Our flagship product is a Business Process Management and Workflow Automation Suite that is built on today's cutting edge Microsoft .NET, XML, and Web services technologies. BPM Suite is a Web based Suite of enterprise components designed and built for large-scale applications. The BPM product Suite consists of BPM Suite Engine, an Organization Chart module which will represent a hierarchy of the organization and make structure based decisions in a process, a business process Builder for graphically building customize business processes with powerful Forms Builder, a BPM Suite Administrator which quickly deploy a process with process monitoring around the clock and a BPM Suite Report builder for process based reports and automating Agents for integration for third party application and process automation. BPM Suite represents a horizontal set of off the shelf services that e-Business would otherwise need to build on top of middleware communication infrastructure, blocks that can blocks that can be used to rapidly assemble and deploy complex BPM Suite represents higher level building...

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Automate Web Data Extraction - UiPath Studio

Web scraping is a very tedious task for most website owners and developers. in this video, we'll discuss how to use uipath in automating data extraction from a

E-Business/E-Commerce + E-Services Teil 1

Eine einführung in die grundlagen des e-business. der erste teil behandelt die informationsgesellschaft und die internetökonomie. der zweite teil erklärt - a

Windows Workflow Foundation (Part II)

Windows workflow foundation is part of microsoft .net framework 3.5. workflow foundation is a programming model and extensible api to develop workflow-enabled a

SAP Work Clearance Management Process Flow

Sap work clearance management process flow by blue marble consulting

Visual studio 2010 - Lesson #5 - Insert data into SQL Server Database

In this lesson, we are going to perform the following: create a form with 2 input fields create a sql server database with 1 table and 3 columns. create a conne

How to map a Business Process

How to map a business process- a short video that explains what is a business process, and how to map abusiness process. it also covers flow charting and sequen

1 - Creating Add, Edit Forms and SQL Table

In this video we will create the add students and edit students form.we will also create the table to store data.

Apex Callout Process Builder

Apex callout process builder

Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Business Driven Modeling to Execution

Hasan rizvi, oracle executive vice president, and manoj das, vice president of product management, showcase oracle business process management 11g capabilities.

Coffee Cup Form Builder Tutorial

Coffee cup form builder is great tool for creating form quickly. it sends the form input to email or a data base. this tutorial demonstrates how to use it. coff

POSTPROCESSOR BUILDING - "Get the code you want by customizing your posts with Post Builder"

Learn how to edit postprocessors in nx cam using the graphical post builder user interface: +modify the order of code output +add a custom command to addres

Tutorial 1 - Creating a basic form with Oracle Form Builder 10G

Creating a very simple form using oracle developer suite 10g. shows the basics of connecting to your database and using the data block wizard, as well as runnin