Quentin Tarantino on Writing Screenplays

Quentin Tarantino on Writing Screenplays

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That's legitimately helpful insight. Makes me feel like writing.
I'm glad im not alone on writing novel screenplays and having no idea on how my story ends. I thought i was doing something wrong all this time.
Quentin can say screenplays shouldn't be like blueprints but rather like novels, which I totally agree with, but the sad truth is unless you want to make your own independent film where you're in complete control over everything, a budding screenwriter simply cannot do that. Mainstream producers HATE novel-like screenplays; when it comes to them, you need to follow an ultra-specific yet sparsely detailed formula in which they can easily pour over and understand within one read. If they're reading a screenplay that isn't formatted the way they like from Page 1 on, they'll throw it away without a second glance. They're not artists or authors like true filmmakers are; all they care about is profitability and efficiency. That's why Tarantino's films are so incendiary and so unique and stylish; one guy has control over his own original stories and he's allowed to shine because his first films were independent and they were amazing. Compare his films to, say, MCU films, which are so overly-done, formulaic, polished, and indiscernible that they're the cinematic equivalent of junk food - accessible and fun, but ultimately devoid of substance and style. Seriously, fuck the cinematic corporations. If you truly want to get your vision out there you NEED to go independent.
I love the excitement in his voice whenever he talks movies. You can just tell how committed he is to his career.
I had been drifting around this idea of how to write a screenplay that will most likely never get made.
Tarantino is awesome, I wanna apply this to a comic book n see how it turns out.
The podcast that QT is referring to is Draft Zero:
He should sell in novel form also.
"I consider novelists real writers"
He's full of shit.
Maybe to be true to your own vision and/or even discover what your vision is you need to write your screenplay like a novel, putting all the detail and story into it that you come up with, even down to the dreaded and verboten camera direction. The typical command is that you absolutely should not do that, but maybe that's just pre-packaging your creative children up for the inevitable slaughter in a pretty little box with a bow on it to please the delicate sensitivities of the butchers. There's no guarantee your film, the film you envision in your screenplay, will ever get made, even if you intend to make it yourself, so the screenplay might be the only thing you ultimately create and you might as well write exactly what you want. Or maybe film, true film, is not about written narrative but accomplished purely with the camera and through editing and going overboard with words on paper takes it in the wrong direction and away from film. Maybe screenplays should be even more sparse and sketch-like and prospective screenwriter/filmmakers shouldn't do their real storytelling until they get a camera in their hand. Anyway, clearly there are many different ways to look at it and it's probably best to survey all the options, even try them all out or invent your own, rather than slavishly follow the standard instruction from Hollywood slave masters in this post-Hollywood, post-celluloid world. I think it's a cool idea to write your story in several different ways, or anyway it's good to remember that you can always put it into a different format whenever you want, so write it however you feel like doing it. Whatever gets your story out is the only "right way" because no one is your master when you write. Getting too hung up on form only gets in the way.
In a screenwriting world ruled by 'save the cat', it's really great to see such a legend suggesting that we experience story organically rather than commanding it rhythmically.
This was awesome. He could make anything sound interesting.
He sounds like Emo Phillips :o
Good video.Liked and subscribed.
What is this from?
I think one of the things Quentin is great at is making you believe each character has aninteresting and epic backstory, even though you don't know what it is. It's almost implied in the characters personality. I guess this provides a bit of an insight into how he does that.
I love when he talks about how his scripts are like novels. He says, "my scripts are meant to be read." Kubrick was the exact opposite and it kind of makes sense in the way they both go about film making.
Kill bill
What can I say ..... "x marks the spot!"
I can listen to him talk about cinema forever...
What a brilliant genius soul
This is incredibly useful and helpful to me.
What I learned is... That Quentin Tarantino is like godfather of movies... He is looked as Tupac in rap music or Kendrick Lamar... The second one (Kendrick Lamar) has so many double entendres that you have to see/hear it a couple times until you realized its good side... So many secret messages so many things you can do with one move or one word... And that is what Quentin and Kendrick are doing... I have only watched one time Pulp Fiction and I'm still confused... Like I don't know... My friend who is all about movies (btw he wears Quentin Tarantino shirt) told me to watch that movie... And after I told him that I'm confused he said that it is a good movie and that I have to watch it a couple of times... I believe him... My point is, actions speak louder than words, in Quentin Tarantino's way, it's: “blood speaks louder than words“ lol.... And that is what he is doing, but in a unique way which is why he is awesome.
