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TOP ENGLISH VOCABULARY WORDS: HOT, ATTRACTIVE, SEXY | LEARN ENGLISH + AMERICAN CULTURE ❀ Subscribe to Tipsy Yak -❀ β–Ί 30 Days of English Trailer (March 1-30) - πŸ”ƒ Free English Course - 🍺 Drink of the Day - German RosΓ© HANG OUT WITH ME: 🌏 Website - 🎧 Podcasts - βœ’ Blog - πŸ” English Lessons With Kristen - ✳ 30 Days of English Hub - 🐦 Twitter - πŸ“· Instagram - πŸ‘¦ Facebook - βž• Google+ - πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί VK - 🍎 iTunes - ☁ SoundCloud - Learn how to say someone is sexy, hot, attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, etc in English. Knowing this English vocabulary can be so helpful while speaking with native English speakers. Hope this helps you a ton! Enjoy :) _ Hey Friends! I'm Kristen, welcome to Tipsy Yak! Tipsy Yak is all about being real and different. My goal is to bring you constant education in a practical and entertaining way. Just click "CC" if you need to read along as I speak. And click the "Gear" button below to slow the speed down. So please grab a drink with me, relax and let's chat! _ Latin Industries by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist:

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Could you please make a video on word "being"? I don't really understand how to use it.
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Hope to get one of these 10 points in a final.
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What is the difference between horny and sexy and how can we use these words.
I hope to learn English all with you.
Congrats on your channel and i send you a big hello from Italy! I have a question, how to decorate your house to make it look american?
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Sound like you could use a little more experience .. Shhhhh !What's the rush Give a little more the silent treatment.. with some space/cushionto talk. The distance between when talkinto be attractive. too way close to the camera givemore of a social space , haha !
A lot of girls say that a boy is cute to mean that she's sexually attracted to him.
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You are so beautiful:), Thank you for your work. would you like make a video about making new friends from other cultures?
Hot chicken is that bad vocabulay? I see it's used as bitch but some woman talk to each other calling other "bitch", like "Bitch, please". I know it's a type of joke phrase, but I wanna know if "hot chicken" can also be fun as well...
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You don't need to be close to someone to say she's beautiful - you could say that a Hollywood actress whom you've never met is beautiful. You could say that a girl in a bar whom you've just seen is beautiful.
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Isnt the word "handsome" has 'd' silent ??I m facing difficultly in pronouncing this ...
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"looker" This isn't used that much but it's still a sexy english vocabulary word.
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What about these words like sensational,breathtaking, captivating, bewitching, charming, alluring, exquisite, impressive, splendid etc... ???
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Hey Tipsy!I loved this video!I want towatch itmany timesbecause it is very important!Such topics have caused many questions or doubts for me . Bye for now!
Which adjective we will use here please? Who is........................... Jourge or Sarah? ( smort, beautiful, smarter, or more beautiful).
Thank you
More videos to learn English motivates me
Hey Tipsy i just bumped into one of your videos. I like it very much! i 've just subcribed to your channel. Could you please comment on the expresion "i'm loving it!"I was taught that ING can't be used withverbs like "Love". thanks for answering. i'm Cristian from Argentina
So, Criss. You're really pretty
U r not my girlfriend or my wife, but I want to say ''u r drop dead gorgeous''
Good Kristen. I guess many of us new the words but we learn how to sort them now: pretty-beautiful, gorgeous and stunning: I guess It has lead to a lot of misunderstandings when I have used them wrong ;-) Thanks for your help.
Tipsy, you are a fantastic teacher!
Thank you so much ,you speak slowly and clearly ,with useful words
Wow. so nice and useful . thank you so much.
Wow,good Video now can speak with any girl
Thankx you
Hi Kristen, me again, I have a question, where do I fit the word "smoking"? This is a hard subject in practice because we can add adverbs to intensify the idea, can't we? Thanks for everything (I'm feeling like hanging out with you hahaha)
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Thank you for your work. Recently I knew that you are suggesting buy to lesson. On your site I saw only lessons by Skype. Do you have lessons by email?
You are: ATTRACTIVE...GIRL.and CUTE,PRETTY,BEAUTIFU ,and more... Thanks !!
Hi! Can I ask you what that means when some of You Tubers lift their back side of the palm up to the chin like you do it at 0:16 ? Honestly IDK but see that almost every day. ☺ BTW what if I suggest using the phrase "decent guy" instead of smth like 'handsome'...
Do you have Periscope ? )
You are very beautiful. I will watch your videos :)
Hello teacher could do a video on how to speak a more fluent English and sound like a native well thanks

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