the thing I happen to already be watching
My *english* teacher got the meaning of irony wrong. She showed alanis morissette's ironic as a bunch of examples of irony.fuck my school.
Close one million views to define the word ironic to people. I don't want to raise kids among you retards
Galactor now understands irony. Thank you.
Thank you for addressing this. Irritating think coincidences and irony are the same
Actually, I wouldn't interrupt the sit com to explain this I would just have them watch this Afterwards
This video wasn't what I had expected it to be. How ironic.
So if someone shot up a school that's ironic right?
Video Games Example: Michigun plays Stereo Madness And die at 1%
If in doubt, you can just listen to the alanis morisette song
That's not true irony either. True irony is, making sure that you hire a cake carrying company, with a cake-walk gold medalist emoloyee, to carry your cake for you out of fear that you would drop it, and then he drops it... Irony is not just simply that he is a cake-walk medalist and drops a cake. True irony would be, sending your dog outside to scare away that anoying cat, and having the cat scare your dog right back into the house, tail tucked. Irony is not just simply seeing a cat chasing a dog. True irony would be, buying your grandmother a typewriter instead if a computer, for fear that she wouldn't know how to use the advanced technology, only to have her tell you that she's better at using a computer because it's been so long since she used a typewriter, that she forgot how...
Shoutout to the dyslexic writers, the depressed comedians and the public speakers with social anxiety. may irony never defeat you
Watch it will help you understand Irony George Carlin: Irony & Coincidence YouTube - May 18, 2016
The thing is that grandmother was exactly like mine She is in a motorcycle gang And uses Facebook A Lot
My great grand mother blogs and texts and such. but knowing her its not too suprising
Thank You! I know have a much better understanding of irony!
Well if someone that is a professional cake walker comes in carrying a large four-layer cake, wouldn't that be too expected that he will trip? Especially if it's comedy?
Irony is a police officer getting robbed at gun point, or a firefighers house burning up!
Sooooooo i means.... what i expected turning out to be opposite of what i expected?! what a twist x.x
Ice land is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields while green land much of its land surface is covered in ice Is that Ironic?
"the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect: ‘Don't go overboard with the gratitude,’ he rejoined with heavy irony."
Wait there are people who don't know what proper irony is? ;-; God
When a "fitness" pageant was held and the chosen underweight candidates were the ones who starve & drown themselves in laxatives in order to stay sexy in their bikinis.
I watched this knowing the true meaning of irony, so i'm left here like " wait, people ACTUALLY didn't know that irony ment that? wtf! i thought it was just a common knowledge thing!"
I saw that exact irony today, the old lady behind me was driving a super decked out charger (muscle car)
Is it ironic for a supposedly 'permanent' tattoo to completely fade out at the end of the week? What am I saying, of course it is.
Now in those rare circumstances where irony and poetic justice collide (they are NOT mutually exclusive, they're just mostly exclusive), hilarity often ensues.
I'd say these examples are kind of boring. What if some fat person went out jogging to lose weight and become healthier and then was run over by an Herbalife truck?
He expects me to go out while I'm binge watching. Oh the irony
This video is ironic...
Is a fire truck on fire irony?
The ending was very detailed 🙂
All Americans should watch this.
My life is ironic. It's a comedy show gone horrible wrong.
Isn't it stereotypical to assume that old people don't go along with tech, How is it that "reasonable expectations are not met" and what if the reasonable expectation was that the cake guy was going to carry the cake all the way to the living room, Then would it have be ironic?
Why when i went to a store that never closes but it got close 😭
Grandma's grandkids look like mabel and dipper from gravity falls
"I hate this game!" *plays the game anyway, despite recently saying they hate it" Irony.
Why do people look at me funny
So insiring
My grandmother and grandfather rides motorcycles they both have one
One ironic thing: the song Ironic has very few examples of irony in it-mostly just coincidences.

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Situational irony: The opposite of what you think - Christopher Warner