Prepositions - Arrive AT, ON, or IN?

Arrive at, on, or in a city? Arrive on, in, or at Monday? In this basic grammar lesson, I'll show you the right preposition to use with the verb "arrive". An important lesson for all English learners who are confused by prepositions. Watch the lesson, then take the quiz:

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Great video, but I have a question please is that is it correct to say I am at home now?
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Hello, the Hilton is specific place?
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Ma'am may I ask if the sentences includes the specific place and the country like this: My sister arrived yesterday from Chicago,Illinois My sister arrived at the airport. She will stay at my home in Maplewood Street, New Jersey . Could it be possible there's no need to use the preposition (in) for the above example?
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What is prepoaition used for time zone ?
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There is on other word of arrive
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Hello Rebeca! Thank you very much for your performances. I watch your videos with a huge interest. Could you please kindly record a video about typical phrases for business correspondence or conference calls. These are common preliminary sentences like as "discussed earlier", "as stated before", "following up with our previous conversation", "lets go back to our former issues", "lets set our next meeting on Friday at 10 am and so on", "regarding our discussion or alignment/agreement yesterday". Some phrases that we use to fill people in a continuation of the conversation about some business issues. Thank you very much in advance. Anna.
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Bobby learnt the alphabets(in/at) the age of two. which is correct in/at.. Please explain.
Nice explanations. I love your teaching methods.
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What about the expression "I arrived ON the corner of Black Ave and White Street"? Is it ok?
Thank you for posting this
Thank you, Ms Rebecca. Madam, you have used 'the winter' in one sentence in the above video , my doubt is whether the definite article 'the' used before seasons. I am an Indian, and in one of our English books of error detection, 'in the summer' is corrected to 'in summer'. Please help me with a brief reply.
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What about i arrived two hours ago?
What about arriving during the morning or afternoon?
I have a doubt I am on train or i am in train???
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Well done I appreciate your lactures...good method for learning
I arrived to the Hilton ,They arrived to Chicago , are these sentences correct ? to instead at because we use to in the UK .
Brilliant :)
Would it be wrong if I said "they arrived TO Chicago in the winter"???
я тут одна русский человек
I read this in BBC website  "police operation is under way north-east of Paris in the search for the main suspects in Wednesday's deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine." Isnt it wrong to say In Wednesday???
It would've been nice if you had put the examples of "about' and "around." I'll be there about 4pm. or if not I'll be there around 6pm the latest.

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