Project Management in Software Engineering" by Mr. Gajendra Sharma

In this Video, Mr. Gajendra Sharma, assistant professor, Biyani Girls College, Jaipur, explains that project management in software engineering is very essential and it is due to planning, monitoring and controlling various activities or technical tasks of daily routine. Its scope varies from person to person. There are various levels in it i.e. software engineering, project manager, and senior manager.,

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Nice try but you need to practice more or maybe you could've improved this video by making it in Hindi.. You seemed too much confused and there was lack of confidence in your voice which makes the video more confusing..!! of luck ;)
Hindi meh smjate sirji toh jaldi ata
Bhai india mai tere hone ka fayda kya hai jbb ap english mai smjha rhe ho agrr hme aisesmjhna hoga to aur video ni dekhlege jinme english mai animatione dwara aur ache se smjjaya gya hai with good voice,,,
Ur still engineering student.Be practical
Dear gajju . Zero star to u. Ur still engineering student I fell. Grow up dear
Sir your videos are veryuseful
I have to make project on green computing on a company ihave chooses Accenture can u help me how I start with the project any points
Can u help me

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Project Management in Software Engineering" by Mr. Gajendra Sharma