Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

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Well narcissistic people destroy the person you are. And when you leave them they try to make you feel guilty and it fucking hurts. Edit ; it gets better with time ( for me)
It's worse when you're related to one
People in the comments need to stop calling themselves narcissists. Not only because it's stupid to diagnose yourself with a video, but because a real narcissist would never call themselves a narcissist. It hurts their ego too much. So if you think you're a narcissist, chances are you're not.
My advice is to NOT use these videos as a means of diagnosis. If you or someone you care about has these signs, seek professional help from a licensed psychologist and/or psychiatrist.
I wish I knew what a narcissist was before I dated my ex. wasted years of my life. tho it was interesting studying his behaviour. He always had the same techniques. If I said something he didn't like I'd already know how the argument would go step by step. especially with guilt tripping and trying to change my mind on almost everything even my own past experiences. insane!
Be careful they can also remember everything about you and seem interested so they can better manipulate you later
That awkward moment when you watch to see if your boyfriend is a narcissist ,but all these traits apply to you...
Wow the bastard guy I had dated temporarily about 2 months but chatted about 3 months, only talked with me in beginning to end for sex , first by befriending me and saying he won't have sex with me. He used his charm, acted nice to me, friendly manner, cheerfulness to fool me. Few months ago I was virgin still at 26 and half, still didn't expect nothing with him but somehow I stupidly kept chatting with him and very soon after he met me again he started it rushing me into sex. But I stupidly let it all happen because I was bored and mostly felt attached but didn't know why I was that way was confused throughout whole time until recently came across video about narcissistic men. It was very weird and I constantly was wondering why this f guy is this way toward me. He was very manipulating, constantly criticizing me about virginity is bad and saying a lot of shit to fool me to gain my trust. I'm very upset how all this happened and I let it happen by ignoring the red flags in the beginning. Now it's been a month since last we chatted or saw him. All this left me very emotionally drained throughout whole time and still upset about my mistake. Now he's gone back to Croatia, I realize after putting together everything that's he's narcissistic. unfortunately I didn't know about narcissism so even though I noticed the signs many times from the start I didn't know at the time that that's what a narcissistic is. He did do that gaslighting thing to manipulate me. I never known that term until this video. It's so weird that me who was 100% never been with no one and wanted to wait until marriage all of a sudden trusts this stranger older guy and just like that he rushed me. He lied his age to me, found out he has kids from last marriage, found out he's a well known business man in Croatia. Anyways he was soo desrespectful to me to my opinions, he's very self centered selfish, and with no empathy and only cared about his needs. He showed many signs and from his actions, way he talked to me, he's very into social media, he never cared about my feeling or concerns, didn't give a f how upset this fooling me for having sex with me, how it will make me feel, only talking to me and seeing me only to have sex. He was soo pushy with his opinions, a total know it all later soon after already had sex maybe not even a week later, his arrogance and more critical shit talk that he was hiding started to show more. He was total opposite of me and it was difficult to get along with him unless we only talked about whatever he wanted and let him brag. So far from 3 videos I checked out about narcissistic men all were almost 100%him in many ways , only he didn't have anger problem and not violent. This temporary shitty casual dating had with him made me feel very empty and emotional drained and used. I hate myself for being so nice to him from start for no reason but I was clueless about who he really is. I wish I had known about these videos a lot sooner. He made me feel soo unappreciated, used, taken advantage of and upsets me a lot giving up my virginity to such a shallow fake f up guy who was not my type, total opposite of me. He never deserved me and certainly not what I wanted as a partner. He was never my partner, only proved to be a man whore that was looking for booty call. So ashamed that I was a totally blind naive sheep in the beginning most through whole time and trusted him and was easygoing nice to him and let him f me over like this and leave me just like that. He's such a coward. Hate his gut.
The messaging one can also be tied to anxiety, Like I have soooo much anxiety if i dont get a reply soooo you could also be dating someone who has anxiety ahahahahaha
I'm on time! Wanna hear a joke?Me too. Me too, boi.
I like to touch myself at night
The saddest part of being with a narcissist is that they'll act like they care about you, but in reality they just like the way you make them look.
Me after watching : "omg am I a narcissist!" A few seconds of thinking later : "nah im just a bitch"
My father keeps talking about his sad past, how he got hit, how he skipped school because he knew better, he keeps trying to impress people with knowledge and that's basically all he does, barely knows any shame, enjoys seeing animals die or (people) suffer, screams at me with no shame or remorse, told me he had 'tested' me when I was younger to provoke a reaction in me to 'help' me, degrades other people, has shown signs of infidelity. I hate him. And I inherited traits. But I love myself. I am always seeking to impress people. Without standing out I don't exist. I am intelligent and I baffle people often. I love being the centre of attention. I can't be in a relationship because of obsessive jealousy and I want my partner to think like me. If he doesn't, he's stupider than me and that's impossible. My partner should be equal. I will try to change his mind. When I was little, I mistreated my pets. I love looking in the mirror and adapting an awesome style so I stand out. I can't stop secretly looking around if people notice me. If they don't like me, they're jealous of my awesomeness. In my head, I degrade people. I act and perform all day. I am a chameleon. A shapeshifter, like my brother. People love to hear my stories, the jokes I crack. When people don't respond, I feel like I'm nothing. I can't stop asking if people hate me. If they suddenly look others more in the eyes than me, they must hate me and I need reassurance. I only have traits and I am proud of them. Though I could never hurt my closest friends and family. What am I? I have no identity - I am confused - and I don't know how to kill my boredom and recurring depression. I am looking for stimulation all the time. I am empty.