Wow that's so interesting
The scene that didn't make it in kill bill stole from john wick
Lovely! <3
Did he just burp at 5:07
Lol sounds like the joker talking
I love how he goes on a full-on tangent because he's so passionate about it.
Wheres the full interview??
Tarantino is one of a kind.From Dusk Till Dawn 2 and the From Dusk Till Dawn series was such a rip off of his original work and ingenuity.No one can do what Quentin can.
He's lucky that he has the power to direct what he writes. This would never fly in the "industry." Studio readers would just reject this kind of writing out of hand. I'm not saying Quentin isn't a brilliant writer it's just that Studio readers have specific rules that they need to adhere to. At the very least, if he didn't happen to be Quentin T. and if a studio was interested they would get back to him with notes and make him re-write the screenplay and slim it down and take out any unnecessary words/exposition etc. That's where good a writer/director has an advantage over a pro script writer: as long as Q.T. keeps making movies that make money he can put whatever fluff he wants into his screenplays. And all the more power to him. I fully support his unconventional approach. It's a breath of fresh air.
Everything about writing a screenplay like a novel you're told *not* to do in screenwriting classes.
This is interesting, because I've always written my screenplays with quite the amount of prose. Much like Tarantino said he does.
I'm the opposite; I usually have a way clearer idea of how I want my thing to end than I do the beginning.
Nerds like how this guy talks. Nerds.
It's good to hear that this art form we practice, while required to be contained in a rather rigid format, is still, even for someone like Tarantino, quite fluid and frequently murky. Also, it's good to hear it from this guy. There are gazillions of "screenwriters" out there who had, once long ago, a shooting--star moment. Now they all seem to make their living telling us how to write screenplays. I'm not sure how much street cred they actually have, but it is also indicative of the industry, I think, in that we writers don't get too many homeruns. With that in mind, I'd almost rather gather a group of film school kids to shoot my movie than toss what is a pretty good script before swine. (One rather successful insider labeled it "Slingblade meets Natural Born Killers," and pledged a decent amount of money. I also got a couple of my lawyer clients to pony up some more. Now they're all demanding a good crew, and I don't know where to start...ugh.) Thanks Narrative Art.
What a genius
I think its different for a new screenwriter.Tarrantino can write it however he wants
I love you, Quentin.
The podcast is Draft Zero.
Oh good, Tarantino thinks novelists are real writers. If you were worried about whether Tolstoy and Joyce and Hemingway are real writers you can relax.
"Let them reveal themselves to me" So brilliant.
Just rip off better stories and use the word nigger a hundred times. Instant success!
Its funny - similar to Agatha Christie's style - she said she didn't know who her murderer was going to be until she reached the reveal.
Anyone know of the original source for this? Referencing this in an essay.
Are any of his screenplays available in the public domain? would love to read one.
Reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's style of story telling. You start off with a simple idea and you let it evolve as you write it. I think it leads to very realistic flow that a lot of stories lack.
Still waiting on you to buy my book, Quentin. Corey Feldman in the lead! That boy got moves.
Spike lee disliked this
Some great advice.
This explains why his past 3 movies ended in mindless, blood gushing violence.
Does any one knows what type of a camcorder he is holding ? thanks <3
I like his films and I agree that is better to write to much then to write perfect its like being on a buffet. But I think he could learn a bit from writers. They part their books into 3 sections + intro and conclution. And each of the sections is devided into 10 chapers. The writer then reaseach for the book and store cards with information in the most suited chapter and then start writing the content from these cards this method makes it also easy to shuffle the cards into a other more suited chapter after the fact.
Regardless of the fact that Tarantino is a cinematic genius, there are plenty of people out there who can write or have written high quality screenplays.. The only difference between them and him, in production circumstances, is film budget.
This is awesome. I come from the same school of screenplay writing where I have a solid idea of where to start, but then I let the characters write the rest.
I learned something from this interview.
What's this from?
What is this from?
Does anyone know which podcast Tarantino refers to?

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