QML Qt 138 - Introduction to QML

An introduction to QML in Qt 5

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I was hoping one day you could try a C++ Boost series. I've been attempting Boost over Qt5 due to it largely being implemented in headers instead of libraries and how its components often gets accepted into the standard library, and thus having little or no dependencies (aside from perhaps zlib or libpng/libjpg/libtiff if you use certain components). The problem is that it's largely template oriented and while I'm familiar with templates and make use of them myself, I'm focused on Boost's Asio library at the moment due to its asynchronous networking capabilities, but it has quite overwhelmed me in terms of how I use it.
Thanks a lot for your videos. I am learning a lot.
Very nice!
Loved your tutorial until you started on the windows phone bashing LOL. I have a nokia Lumia 920 and love it. Hate android phones with a passion.
Great Work.
Hi bryan :) i love you so much and i love your tutorial i have donated very small amount of money to you. and i wish you keep your tutorials :)
Wow so your tutorial take care about qt5...
I love this video! Thanks!
Is there a way, the QML can be hooked to a already running Qt (non QML) application, like a plugin ?
I had thought that in one of your previous videos that it was some kid screaming in your background, but I had never thought it is a cat. Lolol. Poor cat is jealous of your computer taking most of your attention. All cats are like that with phones, computers and sometimes TVs.
11:50 QML is part of Qt Quick (2) and there is no other Runtime for it. And yes, its a "full" language.
I think you should enable ads in your videos and get money for your work. I'm sure most people wont mind watching a small ad so you can get some money for your work. Your videos are awesome!
What is "cute"?It's Q.T.As in "cue" "tee.Seriously.lolAnd you admit you don't know GUI programming?Why should anyone listen to anything else you say?
Can Qt be used for simulating 3D Ocean Wave ?
So..time to update~~~
Electric Sine wave , Wireframe and other 3d modelling and simulation purpose
Finally more QT!! I love your c++ and Qt tuts....thx!
Thanks for the tutorials!! Keep them coming.
Nice, I didn't even realize that this series was still going!
Wonderful simply wonderful.. Its like a dream come true to be able to do these sort of graphics, 3d manipulation directly from C++... Genius at play..
I didn't send you an e-mail but I left you a message in your Youtube channel asking you if you'd do QML. If you'll do only half as good as you did with your other tutorials you're gonna help a lot of people a great deal. Thank you for your time and the videos. :)
Very nice! Hopefully we see more QML tutorials :) On this page i found a good reference page for QML Quick:
I'm following your series from the chapter 1. Thanks a lot for your work Brian! I hope you will continue this amazing video series!
I love your work man. thx a lot.
Wow such a great tutorial this is.... Like all the other tutorials in this series of Qt this is also very informative and immediately usable.. And yes tutorial #138, Kudos for running this Qt learning hub for so long... Thanks for sharing...
YES! THANK YOU! This is EXACTLY the continuation of your Qt Tutorials i wanted! Thumps up.
Sorry for reposting!^^ And it is quite offtopic to this video but: when printing something in a QT programm, did you, or anyone else, every make it to get the column-count propertie to work when printing smth? i cant manage it, but would need to have that. Thanks in advance!
Yay, finally!
Fantastic.I enjoy using WPF with C#, so seeing that C++ now has something so familiar brings me a lot of joy.Obviously it's not the same as XAML, but... it has the same feel to me.
As a Web Developer i always try to get away from Javascript. I like the idea of Qt to make Multiplatform software easy job, but pls... Javascript. Layer after layer and so on. One big mess. Just for the sake of being more "productive" and make more money faster pffff. Why the heck i'll implement functions in other language than c++, when i make the software with c++. WTF
Hi, I have QT 5.4,whilst I like it, I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what, but deployment seems to be a royal pain, for example, I compiled the "System Dialogs" demo, nearly 600MB of dependencies later the thing still won't run standalone (albeit debug build), I find it unusable for deployment reasons, all of the ICU dependencies for languages are not helpful either, should the QML be compiled within the EXE or do they need to be put in a folder alongside the EXE?5 framework dependencies to show a dialog box seems a tad excessive.And getting MySQL to work with it is not fun either!
Just tried to run plants example on Android with no success with Qt5.6. other some examples are ok and kits are well configured. Seems to be something related to canvas3D. Any ideas ? thanks!
Thank you.

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