QT C++ GUI Tutorial 2- Create First Qt Program

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How do I add a .asm file containing x64 assembly code to my project?
I am not able to find gui applicationa in application­čś×­čś×
#include header file not showing in my QT.
Why!?! There is nothing gooey about it. 3 letters ,that's all. snafu and fubar I can see. "G" "u" "I", not hard. I know to be a good programmer you have to be a touch lazy, looking for fewer strokes/clicks but gooey is too much
I m getting an error: Error while building/deploying project untitled1 (kit: Desktop Qt 5.6.2 MSVC2015 64bit) When executing step "qmake"
Nice clear introduction, thanks!
I found it a bit slow, but the video at 1.25x is a good tutorial.
Please fix your breathing into the mic... makes it hard to focus for me
How I could compile C ++ with Qt and other library (e.g. libsndfile)?
You pass the kit selection
Thank you for this tutorial, but please when ever i build and run the program, the output result is too small, can't even see anything on Windows 10. please show me how to increase the qt command line size because i can't even see all the test printed. thanks in advanced.
360p we meet again
Hi, I downloaded and installed Qt Creator, however it does not show the "Qt GUI Application" option when I click "Applications" under the "Projects" panel. So how do I add that option?
Cute guuueee application
Not bad, but really slow.
+ProgrammingKnowledge i can't download QT only for 30 days, after it puts me to pay for license.
This is exactly what i need visual studio is a disappointment especially the newer version starting from 2010 to the recent version but c# and vb still rocks in visual studio. i vote for this one as a good alternative to c++ gui editor 
9 minutes watching this thing expecting a linux gui, and watching a WINBUGS window form at 9:32 ...
Hai, i loaded ui file in 3d application called "maya" but text does not changes when i clicked button! any help????
Hello, like the tutorials very much. However would like to ask you for how long do you pretend to post the tutorials? Thanks
Hey during building the application getting error QT creator needs a compiler set . What should I Do . Qt version is 5.3.0
Why there is no Qt GUI Application? Help
I need a very simple gui for ma opencv project c++ how can i build it
Thank you! do you think about 480p or 720p upload?
Is QT GUI in window form in c++ easier than the one in visual studio ?????
As always, very good information. Thank you.
Thank you, very helpful!
Great instruction sir! keep up your work.
May I use QT C (not c++) to create GUI Application?
I installed qt community version and don't seem to have 'Qt Gui Application' when creating a new project. Which plugin is needed for this?
Hello, sir. I have installed the latest 5.5 in my window 10 desktop, unfortunately the design menu is always grayed out. Do you know what can be the reason? I didn't notice any error when installation. Thanks in advance!
Interesting..! Enjoying..!
Thank you so much! Very good tutorial for a beginner!
Friend speak slower because that have people from others country!!!
How to simulate tab key using push button in qt creator. It is for an application where mouse and keyboard cannot be used
Very well narrated... hi i would like to learn Qt in detail.... where can i do such course....
The tutorial started in Ubuntu but now it is in Windows? This guy is a fraud.
I don't found qt gui application!!
Heys , i've got a problem with the Kits selection 
Cute application XD
Helo, when i try to right click the pushbutton, it simply brings me to xml code. is there any way to solve this ?
Nice tutorial thks!
Thank you. This was a very helpful tutorial. Now I feel ready to take on GUI development in Qt
I have question about this.I tried to create new simple project but cannot run. and have error " Error while building/deploying project mytest(kit : Desktop Qt 5.5.0 MSVC2013 64 bit) when executing step "make". can you advice me to solved this I need to create window app.Thank you
Thanks a lot dude
This is very similar to Visual Basics in terms of how things are layed out. I never got into c++ coding, or gui too much in java either. But because I have experience with visual basics in gui this looks like it'll be quick to pick up.
Please be faster
Man u speak slow , What is it with indians why the heck they speak superslow than other youtubers cmon dude time is money .Still appreciate your work the video is interesting i liked it but dude u need to work on your speed . We programmers dont have all day to just watch a person making a okay button say "Hi Youtube" i can do this tutorial in 4 minutes and without lagging my voice .
Its like VB.net but in C++ language. Better use C# then.
Is it not pronounced "kyoo-tee"? Like "cutie."
Best video thanks

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QT C++ GUI Tutorial 2- Create First Qt Program