My ex was exactly like this. But I left him ... Now he is mad at me that I'm overhim because I just can't be according to his opinion. The only feeling left is regret that I wasted my time with him.
What if I'm a narcissist?
My ex husband was one. Best choice I ever made was getting a divorce. Even post filing, he would constantly try to get me back because he lost his supply for emotional domination.
Narcissists are one of the worst kind of people . Even acting about having emotions
I can't stress enough how inaccurate this video is
You're all fucking gay
Im a narcissist and i hate it
Just because someone is emotionally detached doesn't mean there a narcissist. That person my gave some extra things to deal than the average emotionally.People are lazy when it comes to understanding people. Your a bunch of bigots
I think the majority of these traits are shared with natural born leaders. I hear alot of these labels like sociopath or narcissist used to demonise successful people. A worse personality trait would be to negatively label a large group of people you don't know. 1. Self-centered - Nothing wrong with it it if you want to get ahead in life. Being proud of your own success can be a good thing 2.Gaslightling - The person is abusive and manipulative so why label them narcissist? Why not asshole? This is really the part that bothers me because you take a bunch of normal personality traits of good people and add this one in putting a huge demographic of people under the umberella of being a manipulative asshole. 3. Emotional Detachment - Normal. You get bored of a person, you break up, not a bad personality trait by any means. 4. Drama - Usually just insecurity, If you want to label every human between ages 10 and 25 then why even bother? 5. Controlling - An obvious trait of a leader. The fear a situation where nobody is in control and so take charge.
I don't think it's right to put narcissist people on a situation where they are the society douchebags and u gotta stay away from them. I felt that video did it, and I think we should see them as people who need help, it's a sad condition that needs treatment.
So if you like to challenge people then you're a narcissist? That's stupid and you should feel stupid.
Narcissists do not have low levels of empathy, they have no empathy at all. Get your info right.
I've been dating a punk biker chick the past 4 months and Christ this video speaks volumesfor why I'm so unhappy with such a bombshell of a lady. Came looking for videos after she told me she doesn't want to hear anything at all about my friends which was the last straw, time to jump off this ship. Damnit.
Yep, my dads a narcissist. No wonder he's such an asshole.
I don't date a narcissist, I'm forced to live with one.
So npd people deserve to be alone and should not be with anyone? I mean, narcissism it's really an issue, but what to do with them besides the obvious...
3:05 or they just got the pussy/dick and a ready to move.
Every high school girl ever
Yeah my mom is probably narcissist. And no I’m not dating
Ah fuck i fit all of these. Except my personal desires were to make my friends/gfs happy.
Wait to narcissist no doesn't mean no omg all sales man are narcissists
The effects of this video are extraordinarily insidious. To discuss very serious personality disorders, of which can only be diagnosed by a qualified professional (qualifications the author of this video may, or may not have) in such a blasé manner to a sizeable audience, of what is most likely impressionable teenagers with limited understanding of legitimate psychological practice, and the immense responsibilities that come with said practice, is extremely irresponsible. Statements such as "if… it's a sign you've found yourself dating a narcissist", or "if your date made fun of you for screwing up a mini golf hole… narcissist", merely apply textbook definitions of diagnostic criteria to the hypothetical situations of anonymous viewers, to which the author of this video has never had any significant interaction, and cheapen psychology as a science. Videos such as these should be laden with disclaimers concerning the inapplicability of these 'signs' by someone who lacks the necessary qualifications so as to not have very serious terms such as NPD thrown around, lessening their legitimacy with each vocalisation, or instil those with a weak understanding of narcissism with a gross and irrational mistrust of everyone they encounter. Content like this is why psychology is still regarded by some as a pseudo-science.
My friends an abusive prick... but he's all I got , and I hate my self for that :(
People do rely on each other and attach to others and need others.Narcissists deliberately ignore you when you text and then will call you a narcissist when you get upset about being ignored.We do have the right to be heard about things that concern us.Narcissists make up anti social boundaries.Narcissists will conduct a narcissism witch hunt and convince people the target is a narcissist.Imperfections are seen as narcissistic.Narcissists think they are perfect.They will twist what is healthy behavior.
These signs are generalized to a point where these traits or situations could apply to anyone. I don't think each individual sign actual constitutes as a valid confirmation of narcissistic personality disorder. *REGARDLESS of whether your partner is a narcissist or not, ANY of these signs are valid reasons to reevaluate or exit a relationship.* Also it sounds like the narrator is emotionally and personally invested in this topic. Sometimes that's a good thing but in this case it puts the video's objective quality into question (in my opinion).
