PowerShell Windows Forms Tutorial 1 : Hello World

PowerShell tutorial on how to easily create a user interface to your scripts. Final code:

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Great JOB!! I liked the Video!
Alas! Some one is brave enough to do it the hard way! Got to understand a lot of stuff.Thank you very much!
Simple and awesome ! . Thank you mate :)
Great video! Same as you i also learned Powershell forms making a small tool for work. Really handy and nice to put a GUI to your scripts. I used to have like 10 different small scripts on my desktop that i ran for different tasks, but now i put everything together into one script and i call them using buttons and text inputs.
Awesome Video!This probably doesn't mean much but I noticed that your text at the beginning of your script has different colors than mine does.I couldn't find any information on why that is happening.Do you happen to know?
Now I'm playing with power.... shell 🐚
Hi! This is quality content, great work. Subbed!
Great video, I found copying the code from the description field to my editor of choice (Notepad++) made the indenting a bit whacky, So i created a pastebin for ease of use

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PowerShell Windows Forms Tutorial 1 : Hello World