Project Planning - The Fundamentals for Project Planning Success

Project Planning --Today, we're going to be talking about project planning and some of the fundamentals that you need for your project planning success. Before we start talking about specifics, I want to talk about the mindset behind project planning and why SO many people FAIL to plan correctly in a way that supports them, their vision, and their business. So, listen up my entrepreneurial crowd, my entrepreneurial tribe. This stuff took me a while to start to understand and see through. So, I want to get this advice to you so you can start your business with success. The Challenge in Project Planning -- Planning from an Emotional Place The problem with project planning is that we plan from a logical place. We plan from our minds, our brains, and this vision of linear thinking -- this thing to this thing to this thing. We plan from a logical place. But when it comes down to taking action, most often we are taking action from an emotional place. It's very easy to say: "OK, on this day we are going to do that." But then, when you wake up that day, sometimes it's hard to feel like doing that and that can add a window of basically "screw-around" time. You don't really feel like doing that one thing so you check your Facebook, check your email, organize your desk, and all of a sudden, thirty percent of your day is GONE. This is the fundamental thing that's behind project planning failure. It's the fact that we plan from LOGIC brain, but we most often act out of EMOTIONAL response. So, here are a couple simple structures that can help you plan your projects for success. The first thing is to add thirty percent to any project you plan. Now, I'm not telling you to do that because it's OK to screw off or procrastinate. I am not encouraging procrastination. That's not why you are adding thirty percent to the time frame. The reason you are adding thirty percent to the time frame of what you think a project is going to take is because we always, ALWAYS overestimate our ability to get stuff done. It's our human compulsion to believe we are better than we really are or that we are more capable than we really are because we want to see ourselves in a VERY high light. So we say: "Yes, I will get that done. I will get that done in one day." And, it's a two-day thing. That happens very often. In the course of a project, those things build up and if you do not put this extra buffer, you're going to ALWAYS be on a deadline that you're not meeting and that could create lots of NEGATIVE momentum. That can fizzle out your business. So, when you plan on a project, I would add thirty to fifty percent additional time in the frame of how long you think something is going to take. I am so RIDICULOUSLY guilty of this. I plan projects that I thought I could do in two days that took me a month of hard work. When I usually plan, I think: "Yes that's a forty-eight hour project." So, I'm the guiltiest of this. So, I hope it helps you in this business. Now, the other thing I would say is to create some structure that allows for the excitement factor to come in for you and your team. What I mean is this. If you have a project that needs to get done over the course of two weeks, maybe you break it out into ten core things that need to be done. Every day, when you sit down to work, you look at the ten things and say: "What am I most EXCITED to do right now? What can I get the most benefit out of doing right now? What would make me feel most HAPPY to accomplish right now?" See which one of those ten things RESONATES with you and take it on and you get it done. By allowing this structure, instead of saying: "Today I am doing this. Then on Tuesday I am doing that. Then on Thursday, I am doing that", by allowing the moment to be more fully honored, you will remove a LOT of your procrastination time. You will honor your emotionality. You will allow yourself to be an emotional, dynamic creature that might not want to do this thing on that day because three weeks ago you planned that you would do that thing on that day. Maybe, there is something else you want to do. You could still be MASSIVELY productive. It just doesn't look like what you have thought it would look like three weeks ago. This is a VERY simple structure to basically make it OK, to take on things that feel most appropriate in that moment inside of the larger structure of like: "Here's the project" And all of these things are moving that project forward... For the full article, please visit my website here:Thanks and talk soon! Noah Hammond

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This is exactly right!  I have been trying to say it for the past 2 years but you said it 8 minutes Gee man Thanks! :) :)
You should be on tv. So comfortable communicating information  
Thanks for your video. I have a project planning meeting this morning, and your video will help put some insight to my fellow teammates and myself. Thanks again!!
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Project Planning - The Fundamentals for Project Planning Success