This is low level narcissism. This is playground shit. We're all narcissistic in some way
Who cares as long as they are hot.
I worry because I feel like all of these things apply to my friend
Plot twist: I'm the narcissist
What if you're a narcissist as well?
This video describes the way I behaved during a relationship I had with a girl two years ago 😐
It is good to know this as a future reference
Just attack their lack of sexual prowess LOL they won't be able to handle that, and will run like the coward that they truly are. Problem disposed of thank God.
I don't wanna lose him tho 😭😭I love him
"haha you missed the shot" oh hey he's narcissist. what a dumb example
Kinda shook with how they inaccurately drew that controller 5:08
Psycho2Go, if you follow this link and study the false mother character closely youll see and hear everything you need to know to be able to easily identify narcissists.
Some of these things do apply to me ...geesh
I think I would be a narcissist if I didn't fail so much :(
I feel like everyone says something different about what makes a narcissist a narcissist. Which means, that basically, a bunch of people with 0 professional training whatsoever, are talking it upon themselves to distill their own made versions of something extremely serious. Signs you might be a narcissist* If you're intuitively abstracting what a personality disorder on the basis of nothing other than your personal opinion then I got news for ya, you're definitely a narcissist.
I think today's mentality everyone it is a little bit of a narcissist loool
I met someone diagnosed with npd. At the beginning i thought i could handle. Later on he admitted to have dated me because i rebelled against his behavior and it felt like a challenge for him somehow. He admitted to have had thoughts about driving me to suicide. Luckily i dodged it quickly but decided to visit a therapist for a while because internally i wasnt coping well with the fact i had been exposed to such a dangerous individual. Get out of it as fast as u can and seek help. Dont submit. But i have to say the debate shouldnt end here and in my opinion the law should contemplate it no doubt about it. When diagnosed they should be monitored somehow specially with emphasis on protection of potential victims which most of the time tend to be people who they date.
My last relationship sounds like a narcissist, like the Dead Sea, receives all, but gives back nothing.
Our entire society in a nutshell.
Sounds like a typical Leo or Aquarius to me.
Finding out you're a narcissistic little piece of ...
This video didn't help... I was reading DSM-5 and a lot of those traits apply to me.. then again everyone is different this video makes us sound like fucking assholes. I guess I'm moderate narcissist.
Oh my god.. this is my relationship? But I love them. I don't know what to do
Sounds a lot like my ex gf, tbh.
So my mom is one. hm, interesting.
What's worse is when your mother has NPD.
So what if i am the fucking narcissist? i cant be perfect and i am so sorry, ok?? i am so sorry!! my girl broke up with me right after watch this video, thank you very much! why do you people hate us that much? is there any sense of humanity or empathy in this "good deed"?? i dont think so!!
I watched this to make sure i know when i'm dealing with a narcissist but all i've learned here is that i'm actually a fucking narcissist.. i've been called out on being narcissistic twice but i never took it seriously because i thought it was being said cause the person was jealous and was trying to get to me. but i'm really a fucking narcissist.. wow i don't like this lol
Normally when people are cheating they won't answer the phone or text is not narcissism to get upset when ur texting all of the sudden people disappear. is playing games... the narcissist is the the one who doesn't text
I think I might be inheriting some of these traits. Anybody know how to stop them?
6 years with one..
Narcissists can be some of the best people you'll ever know.
OMG...This whole thing describes Trump exactly!!
Sounds like me
I'm a narcissist, dating a narcissist, who doesn't know that either of us are narcasists, I think I broke the world
My ex-wife.
OMG😔 😢
.....That bitch.... no Narcissist....😎
Wtf is this shit
Welp I’m a narcissist
Uhh.. I'm dating Zen :3
Well........ shit
Hillary is a narcissist
I wish I had heard this YEARS ago!I married a narcissist for 22 years THEN dated another one! I'm staying single and have for a long time .... there's allot of them it seems!
Her accent is cute
Sounds like gemini men
Crap, it's 4/4Confusion STARTS
This video is terrible
A lot of narcissists are fat. Menial tasks are above them - but not everybody else! How dare other people not wait on them?!
I married one.
You seriously need to get fucking laid.You HATE YOURSELF soooooooo much , I love how it's always the guy in your horrible videos.You have 70% of examples totally wrong and I'm sure your response is.Seeeeeee everyone another another guy "narcissist". Sweet heart just off your voiceIt's time for a make over and maybe some dick if you can manage that.My god I'd blow my head off 4 mins into a date with you
Them: NO me: before they say no I do it. they love it for some reason. I don't get it.
I think I might be a narcissist... but how can I change my ways to save my relationship?
This video is so angry! Like, calm down. I've dated a narcissist for 3 years and while most of these traits did apply in some way or another, it was by no means this dramatic. Sure, maybe he wasn't the worst narcissist out there, but he was a good person and we had a great relationship. He did manipulate people around him a lot, but not me, because he respected me. What this video doesn't understand is that narcissists are capable of love and respect, and can even learn to care for others.
I'm best friends with a narcissist, but I can't suddenly stop being friends with him. I've known him for about four or five years. What should I do?

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