Qt Android development "hello world"

In this video i'm gonna show you the simple application "hello world" in android.

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Qt Android developpement 01 setting up

In this tutorial we'll talk about how to set up qt and configure it to make android apps download qt (licence gpl) from here :download apache ant from here :do

Getting Started with Qt Mobile

This video shows how easy it is to get started developing for ios and android using qt mobile with qt 5.2.this is done by creating a simple "hello world" applic

Qt Android developpement 02 hello world!

In this video we'll talk about some basic qt widgets, thanks for watching.

Qt Quick Controls & Qt Quick Designer

This screencast shows how to create the ui of a simple home automation application using the new qt quick 2 controls. blog:

Android Application in Qt C++ - Demonstration

Android application written in c++

Qt Android developement setting up [5.7.0]

In this video i am gonna show you how to setting up qt 5.7.0 for android development.

android qt-creator

Android-qt-creator preview project page: discussion group: source code:

custom Button QT

###########background########### int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { qapplication a(argc, argv); mainwindow w; w.setstylesheet("background-image:url(:piel.jpg)")

Qt - Сборка и запуск приложения под Android

В видео показаны необходимые шаги и настройки для сборки обычного desktop-приложения под О

QT android "hello world" using coding.

In this video we are not gonna use drag and drop instead we are gonna use coding for make buttons, lines, layouts etc. and make application for android.

Qt on Android - getting started

Alessandro portale, qt troll at nokia, demonstrates how to get your first qt application built for and running on android. more info:

Qt Tutorials For Beginners 1 - Introduction

Quick introduction to qt programming. basic qt programming tutorial . introduction to qt: a c++ cross platform application. a brief introduction to the qt appli

Build and deploy Qt apps to Android using Qt 5.1 on Windows

Сборка и запуск qt приложения на платформе android. Версия qt - 5.1.1, qtcreator - 2.8.1. Актуально на сен

Qt Creator Kit Setup

This video shows how to create and setup a kit in qt creator for deploying qt applications onto your beaglebone.

Qt Tutorial: Unit 14, QLineEdit, Signals

This unit illustrates the qlineedit widget's signals with an example application and explains what the signals do and how the example application is built. you

Qt Android development "hello world"